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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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TESLA2011-07-01 16:50 | SEBbull
The Edge #2 is long time over, so are the NDML #9 and EDL #9. There are only 2(3? 3rd place match?) games left to be played in the EUROQ2L #15. It sure looks like, the competitive part of the scene is going to follow its typical schedule with the summer break. The process nearly as old as the game itself - as the spring season finishes, the playerbase shrinks immensely until the fall season launches its tournaments. Yes, that would be the case this year as well, if it weren't for newash and his never-ending ideas on how to revive the game we all love.

The new project of newash's - TESLA, The Endless Supreme Ladder is supposed to be the kind of tournament Quake 2 really needs - a never-ending tournament, which runs extremely smooth, as it's competition oriented. Just as TESLA's motto goes- no scheduling, no deadlines, no walkovers, no screens, no demos, no pressure. Just pure games, pure competition.

As the name implies, Newash figured the best way to run a tournament like this is in the form of a ladder. In ladder tournaments, you can usually play however many games you wish during the week. That is also true with TESLA. You feel like playing a game during the week? That's alright, you play a TESLA game. You feel like playing 50 games in a row? That's alright, you play 50 TESLA games. Or maybe you don't feel like playing, at all? That's alright, no admin will bother you.

Yet, TESLA is not your ordinary Quake 2 ladder. It is somewhat divided into two parts, as you earn points of two kinds - normal (ranking) points, which determine your position in the ladder and Grand Prix points. GP points are calculated from different formula and are meant to determine the winner of the 10 week period of the tournament, called Grand Prix.

What's even more interesting, is the mappool. There is no hard set mappool of any sort! The map for each week of the competition is determined by the's pool results. That means, every participant can cast his/her vote and hopefully see their favourite map featured in the upcoming week. From what I've gathered, newash may include non-typical maps to the pool options as well, so the tournament may become testground for new duel maps, if that's the players' will.

Although TESLA tournament itself, and its master server is based in Poland, newash is proud to announce that the tournament is open for anyone with a NoFake account and the tournament's main language is, in fact, english.

If you want to know more about the tournament, or check the formulas of how the points are calculated, be sure to head to the rules section, here. Or visit TESLA's irc channel at #TESLA.q2 (@ quakenet). If you know everything you want to know, login onto your account and leave a comment with your nick, here. Map voting for the first week of the tournament starts on Sunday, the 3rd of June, with the ladder beginning on Friday, 8th of June. Please do take note, however, that you can join the ladder any moment you want, even after its official start.

You better buckle up and get ready to play a game or two!

The Endless Supreme Ladder TESLA:
:: IRC: #TESLA.q2 (@ quakenet)
:: TESLA master server: TESLA @
:: Admin: newash
:: Form of the tournament: ladder (tl 10, bo3)
:: Mappool: the map for each week is determined in a pool on the website
:: Detailed rules: Click!
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Wireplay changing ip2011-06-19 10:26 | *rl*
Since the cucumber season is in full swing (maybe except euroq2l...), I just want to inform you, that wireplay jump server have new ip. Yuuuupii. And if you have any questions, you can find Neur0 @ #q2jump.

Official q2jump (former Wireplay) -

I know that summer > Quake 2, but if you find some free time between drinking vodka with hot chicks and sunbathing on the beach you can always play some Quake 2!
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Aone triumphing in edge #22011-05-14 05:04 | *rl*
In the grand final Aone was facing maq once again (WB Final - 3:2). And in terms of total frags (and final score), it was almost a copy of that WB Final.

Aone [3:2] maq

note: maq had to win 2 x bo5 since he was coming from a LB.

:: Final standing ::

1. Aone
2. maq
3. warrior


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NDML #9 Sweden wins a thriller2011-05-05 08:13 | *rl*
When Poland meets Sweden in a final of ndml or any other league, we can be 100% sure it's going to be epic. This final wasn't any different.

After 4 maps, the score was 2-2, and the last map was q2dm3. A few mins before the end, Poland was leading by ~5-10 frags, but Sweden were railing pretty good, and that gave them a solid lead, around 15frags just 2 mins before the end. And suddenly - total lockdown and whole swedish team was forced to hide. Polish team had everything, and all they needed to do was just find the opponents. And they did that, but unfortunately (for polish team) it was a bit too late. Although Cleaner? who found all 4 swedes hiding at rocket launcher could win this game for polish team, but he wasn't able to kill them all.

