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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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NDML activity2010-02-27 06:12 | Gravgon
The admins of NDML have started looking for active teams in order to run a new season of the league.

If you want to know more about it, check out this news item on the NDML website and don't forget to spread the word !
comments | 1 recommends!2010-02-22 11:33 | *rl*
Have you been looking for a place where you can listen to podcasts about gaming? Maybe about Qw, Q2, Q3, QL, warsow and other fun games like Paintball? Wanna watch live streams with shoutcasts? Watch interviews, release your thoughts and opinons on an active forum? Read news and otherwise just checking out an up to date site that covers alot of scenes? Well, there is a place for you! And its just across the atlantic! Takes an ms (or 150) to get there!

The most of you know Jehar, as the great shoutcaster in many of our EDL and EQ2L games. You can find videos with shoutcasts from the games and alot of other games aswell. There is alot of interest for all of us in the european scene for sure. As watching videos with shoutcasting of an Q2 legend in the european scene competing in the weekly duel tournament "King of the hill" Scooby.

Check it out!

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1337 miles per hour by n00k1e2010-02-21 08:12 | *rl*
This is probably the first movie about jumpmod (daelumns movie wasn't about jumpmod). Was made by polish player n00k1e. I haven't seen it yet but hopefully it is worth watching.

Below you can find a download link (I'll add more mirrors later).

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2x2? Inv. Final2010-02-21 05:27 | *rl*
Grand Final between CCCP and 4fun will take place on tuesday @ 21CET. This game will be played in BO5 system. Hopefully we'll see a great 5-mapper!

CCCP [-:-] 4fun

- DATE: 23.II.2010
- TIME: 21.00 CET
- GTV:

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RTDM League2010-02-16 16:51 | *rl*
Yesterday (15.02.2010), second season of Russian TDM League has begun. 8 teams signed up, and even tho league have already started, admins " are not closing the sign-ups yet and so far they will be overviewing the scheme of the league. There's only one group, and the playoffs will be played in BO5 single-elimination system.

"The rules are not too much different from eq2l rules."

If you have any questions, admins are at your disposal.

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AC UPDATE2010-02-04 16:31 | *rl*
This update may cause some problems with your quake2:

"You may get a pop up from your anti-virus software saying the file is infected, or it may simply appear not to load when you try to use it. This is a false positive, meaning the detection from your anti-virus software is wrong"

How to fix it: CLICK

More info later...
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EDGE FINAL: Damiah vs PURRI2010-01-27 14:56 | *rl*
After weeks of waiting, Damiah finally managed to fix problems with his computer. So reserve this friday evening for a classic final between Damiah and PURRI.

Do not connect to the server cause there will be a GTV available for you! Of course this is gonna be best of 5, so I'm hoping to see 5mapper drama!

Date: 29.I.2010
Time: 20:00CET


PURRI [0:3] Damiah

Congratz to Damiah!
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New railonly ffa server2010-01-21 05:12 | *rl*
Since "insta community" is a bit more active, probably thanks to 2x2insta League, c0wboy and Revo_ run a new server (with a bit of help from berla).

Server is now online and available for everyone.

Server: Berling's FFA (Railgun Only+HOOK ENABLE) [Q2PRO] #3 -

Enjoy !
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New maps2010-01-18 15:31 | *rl*
To bring some fresh air to our Quake 2 lifes, I have two brand new maps for you.

First one is a duel map, it's called draxiduel1 and it was made by norwegian player/mapper draxi aka Sk3letor. Second one, is actually 2x2 or 3x3 map, it's called q2thp1 and it was made by polish player THP (clan wD). Of course you can test them, and leave a comment if you like it or not...Maps are available on:

*** Berling's OPENTDM TEAM/1v1/ITDM [Q2PRO] #1 / #2 - (swedish servers)

*** Gdanski Serwer Duelowy TDM @ - (polish server)


DOWNLOAD draxiduel1

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2x2? VIII Inv. has begun2010-01-13 07:33 | *rl*
Two days ago another season of 2x2? League has begun. This time we have only 8 (potentially the best / most active) teams.

Mappool looks very similar to the previous Invitational: q2dm1, q2dm3, match1, q2rdm1 and ztn2dm3 (The Rage/q2duel8).

GL to the players and HF to the specs.
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