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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Euroq2l-2 overview2004-02-16 07:41 | Foen
I already wrote an overview from clanbase, so i'm not going to do same kind of text again. As you can see we have now totally new kind of league, from claymores suggesion we didn't want to make another clanbase. I got this idea at school. And later i told it to Gravgon and he love it, after that frza and claymore didn't have much power to say anything against us :) Well i guess they liked it too, so here we are.

The hardest part was to create good and even groups. And there was xx polish clans which were totally unknown to us, so then comes guandi and kicia to help us. I'm sure when league is over we realise that few clans were better/worse than we expeted and we put them to wrong group. Specially in lower groups.
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TDM v0.62004-02-16 04:17 | raV
New version of this mod is almost final one. In the next versions only errors found by players will be fixed, cosmetic changes and english readme added. Some polish servers has been already stocked with new TDM version. Full list of ver. 0.6 changes inside.

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Another duel league2004-02-16 02:22 | raV
MLD (Mroczna Liga Duelowa) has just started again. This is second edition of this polish duel league. First was pretty shitty and because of players unactivity it lasted almost half year. Main organiser of this league is urbas3k. This season he had chosen 8 best polish duellers in his opinion : Lucas, Assasin, Warrior, anomal, Monument, riven, neveride and Spitfire. Scooby isn't on this list cause he's not playing duels any more.

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Euroq2l groups settle.2004-02-14 07:04 | Claymore
This comming season going to be even more interesting then last one, with over 50 clans and brand new games system (set up after long talks but final idea was brought by Foen, for more info check this link). Clans are splited by skills and set up in 5 groups, if nothign wont change they will look like this:

Groups A: eA, lm, play, sYnth, 2.0, Wizards, 187, KTA
Groups B: HBQ, OK, Solaris, aK, q2e, 3m, eS, pm
Groups C: vires, x-is10, bod, curse, gza, ttnm, m, agl
Groups D: xtz, cut, prorailerz, ai, ra, 2a, cc, AF
Groups E: lot, cod, ECF, Mortuus, TMC, rcd, tfb, Rw, IS, tn, tur

New headadmin for this season will be frza, gl m8.

For more information check league website.

Admins are needed for help with league, if u think worth contact with admins on #euroq2l.
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Interview with dIem2004-02-14 03:58 | Claymore
Yesterday manu" add interview with dIem, but forgot to write about it in news ...
If someone is interested whats going on german scene or want to read about dIem's refreshed eS clan, don't waste your time just click this link.
Others who just want to read good interview check it out too.
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PLQ2 #6 news2004-02-13 20:11 | raV
Although this very bad situation with polish servers (recapitulating we have no good server to play 4v4 match, maybe 2-3 but pretty unstable) the groups had been set up. There are 2 leagues.

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CB Cup Spring Q2Insta2004-02-13 07:21 | raV
bla bla, insta cup has started. More inside.

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IQT Groups released2004-02-13 03:58 | raV
The Invitational Qualifying Tournament is going to be interesting. Some well known names, even players from EDL and some rather mysterious.

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CB Cup Spring Q2CTF2004-02-11 11:40 | raV
ctf, ctf - the scene isn't dead - it's growing!

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2.0 Interview updated2004-02-09 16:23 | Claymore
At last kicia catch Nikodemus, and now u can read whole interview with 2.0's clanmates here.
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