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2012-11-02 Rio Bust!
2012-10-28 The Debut of Virtuosos
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The Debut of Virtuosos2012-10-28 10:45 | Welkin
You may have spotted the link to this page in the q2scene menu for some time now, wondering what the hell this is all about.. Let me tell you! Virtuosos will be where upcoming one-map tournaments are hosted, and now is the time for its debut!

The first tournament will take place on Saturday, November 3, which means it will be a one-day tournament. It will begin at 14.00 CET, and #RDM.q2 on Quakenet is the place to be.

You sign up by going to the "sign ups" page in the menu to the left, and then click "sign up". (You have to be logged in for that.)

Only players who actually show up in #RDM.q2 on Saturday at 14.00 CET will be added to the tournament!

What map to play will be chosen through a vote. This is located to the right on this page. The vote is up until Nov 1, 24.00 CET.

All other terms, settings, layout, etc, will be announced on Friday, along with the map.

2012-11-03 22:17 
XOPPOP: thanks emo didn't work now but hopefully dm3 will have its day next "virtuosos season".

hehe sof, I know .. I know emo
2012-11-02 13:45 
I'm thinking of signing up, but I don't think the timezone that I live in would be suitable for a European one-day tourney.
2012-11-02 08:26 
annnnd that's why i like dm3, <3 Tei
2012-11-02 03:43 
Revo: I'd like for those who are interested in participating for the sake of a certain map to be able to plan for it ahead.
2012-11-02 03:13 
DM3 ftw

Btw, the best would be to do the vote before the actual tournament.. then the players that will participate will do the vote, not some visitors that wont even participate. (33 votes atm, 8 signups..)

Edited: 2012-11-02 03:17
2012-11-02 01:28 
*TeiOch* nice speach)) agree whith dm3 choice!
2012-10-31 08:37 
And most seem to forget Q2DM3 - the legendary map! Along with dm1 and perhaps dm2/match1 (yez!! those were really active in the really really old days) -and dm3 was the few first obvious duel maps when q2 was fresh and new. Many players seemed to be particularly drawn to dm3 in first years (well beside dm1 obviously - the only unbeatable map of all time in q2) and players like Shub, Makaveli and Blue played it not just once, twice or thrice (!) but great many matches. Wiz 90 in fov, slower in speed (almost sneak and camping style sometimes), and even back then smart tactics, the map suited heavily of its time.
But also, many great clans fought over in this map (match1 was another fervent choice) and not to mention FFA; in early days swedish [FOs]FoxX owned as always when he was active, few could touch him and on dm8 and dm3 in particular he was virtually indestructible (finnish [*]Digital in his golden ffa days along with FoxX was another that owned and he strongly held a dm1 ownage with his mad rails). A bit later on, we have Purri the Monster himself owning nicely on dm3 as well, and u can even find an oldie ffa demo here on DS where he show early on he possessed monstorious skillz.

As you may have guessed, yez, I'm talking when Quake2 was fresh and really active and competitive (still is ofc, but by that I mean with so much more players actively playing...and skills varied lots of more too (ie. a nub had easier to jump into the game).

DM3 was such a great map. Legendary. In all: Duels, TDM, FFA..... c'mon... today it is hardly played in edl. TDM it is more common, but probably cuz of quad/invu situation, and that u can sorta spawn frag with railgun. FFA it still is quite popular as well. It's a map hard to dislike really. But I want to point out it still owns in Duels, as it has always done so. Earlier duel leagues such as EDL it had a more major roll. Wouldn't it be cool to see how it hold today in a one-day tournament where the map is played only? Which players can master it today, how will folks use it, and bring forth a legendary map into the spotlight once again? It deserves it.
Some may say the lava kills a bit of the map, but I say that makes it interesting than most maps. U have to take the lava to consideration also, not just the opponent. But unless you make some daring grenade / rocket Jumps or regular risky jumps or tricks, you can't really blame the lava here.... (Perhaps many of you does not remember, but I suggest you go ahead and play some Single-Player mode and note that lava ' iz paaart ' of the game and commonly spread throughout the missions.)

How does dm3 hold vs the others in the poll?
Well, rdm5 is more unknown (no REally!!?) and I guess it's typically a map ppl know more or less ... (so not the most ideal one-day league map of choice)
match1 is a good choice, but even less played than dm3 and others today, virtually un-played in recent years. A bit too inactively played to wisely pick it, which is a bit pity cuz it's a good one.
Rdm1 is fresh in this Season of EDL, quite some seem to like it but would it really suit a one-day league? Perhaps.... hard to say. But vs dm3 .. just no. Dm3 is way more interesting and has a 'history' that rdm1 is just starting to build.
Then we have the seemingly popular koldduel1 ! Imo, I don't know why it would attract seemingly the majority of players. I can understand some like it very much. Like Stigy or Reverence or Kiru or Purri (and now Fader). Ofc I respect personal liking but to an audience and overall players playing, dm3 is simply better. Koldduel1 wasn't even picked for this EDL even thou the players themselves really decided the map pool outcome. Perhaps it isn't as hot as some ppl believe? I'm not saying it is a bad map. But it firstly isn't as professional built as dm3 (the ID guys was talented map builders), general knowledge of the map is better on dm3 than on kold1, plus dm3 is stripped on various items (incl. health etc.) and - I think - kold1 tend to have too much of items (in particular weapons and ammo, and due to map size perhaps one armor would do, dunno..it just isn't as balanced).
DM3 is "quieter" if you know what I mean and by picking kold1 played many times in just "one day" it will only be hectic for players and spectators to integrate with. The real quake would be played on dm3. kold1 is rather more of a show-off of skills. But no quake essentially.
Hope ppl will pick wisely in the end.

" No hard feelings intended "

gege emo
2012-10-28 15:24 
2012-10-28 15:01 
rev: wb!
2012-10-28 12:42 
kd1 vote vote emo

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