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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Euroq2l X started2008-09-15 05:34 | *rl*
Hello and welcome after long summer break, and I would like to inform you that Euroq2l X has began. This year we have two groups in DIV1 (DIV1 A, DIV1 B) and four groups in DIV2 (DIV2 A, DIV2 B, DIV2 C, DIV2 D). Also this year rules have been changed a little bit, so I advise you to read it. I think that's it.

Good luck and have fun
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Quake2 Quick Installer2008-09-13 05:17 | Gravgon
The Q2 community badly needed it... CAREEM made it!

Quake 2 now has its very own "quick installer". It's simple and quick, you just run it and you've got yourself a fully set up Q2 ready for online play.

> Quake2 Quick Installer @ forum

Make sure to check this post on the forum because CAREEM keep it updated often. There is no more excuses for your friends to not get started with Quake2 now! Just redirect them to that page and let them enjoy their first assrape on Q2 servers!
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Demosquad2008-09-12 08:09 | kolt
As some of you probably noticed we have quite huge problem with demosquad now. Manu's server is down and wont be up anymore so we are looking for new server for demos. If anyone would like to help us send me pm or write it here. Thanks.
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Euroq2l-10 signups open!2008-08-21 12:14 | Foen
It is again that time of a year when it is time to change beach to Quake2 and sun to your monitor light, because Euroq2l is here with its 10th edition. wision is leading the way again and he opened the signups yesterday evening. You have two weeks to gather your team and join the league. Signups will be closed on 5th September. League format is still a bit unknown, since it is impossible to know how many clans will signup so it will be decided later, but basic rules will remain same, which you can find here

If you are about to sign an old clan (already registered to Euroq2l) you can do it here, but if you have newly formed clan you must talk to league admins, who will add you to the league manually.

With these words we are welcoming all the clans who are willing to participate with enough interest to finish the league properly, so let the signups begin! Good luck to everyone and have fun!
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JUMP #3 is over!2008-06-21 13:18 | Gravgon
The third instalment of APKIS's jump tourney (where allegedly -and it's always good to remind it- the nicest jump wins) has come to an end.

Apparently it ran very smoothly and it even featured a big upset with Zuen not making it to the final.

The final ranking:

- 1. nasty
- 2. APKIS
- 3. Goblin

Congratulations to nasty for winning it for the second time in a row!
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Dreamhack results2008-06-17 09:10 | Gravgon
Dreamhack is over and eventually a Q2 tournament took place. There were supposed to be 8 participants but only 5 people showed up: claw, Pogo, PURRI, sorax, Spam.

They all played in one group and here are the results.


- PURRI [2:0] sorax
- Pogo [2:1] claw

Bronze Final:

- sorax [2:1] claw


- PURRI [3:0] Pogo (q2rdm2, q2dm3, q2dm1)

Final ranking:

2. Pogo
3. sorax
4. claw
5. Spam

There was a GTV for the final thanks to mg and wision and a very nice shoutcast was done by 2GD and sorax.
Congrats to PURRI for winning it and a big thanks to all of the 5 players for representing Q2 at Dreamhack!
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BDL ready to start2008-06-11 02:30 | Gravgon
CAREEM Schofield has managed to break out of jail and is now back and ready to run his Balkan Duel League.

For the players willing to participate and those who had already signed up, pay attention to his statement:

Now we can start the league soon as possible.
The players, who already signed and still want to participate in the league, leave a message that you're still up for this. All signed player who won't let know about their condition by the deadline of signups, will be erased from the signup list.

Good luck to all participant! Here at we will keep an eye close on this league to bring you some coverage of course.
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Pickup Channel!2008-05-21 13:13 | Gravgon
The poll results clearly showed that you wanted a pickup bot so there he is! Thanks to the nice work of snask, you can now greet [PickUp] in #euroq2l.

cure was also very kind to provide his server for the pickups. So as for now, all games will be played there.

The bot can be set in 2 different modes: either it randomly makes the teams, or it decides 2 captains who have to pick the players in their team turn by turn (the nickname with the asterisk [*] picks first). The admins will decide which mode is best suited.

Bot Commands

!help: Description of all the commands
!add: Add yourself to the pickup
!rem: Remove yourself from the pickup
!signed: See who else is signed for the pickup

Note: those commands have to be used on the channel (not in the query window with the bot)

See you in #euroq2l for some pickup fun!
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Pickup Channel?2008-05-19 13:35 | Gravgon
A poll has been started on the EuroQ2L website to know your opinion about a Pickup Channel.

Such channels have been created in the past with different levels of success. It helps people who want to play Q2 TDM games to find other players who also want to play.

Make sure to vote on the poll!
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Local Leagues BRDL and PTDL2008-05-18 15:57 | Gravgon
The regular season of Q2 has ended with EuroQ2L, NDML and EDL being over but for those of you who wants to keep their Q2 entertainment up, you can check out the 2 "local" leagues.

BRDL aka "The Best Player 5" have just started and you will soon find the first results of the first matches.
> BRDL Website

PTDL is also a duel league. This one is destined to Portuguese players and it's already started a week ago.
> PTDL Website
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