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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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ArenA Lan Tournament I2004-05-19 10:55 | Claymore
Info from guandi:

Date of the meeting :3rd-4th July
Place of the meeting: Poland, Cracow, Cyberarena Cafe

July 3rd-4th - café ArenA in Cracow this is when and where we are going to organize the first in Poland Clan Lan Tournament.
In ArenA 20 computers are at our disposal .The café has also been furnished with comfortable sofas. We will do our best to have there a screen , which will make it possible to watch the matches.
At present moment entrance fee is 25 euro from one clan, however I would like to remark ,that for some reasons it may change.
Three weeks before the tournament starts we will provide you with the bank account number to pay the money /entrance fee/.

How to apply
Applications should be sent ONLY by e-mails : deadline June 15th.
Applications sent later will result in higher entrance fee - 30 euro.
They should contain the following information: name of the clan /in topic if possible/,contact with CL announced scalds.
If you have any questions ,please address them to me /quakenet # or to the sickboy.
We will do our best to find the sponsors and award the best players and winners.
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New poll2004-05-18 14:47 | raV
Lately eni told me about his idea of making european 2v2 league. What do you think about it?
comments | 11
Inactive team ?2004-05-15 03:05 | Claymore
Lately I'm bit inactive with all q2 thingies mostly cuz I'm very busy in my "real" live, but since I making this things works I can't quit :) But that isn't same with other ppl in crew and few of them resign or were kicked...
First from list is berla which left q2 world for real one, I really miss that dude over here ... Next folks are Welkin (resign himself), Jore, kolt, Foen (all 3 were totally inactive lately) + other ppl who leave us before ...
Sure all of those can back, but need to show activity first ....
Cuz of above I searching for ppl which are willing to do something for q2 scene, want and can write good articles and wont resign just after i add them on crew list.
If you are interested, let me know that on mail or Messenger, link to both u can find in my profile (just log in before). Decribe yourself and show me your writing skills by sending me one article or longer news about actual q2 things.

ps.: Thx raV for your work ...
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Clanbase finals2004-05-14 03:40 | raV
So this is it. CB Cup Spring 2004 is about to finish now.
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Pro duel downloading available2004-05-13 03:43 | raV
Thanks to Harven (again) who made downloadable version and polish q2tv service you can get it here click
comments | 5
Another poll2004-05-11 10:21 | raV
Basketball, Lithium,Gunslinger (wild west mod),Gloom,Awakening and the newest mod Pro Duel are those that you don't like at all :) . We have only 34 votes so I guess that there are some people that actually like that mods. Btw. It's lotta easier if you are registered with "remember" option - you're gonna be logged at once when you enter the site. Awakening 2, KOTS, Chaos and Action are those who you like a bit more, but they're still shitty with 3% of votes each. D-Day mod placed higher with 6% and Instagib with Jumpmod are above it with 9%. The most popular mods are CtC with 12% of votes and most of all RA2 and CTF - it's first place with 18%. What is interesting 18% of you voted on empty option too. It seems that large part of q2 society doesn't like to play nothin' more that regular tdm.
Anyway time for the new poll to appear.
comments | 11
Nocheat 2.40 beta 22004-05-07 03:41 | raV
Bryce fixed some bugs in first beta version. Here it is - able to download again.
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New poll2004-05-05 02:23 | raV
From the latest poll we know that play is the biggest player in cb playoffs game. They had 38% of your votes while the second place taker - Elite Mates had only 22%. Next 2 places are shared by sYnthesis and Two Point O with 16% of votes each. And at the very end we have Armia Krajowa together with Wizards - these clans had already lost their chances for final by losing their games vs 2.0 (aK) and vs play (Wizards).

Time to change the poll (at least :} ). We have had nice idea by skyfer recently so it's our new poll.
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The sYnthesized frags movie2004-05-05 02:14 | raV
New movie is made by Scooby which you all know very well. It's almost 16 minute multi frag action thriller. It weighs 314 mb and it should be able to download from following links :

comments | 7
Nocheat 2.402004-05-05 02:10 | raV
New nocheat appeared at forum at It's beta-test version now so it's not at servers yet but surely it'll be soon. Be sure you've checked it's new features.
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