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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Egde Final: PURRI vs Damiah2010-01-13 05:32 | *rl*
We still don't know the exact date/time (hopefully this week, TBA), but we know who will play in this Grand Final of the Edge League. It will be PURRI who beat Aone in the semi final, and Damiah who didn't gave gerppa any chance.

PURRI vs Damiah

And as I said, this game will take place this week, so stay tuned!
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hosting problems2010-01-09 23:21 | Claymore
Last few days I had problems with hosting company which first suspend my account and then force me to change server.
Now website is back on old hosting site hope that everything work fine, sorry if anyone loose demo/screen etc
If you see anything wrong with site, please send me email (find it in my profile).
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Euroq2l #12 is over2010-01-03 05:38 | *rl*
In Div1 swedish team play> wasn't able to beat Wizards. Small report should follow, but never did :P

(q2dm6, q2next1)play> [2:3] Wizards (q2dm1, q2dm3,q2dm5).

Div2 Final was even more dramatic in my opinion. After 3 maps, team Muffzors was leading 2-1. 4th map was q2next1, and Estonians had at least 40 frags lead ~5mins before the end, but maq (especially fasadin) manage to make a great comeback. Last map, q2dm6, was just a mere formality.

(q2dm1, q2next1, q2dm6)maq [3:2] Muffzors (q2dm2, q2dm7)

Congratz to Wizards and maq !
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Quake II Server Browser2009-12-14 07:29 | *rl*
Since the most popular game server browser The All-Seeing Eye is no longer available, most of the players started using instead. But now, you can try something new. QSB was released a couple days/weeks ago...It's still beta but you can start using it without any problems...Enjoy...
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PLD #3 signups2009-12-14 05:37 | *rl*
After quite long break, 3rd season of Polska Liga Duelowa has finally begun. You can now start signing up. As always, D4Ru$ and danka will answer all your questions.

So don't waste your time and sign up NOW.

39 players already signed up after 1 day!.
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n00k!e won 5th jump tournament2009-11-02 13:44 | *rl*

As many people expected, last nightn00k1e won the 5th jump tournament, and grabbed 60 euros. Unfortunately, there was no GTV, but jehar came up with helpful hand, with a stream and cool commentary.

***Final standing***:

Also, goblin earned 30 euros for 2nd place, zuen 20 euros for 3rd, and ads| aka dez 15 euros for 4th place!

- - EDIT - -

If you missed the final, you can watch this almost one and a half hours VOD, or just download demos.
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BDL #3 signups2009-10-26 07:55 | *rl*
After previous successful season of Balkan Duel League, headadmin and current champion careem decided to run another, 3rd season.

"Signups are open untill 31.10.2009 and the groups will be online at 1.11.2009.

And of course if you have any questions, careem and sasa are waiting for you, #balkan.q2 @qnet.
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2x2 Insta Deathmatch League2009-10-21 09:25 | *rl*
If you like insta, now you have chance to find out if your rail is as good as it was before summerbreak. Thanks to Revo_ (and Cheimera) who are the headadmins of new 2x2 Insta Deathmatch League.

If you want sign up your team, you can do it here. Also, if you have any questions, Revo_ and Cheimera are at your disposal @ #2x2insta / qnet.

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EDL Invitational - PURRI wins2009-10-19 08:47 | *rl*
Last sunday was a great day for all Quake 2 maniacs. Fantastic battles, many people on GTV and steams, rage quits, and of course the most important thing - money.

Short report later...

Final standing:

1. PURRI (100euros)
2. provi (30euros)
3. Damiah (20eruos)
4. Ibogine

Demos can be found on demosquad and VODs on tastyspleen. Congratz PURRI, and thanks to wision for admining, jehar for stream and skuller for GTV...
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DS needs You2009-10-13 10:13 | kolt

We will try to restore those broken demos soon. I have some backups from various hostings but its not all. If someone has demos downloaded from ds that are not working at the moment please let me now.
Big thx -> muerte for demos, wision for support and mobius for new hosting.

Contact: q2scene messenger or @qnet
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