Poland (q2dm2, q2dm7)[2:3] Sweden (q2next1, q2dm1, q2dm3)

-= DEMOS =-

WP Sweden. Congrats!
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EDL #9 Final: d4v1D vs PURRI2011-04-05 07:33 | *rl*
Both players had pretty easy brackets. d4v1D lost only one map against Assasin in the semifinal while PURRI is still unbeatable, since he won all his games 3-0. I think there is no clear favourite in this match.d4v1D has a very strong rail and PURRI is PURRI so this is probably going to be a nice and tight game (hopefully 5-mapper).

:: Date: 2011-04-10
:: Time: 20:00 CET
:: Gtvs:;
:: Streams: {)-(}



PURRI beat d4v1D in the grand final of EDL. First 2 maps went to the swede pretty clearly. And when people thought the 3rd map will be just a formality, d4v1D made an impressive comeback and win the next two maps with some nice railing on rdm2. 5th map was ztn2dm2, PURRI was controling the map for almost 10mins, and d4v1D had his chance to comeback at the end, but unfortunetly for him it was too late.

(q2dm3, q2duel5, ztn2dm2)PURRI [3:2] d4v1D (q2rdm2, ptrip)

Congrats to PURRI for winning edl gold for the fourth time, and congrats to d4v1D for almost winning the league in his debut in EDL
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LS's Epic Fail Compilation2011-04-02 06:08 | SEBbull
Remember old LamerKatz productions? The LamerKatz Chronicles? Or the "and now for something completely different" part of the first PFF, or that part of the KTA movie? It's been ages since we saw a movie like these- with a different approach to the dm actions. If you're one of those those who have doubted we will ever see such a movie again, I have great news. The Polish LamazStudio's decided to pick up where others left off.

That's right. LamazStudio, first founded for the sole purpose of creating fragmovies for the polish leagues centre, has decided to revive the long-forgotten art of Quake2 comedies with their Epic Fail Compilation. EFC is a over-7-minute-long movie full of funny actions and situations and players' mistakes that can be called epic fails. It's also worth noting that this is the first LS's movie in High Definition, making "the beauty of the raining gibs truly remarkable...".

If you're ready for some funny stuff, be sure to head to demosquad to download the movie, or stream it on youtube.

:: Darus and THP

LamazStudio's Epic Fail Compilation:
:: 1280x720x12, 50FPS, x264
:: 318 mb
:: 7minut 43sek
:: Epic Fail Compilation on demosquad
:: Epic Fail Compilation on youtube
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Huge q2jump mappack2011-03-29 07:43 | *rl*
Some people were asking me where they can download a full mappack (for jumpmod) and I was like "no idea", and since I have quite A LOT of maps on my hard disk, I thought I can help with this. I just noticed that Neur0 has just updated the download section @, but that mappack weight only ~200MB. My mappack weight ~320MB and includes 2,635! maps.





As for today we have 8 jumpmod servers:

* Crikey! OGN Jump -
* -
* Fuster's Quake II Jump -
* Kubus: JumpMod -
* Jump -
* -
* VTR | E-Sports -
* Wireplay UK Q2Jump -

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The Dredge: GotW #11, BftP #22011-03-27 10:33 | SEBbull
A week has passed since the last news about the Welkin's alter-ego- Judge Dredge, or Reverend Dredge, but that doesn't mean he wasn't working. He published two fine pieces of writing, which in case you haven't already, I strongly recommend you to read.

The Game of the Week #11, as usual, covers all the interesting facts from the duel leagues from the past week. After the brief summary of the Quake 2 playground, Welkin goes on to pick two most interesting games and provides us with his insight on both.

In the Blast from the Past #2, Welkin takes the role of mysterious traveler wandering through the Quake 2 wasteland. You can imagine him telling 'Gather close that you might hearken the story of the past. The story of the great battle for the third place in Simple. The battle between...'

If you appreciate Welkin's effort and you run a demos-archive, or you are an active duel player, be sure to check the Wanted section on his blog. Welkin's looking for a number of demos from recent competitions for a mysterious project(!). If you happen to have the missing demos, find a way to contact him. I'm sure your help won't go unnoticed.

On a final note, if you want to be on top of the Dredge updates, you might consider subscribing to the Dredge's RSS feed, right here.

