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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Q2 Olympics2004-07-25 14:44 | manu`
Apart from the Olympic Games held in Athens is planning Olympic Q2 Games. The disciplines will be like this:

Q2 Kick or Q2 Powerball,
Q2 Capture the Flag or Q2 Capture the Team
and the famous
Q2 Catch the Chicken.

According to this project we need some nice server admins that can provide server with above mentioned mods. Even 'Olympic Referees' are needed.

So stay tuned and feel free to comment on these plans.
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Another team update2004-07-24 09:22 | manu`
SEBbull joined the crew. He mainly will keep the servers up to date and cares about all the movie projects flying through the scene.

With all in all three new teammembers @ we stop looking further for any new but we may venture an opinion to invite one or two specialist to our team.

so long

Plus another column got added just because I can
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G4 part 22004-07-24 07:00 | manu`
The second part of G4's Doom3 Movie including a iD history was released. 19 amazing minutes of the upcoming 1st person shooter can be watched.

Movie without iD History
Complete movie
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Its begun!2004-07-21 12:39 | Miko18
Look mummy....Look what I made ^^

erm, columns :)
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New crew members!2004-07-20 14:35 | manu`
Yes, Mr. Clanbase-Shoutcast himself joined our team and will support us with any Q2 related stuff he'll discover.

Welcome Mj !

Few minutes ago majtan joined us, too. He also will support us with Q2 material.

Welcome majtan !
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DOOM3 Theme2004-07-19 04:00 | manu`
Many news and rumors around DOOM3 are flying through the internet. Most of u heard nearly everything about the upcoming game revolution. But this one might be interesting even if u are not looking forward to this game.

The Band 'Tool' and iD Software worked out the DOOM3 Theme.

Download DOOM3 Theme

Few days ago G4 interviewed some iD Software employes and made a video of it where some nice new scenes are shown - e.g. the BFG :).

Download Video
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Searching for staff members2004-07-11 18:06 | manu`
Due to the lack of activity of most assistants and news-writers i am searching for one or two highly motivated people to help keeping this site alive. If u are interested contact me via pm or @ qnet on #q2scene.

But you should consider it right because i do not need more people who introduced themselves one time and then have never been seen again.

Which leads me to the next point: due to the reason mentioned above i kicked some guys out of the team. I don't want to call them by name here but they will recognize if they would ever come back here.
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PFF 2 - new mirrors online2004-07-11 15:40 | manu`
Just little news for this evening:

New mirrors added for the consecutive 'movie series'. So all of u who haven't watched it yet click it!

mirrors @
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euroq2l wants u!2004-07-08 15:52 | manu`
The euroq2l team is urgently in the need of specadmins for the upcoming season!
So ur jobs are pretty easy. Just watch the game, write report, collect screenshots and demos and be familar with the rules. If u think u would be the right one for that feel free to contact us or leave a little info in the comments.
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ArenA Lan Review2004-07-07 04:05 | manu`
Ok, here we go...

The Lan started on 3rd July with the premiere of 'Polish Frag Festival II'. Many clans, mainly Polish clans, gathered there to play some nice games and of course to compete in the tournament - the 4on4 TDM.

After watching the PFF II the players were in good shape to let the fragging begin. So the group games started. Here are the pools:

Group A: sYnth, ArenA, mtq, LoT, Hanan Team
Group B: 3M, aK, Gdansk Team, nB, Ober Team

Due to similar clanbase rules the first clan of each group managed to reach the semi finale directly. The 2nd and 3rd clan of each group had to play 1/4 finale games.

sYnth and 3M advanced to semi finale directly and so the 1/4 were:
ArenA vs nB -> ArenA won
aK vs mtq -> aK won.

So we go on to the semi finale.
aK got raped by sYnth and after three thrilling maps 3M wins from ArenA.

Bronze finale: aK vs ArenA
Grand finale: sYnth vs 3M

Congratulations to aK who took the bronze medal away after beating ArenA in a nice and close two-mapper.
Also congrats to sYnth who were able to beat 3M who took the 2nd place. The undisputed winner of ArenA Lan, they did not loose any single map and deserved to win: sYnth

THX to ArenA who managed this nice Lan and hopefully even more than this one in the future.

Demos: of course on Demosquad
Pictures can be found here.
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