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2017-04-24 2x2::2017 is finished
2017-02-14 Playoff has been planted!
2017-01-17 Added two teams
2017-01-16 SGT removed and DRW m ...
2017-01-10 2x2::2017::Is opened!
2017-01-07 2 days before start
2016-12-18 It's timeeeeee for 2x ...
2010-02-24 2x2? #8 Inv. is over!
Latest matches
2x2? - 2017
IRC: #2x2?
Sign ups: off
Transfers: yes
Players limit: 3
Sign up limit: 100 (teams)
User's clans: on
Ladies and gentlemen!

Groups are created, schedule is done.

Deadline for Group Stage is February 12th
Please play your game as fast as possible, ALL unplayed games will be set as WO right after 12th of February

Server settings:
- mods allowed: opentdm
- timelimit: 15
- ot: 2
- powerups (quad/invulnerability/powershield): 1 (ON)
- bfg: 1 (ON)

q2dm1, q2dm2, q2dm3, q2rdm1, ztn2dm3, match1, q2duel5

Map picking rules
1. Home team kick 1 map
2. Away team kick 1 map
3. Home team pick one map of the remaining
4. Away team pick one map of the remaining

In case of a draw (1-1), team with higher frag count decide who start kicking from remaining maps. Played maps are counting in map elimination.

team1 kicked dm1, team2 kicked dm2
team1 picked dm3, team2 picked z3

So in case of 1-1 the elimination maplist is:
q2rdm1, match1, q2duel5
And team with best frags count decides who starts elimination.

The match
1. Games are played by BO-3
2. Loser final is played by BO-5
3. Winner-final played by BO-5
4. Super-final is played by BO-7 or 2xbo5 with +1 map advantage for winners (in each set)
(updated by k1ru 16.04.2017)

Super-final bo7 details
!!! Home team should win 3 maps, Away team should win 4 maps !!!
1. Home team kick 1 map
2. Away team kick 1 map
3. Home team pick 1 map
4. Away team pick 1 map
5. Home team pick 1 map
6. Away team pick 1 map
7. If scores are 2-2 -> the last map left should be played
8. In case away team has won last map and scores are 3-2 -> teams should start map elimination from all maplist. Team with frag advantage for first 2 maps decides who start kicking.

!!! >play should win 3 maps (+1 map of advantage), rpower should win 4 maps !!!
1. >play kicked dm1
2. rpower kicked dm2
3. >play picked dm3
4. rpower picked rdm1
5. >play picked z3
6. rpower picked match1
7. scores are 2-2 -> d5 should be played
8. rpower won d5 -> elimination started for the whole list: q2dm1, q2dm2, q2dm3, q2rdm1, ztn2dm3, match1, q2duel5
8.1 >play frags total at dm3 and z3 > rpower frags frags total at rdm1 and match1
8.2 >play decides who start map elimination till 1 map left
(updated by k1ru 18.04.2017)

All players have to record demos and save screenshots.
Email for screenshot and demos: quake2vs2@gmail.com
Demo-server: TBD (but actually it will be the same system as in EDL)

Of course cheats are not allowed in this tournament: bot, wallhack, radar, speedcheat, spiked models etc. are prohibited. When caught, cheaters will be BANNED from all q2scene leagues, irc channels and q2 servers.

Allowed clients
* r1q2 b7904+
* q2pro r1504+
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