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avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 3, 14.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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EDL started2004-09-14 14:20 | manu`
Few days ago one of the main events of the new and young season started - the EDL. The first matches were already played and the demos are online.

For more information check the website or the IRC channel.

EDL Website
#edl @ IRC
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New q2movies2004-09-04 01:51 | SEBbull
Anxious To Be The Best

Author: ch0se
Video: wmv v9
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 257 MB
Length: 12:57

"Lithuanians also can play quake2 -> Some nice frags, fast action & good accuracy..."




WTF is AQ2?

Author: Nikita "Meister" Scharow
Video: DivX
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 83 MB
Length: 4:20

"This movie is about an oldschool mod - Action Quake 2, showing the incredible speed of the gameplay, crazy trickjumps and niZe frags..."

pm on own-age



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Q2 Olympics2004-09-02 13:16 | manu`
Just a reminder, the Q2 Olympics will be played. Few teams already signed up.
Soon Claymore will be back and hopefully update the Website (Sign ups, Score tables, etc.)

Mods will be:
Q2CTF, Q2BBall/Q2Kick (depends on the server), Q2DDay and Q2 Catch the Chicken!

One urgent note to all serveradmins:
We still need some server support in the mods listed above. If u can help us contact me or SEBbull via email or pm - or at IRC.

So long, get ur teams ready. If u are impatient and do not want to wait till the website is updated, feel free to mail or pm me ur team (captain and members for each mod!)

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Sign ups opened2004-08-22 14:51 | manu`
Here we go again...

Sign ups opened for the Clanbase Cups and for the upcoming NDML season. So go on move ur ass!

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EDL needs admins & My vacation2004-08-16 15:47 | Claymore
As u see in title, EDL crew needs ppl to help with league, if u think that u are right person add some comment on edl web or contact with kicia or Lucas.

Second thing is that I gonna be on vacation for 3 weeks (since coming friday) almost without access to i-net ... I'm preety busy allready but if someone have something important, its about time to ask ...

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New quake2 channel2004-08-16 09:24 | zloy
Attention all you lucky active players!
A few enthusiasts made a new channel, which has a bit sence in it. Have you got lonely on a server? Noone to play with? Tired of railing noobies? :) Then join #q2-Gamers @ Quakenet. You can always search players for a pickup, search pcw's, or find people, who will play your favorite mod.
Btw, don't forget to join q2scene's irc channel :) - #q2scene @ Quakenet. You are always welcome :)
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EDL second edition2004-08-15 15:06 | Claymore
Yeah thats right, EDL II gonna start soon ... Signups are just open. More info should appear on EDL web soon so stay tuned and have fun playin/watchin that competitions.
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Q2 Olympics Update2004-08-02 15:31 | manu`
Soon the Q2 Olympics will start sign up.
So here the information you will need to build up a team.

Every Country that is willing to participate should build up one team for all the competitions. Sure you are allowed to take more than only 5 people on board so you would be well equipped for each competition.

The so far known competitions are like this:
Catch the Chicken, Capture the Flag, Q2 Basketball.

The RA2 item will be suspended from this season because the poll did not gave an exact answer of your opinions concerning its addition to the pool (after one week the results were even!) But perhaps we will add Q2DDay if the poll would be more productively.

While we do not have the website update for Q2 Olympics feel free to sign up your national teams via pm or email to me or SEBbull. So you can practise from now on :P.

Shortly all the necessary server information will be given by SEBbull.

That's all for now... so go on and carry the 'Olympic Fire' to your country!
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New q2movie2004-08-02 11:40 | SEBbull
banshee second move

Author: banshee
Video: Codec XviD MPEG-4 Codec
Audio: Codec MPEG Layer-3; 112 kBit/s, 48 000 Hz, stereo
Resolution: 640x480
Size: 172.8 MB
Length: 10:38
FPS: 30

It is second banshee's mov(i)e :)))

DemoPlay 2.4
VideoMach 2.7.2
virtual dub 1.5.10
xvid codec

#ath @ quakenet

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More q2 sites2004-08-01 08:56 | Miko18
This site was recently brought to my attention by enevelope, check it out its another q2 site very nicely done with demos/news and active forums so go have a read and sign up to it :)
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