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avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 3, 14.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 2, 8.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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2017-09-10 Pepek passed away
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2016-10-25 server change

New Poll2004-04-12 13:14 | raV
I've noticed that many of polish q2 players are bodybuilders too :) , including me. I'm very curious what is overall percentage of bodybuilders among q2 players. Comments are welcome.
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New Q2 movie2004-04-11 15:28 | berla
The second movie release by Sorax (#eA)
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EDL #22004-04-10 17:43 | raV
As we all know the very first edition of Euro Duel League has ended and Lucas is about to get second edition started. More info at EDL website
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Watch out carefully2004-04-09 06:25 | berla
This is a message that you don't know whether you should write it or not.
Anyway, i have decided to write it now.

//Source --> Jyx who points a warning finger ;-)

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Changes, more info ...2004-04-08 15:03 | Claymore
As someone of you allready know, websites now have different addresses:
scene - or
demosquad -
euroq2l -
edl -
kubus -
ndml -
nra2l -
forum - (which doesnt work yet)

Whole website is moved on new, payed server (US once with polish admins), so i hope that it will work good. Just demos left on old server cuz disk space for this server is payed for only 200 MB and 8GB of monthly transfer.
Cuz of reason above now when u will upload demos u have to approve it cuz its submited on different server then website (maybe i can make it easier later).
Still there are some errors on website, Im working on that but if u will spot something let me know via Messanger (maybe except forum which is still f**ked up :/).

What i can say more now ... enjoy website and join us at #q2scene.
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new hosting & new layout2004-04-07 15:55 | Claymore
Many changes like for one day ?:)
I hope that this changes will be good for everyone. At last I decide to buy some hosting+domain and with help of kolt we done that. Website still doesnt work in 100% cuz i dont have time to fix all things, so be patient and on days i will do rest.
Tomorrow work, so I will finish for today, if someone wants to help send me mesg via Messanger with bugs which u notice (it should be many of them i guess :P).

prolly more info tomorrow...

ps.: comments about changes could be nice :)
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Some new interviews2004-04-06 17:24 | raV
According to my last news I decided to make some interviews with players from clans that had advanced to 1st and 2nd Clanbase Cup Spring League playoffs. These are :
plus one bonus interview with [sYnth]Warrior :) .

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Clanbase2004-04-05 12:15 | raV
All CB Cups are about to get into the playoffs. According to this I decided to make a short revision of them. More inside.

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Awaken22004-04-03 11:43 | berla

Hopefully there is some peoples out there who have experience of Quake2 mod "Awaken2" If not, you should at least try it! It was ages since i had so mutch fun in

I (berla) has started a IRC channel @ Quakenet ( - as a gathering for thoose players who wants to play!

To play this mod you need:
Version 2.0.0 - Full install
Size: 16.4 MB
Description: Server DLL, client resources and map pack #1

Link #1 (host) ergo Gibbus "partizan"
Link #2 (host) pscclan

Swedish server: (eG - Partizan)
USA server: Backshooters server

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Q2players goes offline 4ever!2004-04-01 03:34 | berla
Yes, you heard it right! :(
Since claymore lost his webaccount its pointless to keep going with all theese sites/projects: DemoSquad, euroq2l, q2players, etc..

Is there anyone out there who could help us out with this big problem?
Please come and visit us: #q2players @ Qnet
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