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Jump #11
IRC: #q2.jump
Sign ups: off

1.1 Q2 JUMP is a league dedicated to players of popular Quake 2 modification Jump. The goal is to reveal the best Quake 2 jumper.

1.2 All players from any country of the world can participate.

1.3 The league is supervised by the admin crew of: flagfish and flagAce. Abusive behaviour towards the crew will not be tolerated and will be punished. They are there to run a league by players for players.

1.4 All decisions are made by the admins in favour of players. Admin's word is the last word.

1.5 Any significant changes of the rules which may occur before or during the league will be posted on the main page.

1.6 Our Discord will have the most up to date information on the tournament. Game start times will be announced there, and a voice chat will be available during games.


The following rules apply to all stages of the tournament:

2.1 There will be 1 game in each group to determine which players advance to the next stage.

2.2 All players of the group play in a group game.

2.3 A group game consists of 8 maps

2.4 Timelimit for all maps in all stages is 15 minutes, except for a new map, which is left to admin discretion.

2.5 Whenever an admin votes a random map from the pool, the players are required to vote whether they would like to play the map or not. Players can simply type "Yes" or "No" in console to cast their vote for the map being chosen. Atleast two players must vote "yes" for the map to be played. If the map gets 0 or 1 yes votes, the admin will pick another random map from the map pool. There is no limit to the number of maps that can be skipped. If no agreement is made, admins will choose a random map from the pool for the players to compete on.

2.6 If after all 8 maps of a game it is still unclear which players advance to the next stage (because two or more players have the same amount of points) an additional map will be played among the tied players. That map will be randomly chosen from the map pool by the admin and will have a timelimit of only 10 minutes. If neither player manages to complete the map within 10 minutes, next one is voted. This doesn't refer to players who already can't advance further.


3.1 All signed up players are placed in groups. Each group has either 6 or 7 players. Groups are formed to be as even as possible according to skills of the players. The timezones are also taken into account.

3.2 Each player in the group can pick a single homemap (for example a map that the player is good on) from the map pool provided by the admins (see 7.1). It is encouraged that players practise their homemaps before their tournament games and they do not reveal their map choice to other players. During the tournament game admin will ask all players for their chosen homemaps. If a player does not wish to pick a map, a random map will be chosen from the map pool.

3.3 A group game consists of a new map + players' homemaps + random maps if 8 maps still have not been played.

3.4 Top 3 players from each group advance to DIV 1 Playoffs. The remaining players go to DIV II playoffs.

3.5 If a player does not show up for his game and and does not provide an excuse for it, he gets eliminated from the tournament.

4. Divisions I & II

4.1 There are two stages for division I: playoffs stage and the final. The groups and schedule for both of them will be announced on the main page.

4.2 Both playoffs stages and the final consist of a new map combined with randomly chosen maps from the pool.

4.3 There are two 8-player groups in the Playoffs Stage, top 4 players from each advance to the Final where they will be competing for medals.

4.4 There is only one stage for division II: the Final, where the players will compete for medals.

4.5 For DIV II final the admins select a smaller map pool consisting of maps that are generally shorter and easier to complete. This map pool will ONLY be used for this stage of the tournament, for DIV II. During the DIV II games random maps will be chosen from this pool. This smaller map pool will not be made public.


5.1 Players in each group game get points according to their standings in a map. Here is the distribution of points for the Group Stage and for both stages of DIV I:
1st place - 10 points
2nd place - 8 points
3rd place - 6 points
4th place - 5 points
5th place - 4 points
6th place - 3 points
7th place - 2 points
8th place - 1 point

5.2 And here is the distribution for DIV II Final:
1st place - 15 points
2nd place - 12 points
3rd place - 10 points
4th place - 9 points
5th place - 8 points
6th place - 7 points
7th place - 6 points
8th place - 5 points
9th place - 4 points
10th place - 3 points
11th place - 2 points
12th place - 1 points
13th place - 0 points

5.3 A player who did not complete a map gets no points.

5.4 Points from all maps with be summed up and the sum will determine the player's place in the group.

6. Other rules

6.1 All tournament games will be played on the server whose ip is The password to join the server is "tourney" (simply type password tourney after connecting). All the maps in the map pool can be found on this server as well as in the webstats: They have been carefully selected to make sure they are of high quality. Also, maps that can be completed under 10 seconds, maps with rocket/grenade jumps and maps too difficult and/or too long have been removed from the pool. On the off chance that an inappropriate map still remains in the pool and is voted during a tournament game, the admin may decide to reject it and vote a different random map.

6.2 All the maps and textures that may be needed during the tournament games can be downloaded from here: Players are strongly encouraged to download these files as no extra time will be given during the games to download the maps.

6.3 During a tournament game the spectators ARE allowed to join the tournament server and watch the players provided that they don't disturb them. They must use "say_team" every time they use chat and may not join team easy or hard. If the tournament server is full, the spectators can use the GTV tournament server, whose ip is where they can watch the tournament game. The GTV server is not password protected.

6.4 Players are obliged to use the one and only nickname throughout the league or their scores may be counted wrong. Example: APKIS and APK!S is NOT the same; only APKIS or APK!S should be used.

6.5 Admins decide when each group game is played. That will be made according to when players are free to play.

6.6 If a player doesn't show up on a scheduled time, after 10 minutes of waiting the game is started without him.

6.7 If a player does however show up he can join the game at any time and play till the end. The points he manages to get will be summed up and added as his score of the game.

6.8 If a player loses his internet connection for some reason, the game is paused for 5 minutes and the players who remain on the server are asked to stop jumping. In case the player returns the game is continued, otherwise the game is still resumed after 5 minutes.

6.9 All kinds of cheating are forbidden.

6.10 Faking will not be tolerated either. If admin gets any suspicions, he will check IPs and other information to reveal the case.
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