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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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#Q2Players Duel Challenge2004-01-20 12:59 | evilpope
If you read this site, you recently saw my post about a map pak I have put together. Well, I have also started a duel tourney using primarily these maps, along with q2dm1, q2dm3, and q2dm7. This is primarily a North American tournament, however having a couple europeans might make it somewhat interesting. If you think you got the skills to compete even with a high ping, check it out. The map pak and a screenshot of each map can be found at and the tournament webpage can be found at

you can also find us on irc on the Enter The Game network in #q2players
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2.0 finally wins2004-01-19 12:50 | raV
As you know from the topic this time luck was on 2.0 side. After euroq2l final when lm had beaten them 3:2 they met again in CB Cup Fall 2003 Final.
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Update2004-01-18 09:36 | Claymore
I've add 2 new sections on website. First update is in configs section, now everyone can upload config, to show it other ppl or treat it like some backup ...
Second thing is list of all active and old projects on "portal".

And still I invite you to join us on irc at
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Q2DM1 Sprinter Contest2004-01-16 19:03 | raV
Polish Q2-END service has recently organised contest for the quickest runner of q2dm1 map.
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Me, myself, and my map pak2004-01-13 16:26 | evilpope
Heya, my name is evilpope, and I'm another writer from the US. Unlike 10, I'm cool or something!!! :P

anyways, I wrote a bit about myself and about a duel map pak I recently put together, so check it out!
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PLQ2 V Summary2004-01-13 10:55 | GuanDi
A few days ago the oldest and the most prestigous Polish Q2 League come to the end. This year very controversial rules, divided interested clans into two leagues.
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PLQ2 #62004-01-13 01:15 | raV
Fifth edition of the most prestige polish q2 league has just ended. This season gold cup gone to Multiclan Elite Mates which had defeated Devil Inside in grande finale.

It's time to start sixth season. If you're from poland :) you can sign up at Fajnyboard or by attacking hamster the main organiser through irc (on ircnet #q2 or quakenet or ) or through e-mail. Rules and clans that already had signed up are visible also here More info at league main site.
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New Swedish Q2server2004-01-12 18:05 | berla
A new server has arrived with regular mod: Battleground (waiting for TDM). And the owner of the server will be me. However, the server are still in test-mode (for a while). Hope you will enjoy it! Please behave or get lost! :P

Here we go:

Computer: AMD Athlon™ XP 3200+, DDRAM 1.5 GIG, 120*2 GB HD.
ISP: 50 Mbit Fastbit (location: Sweden"Lidkoping")

[berlas Battleground] @ | maxclients 10 | Regular Q2dm1-dm8

I really dont need any ideas "yet" about what i could make this server to.. but some comments should be great!
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Introduction2004-01-12 14:51 | Element^
Hey everyone,

For those who know me, and those who don't, I'm 10 and I reside in . I am a member for the North American team that was represented in it's first NDML season. Unfortunally we didn't fair so well, and it doesn't mean we won't be back for NDML V. I feel we learned a lot from our first season and that we'll be back next season stronger than before. I had a lot of fun as an admin for the NDML IV and had the pleasure to getting to know most of you on IRC and the gaming field. Claymore recruited me to represent the North American scene in this website to give you all a taste of what we do on our side of the Atlantic. In the past few months I've had a lot of fun being involved in your Quake 2 scene, and I am honoured that I get to be a part of this site, To help Quake 2 keep it's ball rolling. I'll be looking forward to any feedback you all may have for me.
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Euroq2l II2004-01-11 03:25 | Claymore
After successful first season, Euroq2l Crew decide to make new one and they started Sign ups allready, so hurry up and join this great league, which starts around Febuary.
If some of you still dunno, first season won lm who beat 3:2 (always second) 2.0 (next places [Wizard], DI). Imho this was very good league (especially if we skip 1/16 of playoffs), which once again show that "q2 still alive". Next season should be even more better, with new tables system (divide by clans skills and regions) and probably (more fair) double eliminations playoffs, but all (like always) depends on you - players ...
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