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avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 3, 14.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 2, 8.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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TDM mod updated2004-02-08 07:24 | Claymore
Some time past since raV| post news about Teamplay Deathmatch mod, since that mod advance from 0.2 to 0.5 version. There are quite many things changed and plenty bug fixed. Main changes are:

- at last it become realy teamplay mod,
- many statistics thingies added (for specify player and whole team),
- new admins commands,
- observers are fixed to spect only players,
- talking commands improved,
- you can check old scoreboard,
- voting improved,
- actual team name is default name when using team commands,

For more details check full list of changes.

This mod is nice initiative, but I still wonder if it can replace in future standard mods like battle or tourney (to which almost everyone get used long time ago), well we will see ...
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Interview with 2.02004-02-06 09:40 | GuanDi
Kicia made a interview with 2.0 with my little help.
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Clanbase Spring 2004 Overview2004-02-05 15:05 | Foen
Clanbase 2004 Spring is here, and here is my small overview. But first some general stuff about Clanbase. 2.0 won last season before lm, which is not participate this season, sad... But all other top clans are in, so we can expect a very good season. Clanbase finally got a new supervisors. Supervisor is Apunts from Portugal and Co-Supervisor is Gravgon from Belgium. Apunts was Co-Supervisor in last season, and i belive that i don't need to introduce Gravgon. So we can expect a very smooth and fair league from clanbase. Here is small overview from Division 1. Reason why i don't write anything about Div2/3 is because i don't know all clan.
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Q2dm1 Sprinter Contest2004-02-04 03:23 | raV
The winner is Ibogine with time 39.7 sec.
He won some prizes like CD with game : Quake2 and some addons. More at q2end.
And here's his demo
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Clanbase news2004-02-04 03:00 | raV
TDM iTDM CTF cups news.
Inside :)
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New CTF League2004-02-02 12:59 | Claymore
European Q2ctf League (ecq2l) with head admins Stuff and snask starts today official signups for this league.
Both experienced and newbie clans in this mod are welcome for signup in league and have fun from it ...
More info on beta website and on quakenet irc #eq2cl.
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Invitation 20042004-02-02 05:18 | berla
I have received a message from my friend and allied, Welkin.


It would be of great appreciation if you would like to add this (or something selfwritten, if you prefer) as a newspost on your website(s).

A second season of the highly acclaimed Quake2 duel/1on1 competition The Invitational has finally arrived after an almost two year long wait. The recognized nine best players have been invited and three slots remain open for the top three of the qualifying tournament (IQT) which will be open for everyone and start on February the 8th (signups deadline: February 7th, 20.00 CET). The main attraction - the outermost prestigeful Q2 tournament these days - will begin on March the 8th. This and a whole lot more information can be found on the website, You can also find us on IRC; #Invitational on Quakenet. I hope this will be just as appreciated as it was last time!


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New interview2004-01-31 16:32 | raV
Today I finally managed to made some conversation with 4 members of clan Legacy of The Mob : Istari, Sir, Mikko and Odiz. Too bad that Wizard wasn't present but 80% of clan is nice. You can see what were we talking about HERE
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Scandinavian Duel Tour 20032004-01-26 08:36 | berla
Scandinavian Duel Tour 2003 - [#SDT] @ Quakenet

This is the second time Duo with his crew(Scab as coder) run this cup, last year it was 64 players, now 48 with 8 as reserv´s.
You can find the players over HERE

I havnt follow the groupgame that mutch but its ended for a couple of days ago, so now its going to real tough!

Here you can following brackets and results

I also talked to some of the admins of SDT, and it seems to worked out pretty good this season, no whine about serverchoise and pl and so on.
It may been a little slow in the begining, but now its floating on quite good!
Im also a new admin at SDT from today! :).

And as you all may know
I support SDT with a duelserver @
(Maps, etc.. you name it).

Now when im a spec-admin i will follow this cup until it totaly ends. So keep looking for more SDT news and goahead to write some comments!
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Clanbase SignUp...2004-01-25 09:20 | manu`
Nearly everybody heard about it but for those who had not: Sign Up for the Clanbase Spring Cup 2004. At the moment we register 41 signings just for the Q2TDM Cup - and the number still grows. Hopefully every signed clan will be able to keep up and compete in the cup.

related links:
Clanbase Main Page
SignUp Q2TDM
SignUp Q2iTDM
SignUp Q2CTF
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