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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Q2 Pro Duel2004-04-29 04:42 | raV
This information has a very big lag. Anyway few weeks ago Harven - the best programmer within polish q2 scene invented new mod called Pro Duel. It's a duel mod :) based on classic battleground. It has few fun features like fast weapons shifting. You can test it here : Kubus3: Pro-Duel Test Server :
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eS with new webbie2004-04-25 05:38 | manu`
The last active german Quake2 Clan 'eatSlugs' released his new website few days ago. Unfortunately the site isn't translated into english or something else, yet - but stay tuned! Perhaps u might have a look at it.

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Monday = new poll2004-04-19 16:10 | raV
I guess that everybody who wanted to vote in our last poll have did it. The question was "Should Q2scene allowed advertise/awayscripts/mp3scripts in channel?"
43% answered "NO"
24% said "YES"
20% didn't care
and 13% of you think that this topic isn't worth to talk about it.
Too bad that we have very small number of votes :( - only 46 ( about 350-450 guests on this site everyday so it could be better ).
Anyway I think that admins will soon decide what to do with these awayscripts and other things. Meanwhile take a look to the right. New poll is up. This time is about q2.
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New aliases by DM2004-04-17 11:39 | raV
DM gave me his aliases and demanded me to upload it. So I did. Check them out - they should be useful.

Big thx for DM
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EDL II2004-04-17 08:12 | Claymore
Since today u can sign up for second edition of this league. A little bit more info on EDL's website.
Let it be better then last one...

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hej2004-04-15 03:36 | eni
lo m8s :)
i am a new member of q2scene crew and i will work with articles, columns and mostly with news about q2 leagues :)
there is some info about me:
my name is Jan, born and living in estonia/tallinn, date of born is 25.07.1986y. you can find my in irc @ #q2scene net, there is my nick eni or enigma, also u can find me in icq(349499) or send me email(
well gl to me :)

// best regardz eni..
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About rules and behavior?2004-04-14 06:28 | berla
Since a couple guys "no names mention" trying to be kings or rulers over us #q2scene and decide what "we" the crew should do to make them comfortable about channelrules like: No awayscripts, No mp3scripts bla bla, and so on.
And now im a little sick n tired of this. When youre trying to do something good for Q2scene thoose peoples always complaining, not criticize.. thats for sure! Anyway.. mabey they right? Is it to mutch spam/adverstie/scripts etc in the channel? I think it would be nice if someone out there with the rest of the q2scene crew could help me out here?
Mabey its meself who is the big problem around here? What should I/we"crew" do to make thoose peoples sadisfy or solve this huge problem?

New Poll added

The poll is about if we should allowed all types of mIRC scripts in our channel or #q2scene or not! And after this poll (going on for a week, 7 days!). Lets voting folks! And no cheating!
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hello2004-04-13 06:52 | duo
I'd just want to say hello to everyone as a new crewmember here on q2scene, i will mostly work with articles and reviews.
Some details about me...
My name is Alexander and im 18 years old and i live in Sweden, most of the people on QuakeNet recognize me as duo.

Well that's about it, if there is any questions, just contact me at IRC or email me at ...

Bye~ :)
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Clanbase deciders2004-04-12 18:27 | raV
Within last days we had few clanbase great matches between top teams that had decided about order in groups in premier leagues in Q2TDM and Q2CTF cup.
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New poll system2004-04-12 17:38 | raV
Today we ( admins ) have a big council about polls. After a tempestuous debate we decided that every monday we will be changing poll. That's a good idea I think. It will be always some freshness for our portal :-) . Moreover it will prevent situations like today : I've changed pool while last one set by berla wasn't finished yet. By the way - I want to apologize for that. I hope that berla will forgive me.
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