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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interview with zerom{ of tm2004-02-26 08:19 | Jore
Well you can't start interviewing with other clan than tm so I made it. Hope everyone will enjoy it!
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Website slogan2004-02-25 16:10 | Claymore
We are working on a new slogan for this website. "It's all about Quake2..." was more of a 5-minute-slogan, which would promote this site poorly. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys would like to come up with some suggestions.
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Something as starters2004-02-25 14:28 | Jore
Well before going more harder things lets get basics for q2ctf. So as starter I made short article about it:

Mostly for those who are starting q2ctf or haven't played too long. And maybe even for those who are wanting to start to play q2ctf.
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And so CTF came to you!2004-02-25 12:55 | Jore
Since I saw there isn't too much about ctf, but page is otherwise having really much stuff to check out I wanted to help q2ctf come to you.

For those who don't know me I have played q2ctf as long as it have been there. And I like to think I'm knowing the game quite nicely. I have been adminning and supervisoring cups too, but now just playing occasionally. Still I'm really keen to see whats happening

I hope I can get you more information of q2ctf. New angles and info. Even for those who are never playing ctf.

You will get soon something which everyone who is playing q2ctf should see. Till then see you in servers!
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New Movie2004-02-25 05:42 | berla
Hey folks!

As usual im sitting here infront of my computer/irc i cought up one new movie i never seen before (by Danone).
Well i dont know if you seen this movie before, but i give it a shoot! Look forward to nice air frags!

Edit: One more movie (by Damiah), smaller one.

Download here
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First week in CB2004-02-25 03:23 | raV
Q2 CTF Cup review

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First week in CB2004-02-24 11:08 | raV
TDM cup review inside.

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New writer2004-02-22 14:15 | Welkin
I would like to welcome a new writer on the team; me. I'm an old DM player with numerous successful tournaments and leagues on my conscience, both as player and organizer. I'm one of the few enthusiasts from the time after the golden days. I have been involved with most things in the global Q2 scene. This might be a reason why I was accepted on the Q2Players team. I will mostly be doing news posts and interviews concerning The Invitational at this point.
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IQT2004-02-20 02:18 | Foen
Group games are over in IQT, with the lots of w/os, and now it is playoffs time. 16 best players went to playoffs, 2 from each group. Since there is not much to say about group games and playoffs just started, someone will write longer news about IQT when it is is closer to end.
But here is playoffs pairs and some results:

thaigo – fb [3-0]
DM - Welkin [1-3]
Caboom – mobius [3-2]
riven – Degen [2-3]
prt – SotaSANKARI
xircuit – Stuff
eternal – Foen [3-0]

As you can see few games are still left. So we have to wait few more week until we know which 3 players gonna play in invitatinal!

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SDT - Info2004-02-16 18:16 | berla
Yes Scandinavian Duel Tour 2003.

As we are closing into the final steps of SDT there are 4 games left in the LosersBracket until the semi finals may begin.

Those are:
Damiah vs Odium
eternal vs dhope - Purri meets the winner.

deadline for regular LB games is next sunday the 22th of February.

For more info, visit
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