The Dredge update:
:: Game of the Week #11 (March 23, 2011)
:: Blast from the Past #2 (March 21, 2011)
:: Wanted demos
:: The Dredge RSS feeds

Random note:
If you are running a league, writing a new mod or just have any other random information, you'd like to share with the community, feel free to contact the scene crew (checking their activity beforehand; hint: last login), preferably with already written post. Just so the site doesn't lag behind and is actually the news aggregator for the scene. Or maybe you want to write for the scene website yourself? If so, contact Kolt and convience him you are good enough!
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The Dredge: GotW #102011-03-20 08:58 | SEBbull
In case you haven't noticed yet, or you just don't follow every single Quake 2 related site (we don't blame you, the scene is scattered all over the Internet), here's a heads up- Welkin updated the Dredge blog with another Game of the Week article.

"Week #10 was probably the busiest week we've had in quite a while, and as you might imagine, that means shitloads of demos for me to go through. A few of them even called for some reruns - because they were just that good!"

What games is Judge Dredge talking about? What ratings has he given them? That, you have to find out by yourself.


On a totally unrelated note, you might have noticed - there's a new poll on the right-hand bar. We would really appreciate if you took a second and cast your vote for what's closest to your opinion. Thank you!
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FB, AprQ2, the Dredge & UniCTF2011-03-18 08:53 | SEBbull
What makes a game community great is not only the number of players and/or leagues running. It is the people who are passionate enough to invest their spare time into a project dedicated for other players' enjoyment. Luckily, our ever-shrinking community still have a few such people.

To take advantage of the growing community of Facebook, sofiene has decided to create a FB magazine dedicated solely for the the latest news from the world. If you are one of those FB freaks who spend all their free time there, rather than on quakenet, be sure to check it out and hit the LIKE button for your daily scene updates. BTW Facebook, if you haven't already, be sure to join the q2scene group, which has been around for quite some time now, and can be found here.

If you are one of those Linux or MacOS users, who love Quake2, but were discouraged by the lack of good client on those platforms, I have some good news. Jay Dolan, seeing the latest AprQ2 out-of-date and the project itself got abandoned by original creator, took over the existing code! He has since made some fixes, implemented the updated R1Q2 Protocol 35 and polished the code, so that Mac and Linux users can have a decent platform- a stable, feature-rich client to play on. If you are interestes, be sure to head to the project site to grab the files and learn more.

It's always good to see retired players coming back to the game. Be it to actively play, to simply observe, or to create something community has never seen before. Peter Lindström, alias Welkin comes back with his world's only quake2 blog - the Dredge. On the blog, Welkin, under the name of Judge Dredd, I mean, Judge Dredge is going to review and express his opinion on his favourite games, both the contemporary ones (the Game of the Week) and almost ancient now (Blast from the Past). Be sure to read what he has written by now, here.

Remember the UniCTF idea, Newash had not so long ago? The mod to combine what's best from both (T)DM and CTF? No? In short words, capturing the flags on doubled dm maps without the ever-hated-in-dm-scene grapple. For more information check the forums, or take a glance on the project's polish website (the Mapy section to get an idea about the maps and the downloads), or visit the #unictf channel on quakenet. Now that you are familiar with the concept, you might want to know that Harven incorporated the UniCTF into his TDM mod. AFAIK, the UniCTF itself is still in the beta phase, so in order to test it out in real game situations, urbasek set up two servers on his Germany-located planetquake platform with the UniCTF mod.

What's more, urbasek with the help of goat and stasiek decided to organize a UniCTF league for all the clans (not only the polish ones!) who are interested in playing the UniCTF beta for fun and in the meantime finding the bugs in a organized-games manner. The rules are yet to be written, but the most crucial information can be found on the end of the newsitem. The website is the part of the same database as plq2, and can be found here.

q2scene on Facebook:
:: q2scene group: CLICK
:: q2scene magazine: CLICK

Updated AprQ2, working on Linux and MacOS:
:: Author: Jay Dolan
:: URL:
:: Tastyspleen's thread: CLICK

The Dredge:
:: Author: Welkin
:: URL:

:: UniCTF idea: Newash
:: UniCTF website: CLICK
:: UniCTF forums thread: CLICK

UniCTF Cup:
:: Cup URL:
:: IRC: #unictf (@ quakenet)
:: Admins: urbasek, goat, stasiek
:: Signups deadline: 20th(?) March, CLICK
:: Rules: clans of minimum 5 players, maximum 10; tl 20, weapon stay 1, tp 4, powerups 1, bfg 1; 4v4; q2uctf1-q2uctf9 and lfctf10
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