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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Another Polish Q2 League2004-03-29 04:08 | raV
Yup. Maybe not another cause this is actually first Polish Q2 League in spring 2004 season. I'm speaking about second edition of CLQ2 - Christmas Quake 2 League. Now it's kinda Easter Q2 League :) . First CLQ2 edition was only 4v4 cup, but now it's 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4. Duel and 2v2 torunament hasn't started yet so if you're from Poland and want to play just sign up. Regular teams cup is in it's second week now. It's kinda small league, cause we have only 5 teams : CC, aK, q2e, TaC and 2a^ - each one from Poland. Moreover sYnth had played in this cup too, but they left it according to problems with squad ( they haven't got ppl to play ). Overall CLQ2 is goint to be a good warmup before MLQ2 #3 and The Polish Cities Tourney :)) which will be much more interesting.
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Again a movie update2004-03-27 10:50 | manu`
Just a few minutes a new movie arrived at the borders of our nice scene. Unfortunately i do not have any further information about this new release than the author: it's quazilin. Just try and hopefully enjoy!

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New Q2 Movie2004-03-26 10:35 | manu`
A german oldskool Q2-Player released his first Q2 Movie. Some nice techniques were used within this one and some nice frags are shown. Enjoy!

Additional Info:
Author: [iFF]PsYcho
Type: RA2 Frags
File Size: 80MB rar
Duration: 3 Minutes 20 Seconds
Codec: DivX 4

Download the map played on
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New life for Quake2?2004-03-26 07:52 | berla
It's a little hard to believe that id Software co-founder and master programmer John Carmack has never spoken at the Game Developers Conference but that changed today when he made one of the day's keynote addresses in front of a large audience.

Here are some highlights:
Carmack revealed that he and id thought about, and then dropped, a plan to revisit Quake II, remaking the same exact game but use an all new graphics engine as a way to show off the engine without having to concentrate on game development.

Source at
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Q2-TDPM2004-03-25 12:35 | Claymore
Good news for polish q2 scene, after some time of inactivity polish q2 web rised up again and this is whole story from siekiera (one of head admin there):
"Today, after long absence, Polish service Q2-TDPM is again available. The service is about the perfect game: Quake II (the service is still extending) . On web site we can find all necessary information about the game and what is most important, you will be inquired all the time about what is happenning around Q2 in our country and around the world.
We invite you onto the following link:

Service is realized by: dem, siekiera, volt"
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CTF map update!2004-03-20 05:18 | berla
Yes, Michael Hüll(BubkeZ) update his new CTF map Waterfronts of Disturbance.

List of updates:
* B-version Information *
New weapon layout, 2 new start spawns and 2 new spawns and i have removed the lifts and the "quadhole". The flag area is new aswell.

Donwload map!
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Finnish duel league Q2SDL52004-03-18 10:29 | Foen
Well this league started over 2 weeks ago. So now we are playing round3 games.
Website you can find here . Don't know how much you guys understand finnish, but press links and maybe you understand something :)
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The Invitational - Playoffs2004-03-18 04:53 | Welkin
The Invitational, Spring 2004, has finally reached it's playoffs.

You can follow the quarter finals in #Inv-scorebots this sunday at the following times (CET).

odium vs purri - 19.00
provi vs Welkin - 19.00
syanid vs tforce - 21.00
Assasin^^ vs Damiah - 21.00

For more information, check thewebsite. #Invitational
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console Commands2004-03-15 15:28 | manu`
For all of you crazy hardcore Quakers who do not know all of Quake 2's console commands i found some interesting stuff and put it into the "Faqs" section. So go on, take a 'few' minutes and read all about console commands you would like to know. hf!
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New Q2movie2004-03-15 13:52 | berla

It has been alot of q2movies the last month, and now its my(berla) turn to release one!
This is also my first made q2movie ever, but I still hope that you folks enjoy it! The size its around 300mb in 5:17 mins.
You must have Xvid-codec to see this one! Anyway, here we go!

Link #1 (100mbit)
Link #2 (50mbit)
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