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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Greece, Greece, Greece!!!2004-07-04 17:07 | manu`
Yes, Greece made it. Congratulations to Otto 'Rehakles' Rehagel and his greeks! After winning 1:0 from Portugal in the grand final - EC2004 got its champion!

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Quake 2 Theme Song2004-07-02 02:37 | manu`
This very early morning a group around pzh, scorp and eni has finisehd its work on a nice mp3. German 'Dieter Bohlen' would have said: " U may proceed in our 'Superstars challenge'". No, indeed, it's a nice song - if u like electronic music.

Thx to eni and his 'Critical Limit' for this nice piece of Quake2 cake.

File: Critical Limit - Adrenaline
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NDML V2004-06-30 09:45 | manu`
As to read on NDML Site a new season is coming!

[...Yep there will be a 5th season of the NDML. The signups will be opened in September and the league should start the month after.

Everybody feel free to tell me what you would like to see in the next NDML!

Also, if you are an experienced coder and motivated, you would help the Q2 scene a lot if you could make a WORKING QTV.

Here are few ideas I've already had for the next NDML:
- Single Elimination format (no more winner and loser bracket)
- Allstar game to OPEN the league (not to end it because people lose their motivation)
- Side tournament opened to all countries in the world (aka HPW or World tournament) with different signups than the regular NDML.

More to come, feel free to comment!
See you in September...]

One important note: please have a look at the vote there and submit ur vote!
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Movie Faq by Dimmo2004-06-27 16:55 | manu`
Few minutes ago Dimmo told me that he has finished work on his Movie Faq. So for all you guys out there who wanna try to be a regisseur follow the link.

Big THX from to Dimmo for realizing this project!

Dimmo Movie Faq
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The duel league season2004-06-20 17:37 | zloy
This summer is going to be pretty hot, you know why? Because a lot of duel leagues and tournaments are held.

First, the Nostalgia, which has some swedish and finnish guests invited.

Second is the duel tournament in Lithuania, which will start in June-July. The games will be played in Fortakas Gaming cafe, located in Kaunas. The prizes depend from the number of players. You can also visit this tournament's website for more info. If you've got any questions - /MSG DM @

Finally third is the Estonian Q2DM1 duel league :). As you can see from the name, only one map allowed and that special map is the well-known q2dm1 aka The Edge. Anyway, personally I think its better than nothing. If you got excited, you can even visit the webby, made specially for this event.
Happy summer people!
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Prizes in ArenA Lan2004-06-07 13:10 | Claymore
I've got more info about ArenA Lan tournament from guandi:

We already know what the prizes for the best three clans are going to be. All the prizes have been founded by Manta Multimedia.

1st prize

4 sets of loudspeakers 5.1 HOME THEATER SYSTEM MM1500

2nd prize

4 sets of loudspeakers MM-560 JUMBO BASS

3rd prize

4 sets of headphones MM-50

Media sponsorship by:

Radio Eska
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Q2 LAN Championship in Moscow2004-06-06 16:05 | kolt
yand3x wrote :
"This championship will be held in Moscow at late august. Main idea is to meet everyone who plays with you for a years personally. Everyone is invited. If you need invitation to secure russian visa, contact us, we will send it to you. We allready have invited top known in Russia players: Damiah, Thaigo, Provi. I think this is good reason to visit Moscow - play with them on LAN :). You can ask any question in our forum or contact organisators directly. We will help all foreign players to find hotel and place to find russian girls :). Registration and championship are free. Just register, come and rock!"

Tourney www :

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Clanbase Spring Cup finished2004-06-06 05:28 | manu`
For all of you who haven't recognized yet, all Clanbase Q2 Competitions are over and the medals were handed out.

Here all winners:


Premier League: 1st - eA
2nd - tm

Second League: 1st - TUR
2nd - omen

Third League: 1st - d4kj3
2nd - BRO


Premier League: 1st - CoD
2nd - CyC
3rd - RmR

Second League: 1st - FM
2nd - XSTNC
3rd - MtC


Premier League: 1st - play
2nd - sYnth
3rd - 3M

Second League: 1st - Curse
2nd - eS
3rd - ArenA

Third League: 1st - v
2nd - LoT
3rd - ecf

Congratulations to all who took the medals. Hopefully the next season will be as good as this one was. Thanks to all admins, the co-supervisor and the supervisor! Keep up the great work!

CU all @ next CB Cup
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DOOM Movie?2004-06-05 18:50 | manu`
Not really Quake related but perhaps interesting, too.

"Universal Pictures has optioned Doom for producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and John Wells, with Enda McCallion attached to make his directorial debut, reports Variety .

The script, originated by Dave Callaham, is adapted from the plotline for the id Software and Activision video game "Doom 3," slated for release July 15.

The story is set at a Mars space station, where an aerospace conglom is conducting secret experiments when something unleashes a demonic force that threatens to overtake the facility.

However, we remain a "free agent" at this time and multiple studios are interested in the project. The team of John Wells (ER, et. al.) and Lorenzo DiBonaventura (The Matrix, et. al.) that has been working on the project for over a year will remain affiliated with the DOOM movie. The studio question at this point primarily involves the financing."

We all will stay tuned :P
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New Q2-Master-Server2004-05-23 11:18 | manu`
[...Quadaver opens a new service for all those peeps who don't use All-Seeing Eye and thus needing a masterserver.

Since there is no working Q2-masterserver coming with GameSpy and other Tools, Quadaver just set one up to collect every Q2-Server out there. The Server is supposed to run long-term.

The only thing you have to do is to add it to your masterserver list. It's using "standard"-protocol, so you should have no problem to add it.
Its host is:

Serveradmins, feel free to add your server anytime by adding this line to your server-configs:

set public 1

Have Fun...] far to read @ Quadaver Homepage.

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