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IRC: #gibblördag
Sign ups: off
Transfers: yes
Players limit: 100
User's clans: off
The layout was quite well worded by SEBbull flag here.

"The gibblrdag was a series of events designed for players who had nothing to do on lazy saturdays (hence the name), yet were up for some TDM action. They used to gather on irc channel, appoint team captains among themselves and begin picking players, in a manner familiar to that of a football playground. Then, they would compete in the temporary created teams for the gibblrdag champion title. Simple idea, what's not to like about it?"

And originally and more detailed here by dajna flag back in 2001.

"Everyone comes to #thematsi [now #gibblrdag] on time (fitted early enough before, then invite only will be set). Then everybody who wants to PLAY, changes his nick to [0]Nick, and everybody who just wants to spec choising and games wont change his nick. Then admins will choose 4 captains, who will name themselves [1]Nick, [2]Nick, [3]Nick and [4]Nick. Then the first captains will each choose 1 player from [0]Nick guys, and last captain will choose 2 players. Then 4th captain choose 1 again, until 1st captain chooses two players, Then this same again until all teams has 5 players. Picks goes like this:


_If_ u get choosed (everybody wont be choosed if over 32 players), u change your nick to same what your captain has, [1]nick, [2]nick etc. Only one player from the same clan/team.

After picking is done, captains gets some ~10mins to speak with their players (tactics, maps etc., in a private channel of course, not #thematsi :). Then we move to servers (sponsored by Arenanet) [obviously any server is fine these days]. If somebody drops out in the middle of the tournament, he can be replaced by somebody who wasnt chosen to any team. Still, please try to make sure that you have enough time, there will be 2 matches/team which makes it last about 2-2 hours). If u disconnect in the middle of the tournament without a good reason, it might be that u wont play next time. And if somebody is caught from faking (like a player from an already lost team playing in a team that still continues) he will be banned.

Only captains will get voices, and admins are opped. There will be +moderate during picking."

Not much has changed since then! It goes something like that, but we improvise to make it work in present circumstances!

The whole concept originates from an event called TheMatsi, created by the Finns back in ~2000.

Long live TheMatsi flag and Gibblrdag flag !
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