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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Edge #4 & ADL #12013-01-08 15:04 | Welkin
As the first half of the 2012/2013 dueling season is almost over with its EDL and what not, it's time to announce what we'll be bringing to the table for the second half! Brace thyselves!

The Edge League #4
IRC: #edge.q2
Head Admin: claire
Signups deadline: Jan 27, 24.00 CET

Advanced Duel League #1
Head Admin: K1RU
Signups deadline: Jan 27, 24.00 CET

Get your game on!
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LMCTF Revival ! 2012-12-13 09:32 | sofiene
While checking the q2scene's forum, i noticed a post about the old Q2 Lokis Minions Capture the Flag, that mod is still alive and kicking !!!!

here is a short msg from -[420]seedless :

"For the past year or so, we've been going through a little revival of sorts. We have weekly organized LMCTF games every Tuesday night at 10pm EST.

We also have an organized draft-style Thursday night league (Season 4 set to start first week in February) for those wanting something more competitive than our pickup games on Tuesday night"

If anyone is interested in finding out more, here are some useful links: (all things LMCTF) -- our league website -- wiki page
IRC Channel: AccessIRC.Net #lmctf

We also have our own Facebook group -- if you're interested, please request to join:

Servers :

US Servers:[Erebus][Nyx (match)][Cerberus LM-DM]

SE Servers:[Azzkickers][ WHOREZONE 2012][Bontes LMCTF]

If you'd like to get on my email list and/or find out more about LMCTF, shoot me an email (

Hope to see some new targets....errr new faces
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Quake 2 15TH Birthday event !2012-12-07 12:07 | sofiene
Today, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our beloved game Quake 2 and ID software is preparing an event which, all we know about is, some games in a server hosted by them.

More infos can be found in

it will be played in Tastyspleen's 500 server :

Let's celebrate the Anniversary of the best game ever made, the awesome, the impressive and the most fun game you can ever play, it is Quake 2 !!!!
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The Debut of Virtuosos2012-10-28 10:52 | Welkin
I'm happy to announce a new series of competitions. Virtuosos is a one-map tournament/cup that will debut on Saturday November 3.

It's open to everybody and all the information is to found at

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Chilean Duel League #12012-10-11 00:07 | sofiene
After some European and North American tournaments, its time for south American players to have their own league and it is called Chilean Duel League.

The Chilean Duel League is a Duel tournament designed for south American players to compete for the title of the best south American dueler ! but of-course, players from around the world are also welcome to join in.

Signs Ups deadline: Monday, October 22th, 24.00 CLST
Rules : Here
List of the Chilean servers : Here

Note that the map-pool will be decided by the players and that the site is in Spanish

for further infos and updates, check out the site :
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New Demo Website2012-10-03 15:34 | Welkin
A new demo uploading/downloading website has been presented by the EDL Crew, made by claire. Huge thanks for his contribution!

He wrote this about it on the EDL site:

"In case you haven’t heard yet, we’re using a different demo site this season:

There are two main reasons for this: to keep demosquad nice and tidy and to make life easier for everyone involved.

How it works: Play your matches and report the wins/losses. When an admin enters the data on the q2scene page for the match they’ll import the data to the demo site too. At that point you’ll receive an email containing a URL that links to a page to upload the demos. The page is unique to you and your match and will allow you to upload demos for all the maps on a single form. No data to enter; just pick the 2-3 files and hit the upload button.

This site was written from scratch to match our needs and on a rather rushed timeline, so please be patient while we put the finishing touches on it. I’m sure some bugs will creep up but we’ll fix them as soon as we can."
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Euroq2l #17 - Opening 2012-09-07 20:42 | sofiene

The 17th season of the European Quake 2 League signs-up are open,feel free to compete in the biggest TDM tournament !

signs-up Deadline: 28 september

more informations :

All kind of skills are welcome,if you need any questions feel free to ask in the comments section or in irc #euroq2l @QuakeNet

Good luck & Have Fun !
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R.I.P [*]zyclop2012-09-06 11:47 | *rl*
I have a pretty bad news for you guys. A few days ago, zyclop has passed away. Not many people knew him, but he was a decent player and a cool guy irl. According to Rails/cboy he had some breathing problems... (more info ltr).

Rest in peace :(
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EDL #11 Launched2012-09-04 15:38 | Welkin
A new Q2 year is approaching - the 2012/2013 season! We welcome this by launching the sign ups phase for EDL #11!

Sign ups deadline: Wednesday, September 26th, 24.00 CET

Read more about the 11th season here:

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David wins EDL#102012-06-16 04:16 | *rl*
A few days ago, The Grand Final of 10th season of European Duel League took place. The main actors of this show were: David (lost only 1 map during the groupstage!) and PURRI (no need to introduce).

Both these players have already met in the WB Final, andDavid managed to beat PURRI (3:2) and forced him to play in the LB final, which wasn't an easy game for him. In the Grand Final, David took an early lead by winning first 2 maps, but then PURRI started to showing his best, and after 4 maps the score was 2-2. But it wasn't enough, last two maps went to David pretty easily (since it was bo7), and David is a new champion of EDL!

David [4:2] PURRI

Congratulations to David.

Here you have demos (David's pov) and David's Camera Recording

:: VOD's: part 1 / part 2 / part 3.
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