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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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raijaXI interviewed..2004-03-12 17:52 | Element^
A little news from the North American scene.

On 03/05/2004 was the start date of the IC ( International Champions ) 1v1 tournament. I took the liberty of interviewing the head admin raijaXI to get his views and input on how he feels this 1v1 tournament will hold up in our shaky Quake 2 scene.

you can read it all here

Also you can find more information about this tournament on #ic-na
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New CTF map2004-03-12 07:11 | berla
Seems like Bukkez (Michael Hüll) never stops making good things for the q2scene. This time for CTF. I havnt test this map yet, I´ll leave it for you, folks!

Screenshots at Waterfronts of Disturbance (bubctf1.bsp)

Blue Base
Blue Base 2

Last but most important, The map itself!
Waterfronts of Disturbance
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SDT Final2004-03-10 05:36 | berla
Scandinavian Duel Tour 2003-04 Final ends yesterday (09/03/04) with results:

Nordic Champion 2004: mikko, Silver: Purri , Bronze: Provider

First of, id like to say that until the third map, things went decent, but then when it was 5 minutes left on the server, it went totally wrong, it crashed when mikko had the lead on dm3 with 5:2. We propesed that we could play the last remaining minutes on another server, but purri just left and said that they could play the game tomorrow or give mikko w/o. And in my opinion the most fair thing was to give mikko w/o beacuse he had a huge advantage and control over the map, HOWEVER! It could have went the other way, and purri may had won, we will never know. But the thing is that purri left without discussing the matter with nor the admins or mikko.

-- Duo --

Anyway, theres a new thing upcoming after SDT! "SQ2T (2on2 tour etc)" so keep your eyes open!

#SDT @ Qnet
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KTA Movie2004-03-07 13:48 | manu`
For all of you who haven't seen the newly released KTA Movie and still want to, here is the updated working link to the file.
it's worth seeing!
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The Invitational, Spring 20042004-03-04 15:16 | Welkin
The qualifying tournament (IQT) is finally finished and the three players that will advance to the main event, The Invitational, are Welkin, prt and eternal.

The groupmatches of Inv will take place next week and of course scorebots will be running in #Inv-scorebots. To know when the games will be played, simply check the schedule on the website after tomorrow (5th).

For more information, check the website.
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frozza interviewed2004-03-01 16:21 | Claymore
Euroq2l opened today, so i though that it would be nice to ask about few things frozza The Man. I hope that u will enjoy this interview, since it is my first one here ...

read it here

ps. dont eat me for my english :)
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Euroq2l-2 started!2004-03-01 13:11 | Foen
Euroq2l-2 is here! League started today 1.3.2004. Groups changed a bit during last week because lm resinged. So we had to mix groups a bit. And for same reason schedules changed too. Before you do anything check your group and schedule. There are few new ”rules” which you can find inside.
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eA-BBQ(monday 21cet) preview2004-02-29 05:27 | Jore
After really nice and even games there is still one of the best games in q2ctf CB cup week2 to come. So I got hold of [eA]faith&[BBQ]karpo and had little chat about game and cup generally.

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Another Movie2004-02-28 06:48 | berla

New movie from KTA(#kontula) this time.

Little info about the movie:

KTA Movie - Our scoring in Q2TDM

Game: Quake 2 Team Deathmatch (duels included)
Video: 30 fps, 640x480, XviD, 8:45, 180mb
Audio: mpeg layer-3, 56 kbit/s, 24000 Hz, stereo
Chemical Brothers - My elastic eye
Dj Andre - Luv buzz
Aavikko - 3000 dollaria
Tiamat - Angel holograms
Dj X Sonic - Blue sun
Players: Members of Kontula. [KTA]Saddler performing in intro.
Programs used:
Beefquake r5
Keygrip 2.055
Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0
52 demos used (>150 demos left unused)
18 gb of uncompressed avis

This is my first movie, so i allocated high amount of time for creating it. I wanted to correct other Q2 movies' weaknessess and bring the level up, perhaps nearby Q3 movies' average.

I hope you like the movie, because i really did enjoy making of it.

Download the KTA movie HERE
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New duelmap2004-02-27 09:13 | berla
Yes, you heard it right folks! A new duelmap made by Michael Hüll - BubkeZ.eA, and it seems to be the most playable duelmap ever! Since a few days ago alot of players played it, so its up to Admins to add this duelmap into your servers/cups, etc!

I have already uploaded this map to my server @

Its worth it, that i can promise you.

So where can you download this map?
Dont worry, here are some links!

Some Screenshots:


Download #1 Duelmap - Divine Conqueror
Download #2 Duelmap - Divine Conqueror
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