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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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BDL #2 Signups2008-09-29 09:03 | *rl*
The headadmin of BDL, CAREEM, has opened sign ups for 2nd edition of Balkan Duel League and following information has been released by him. "It is a-1-on-1 tournament for all of quakers who live in following countries:

Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Turkey (Istanbul), Macedonia, Albania, Croatia and Slovenia.

If you live in one of them and you want to sign up, you can do it here. For more information you can visit BDL website or join #edc.q2 @
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Future is here!2008-09-28 08:58 | kabysdoh
Do you enjoy spectating euroq2l games? Of course you do! Is that damn server full every single time there is a nice game going on? Tired of GTVs that are only up for a limited amount of games and only follow one player?

Now we have a solution for you!
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Polish news...2008-09-27 08:50 | *rl*
Because Polish Quake 2 scene was and still is the biggest I will give you some fresh informations about it...
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Searching for a game browser?2008-09-27 07:30 | *rl*
Since ASE has been officially shut down, including all of their tracking servers. I was trying to find some different game browser. And according to ESR, new version of GameScanner has been just realised. It works very good for me, and I hope you enjoy too.

Download GameScanner 1.22

:: EDIT ::

After some testing (GameScanner and Qtracker), I have to admint that Qtracter is much better then GameScanner, but that's only my opinion (and thugge's :D). So I put a download link to Qtracked below.

Download Qtracker
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To freeze or not to freeze?2008-09-26 07:34 | kabysdoh
I guess that you all heard about OpenTDM mod. It has many interesting features, and the thing i want to tell about is teleport mode 'nofreeze'.

I found that much players are bored to stay sec or so on the teleports outrance. It can be fixed with OpenTDM! Just type 'vote telemode nofreeze' and try.

Admins of EDL will allow this value as default if players will show they want to. That's why i have created THIS topic. We need your vote and opinion!
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PLQ2 X First matches2008-09-24 16:53 | *rl*
As you all probably know, PLQ2 X has just began. We already have couple very interesting matches to watch, for example:

M-c vs t0k

For more information you can visit this website. You can join #plq2 @ aswell. Also two things which quite important for spectors:

GTV ::

PLQ2 Radio :: RADIO
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Quake2 at LanCraft 2009?2008-09-21 12:42 | Gravgon
LanCraft is a lan party that will be held in march 2009 in Rymarov.

The LAN will feature a Quake 1v1 tournament and Quake3 is already announced. The organisers are considering to add QW, Q2 and Q4 to the tournament.

When you think Czech, you think wision! The famous admin of EQ2L would like to know if there would be many Polish players who would attend such a LAN if they were to add a Q2 tournament (which, I remind you, would be 1v1).

Make sure to let wision know by posting in the comments of this news item!
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PLQ2 X Signups!2008-09-20 12:46 | *rl*
This will be a very special season. 10-th jubilee edition of this league, that is something you can't miss. This year we can watch great old clan aK, also we have many new, fresh clans which are hungry for success.

For more information you can visit this website (polish website).

When are groups gonna be published? I have no idea but I suppose it will be next week. danka and D4ru$, admins of PLQ2 probably know that...So stay tuned! Signups are already closed but if you want signup your team you can do it here.
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EuroQ2L X - First match!2008-09-16 12:05 | *rl*
How was your summer this year? If as good as mine that means AWESOME ;) Ok, but let's back to our fantastic game and Euroq2l X...

We already know who's gonna play first. It will be a finnish classic...

(2.0) [ 2 : 0 ] Wizards

Date: 17-IX-2008
Time: 19:30

GL and HF
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Q2 MSK LAN: Welcome to GTV!2008-09-15 05:58 | kabysdoh
The russian admin crew presents to you the next LAN tourney:
Q2 MSK LAN 2008.
The location is now: Moscow. Date: 20 september.

1500 km to the north and 800 km to the south.
Such players as optiMus, RPG, fpS, Mep3aBeu, aid will try their best in the challenge to take the championship.

The new tourney will include qualification, group stage and 2 divisions of playoff.

And we are also pround to invite you to see the matches live! 1st time in Quake2 history GTV will work on the lan event. The latest q2pro version will allow us to make MVD.

GTV ip: ( Check #gtv.q2 for more info.
Click on the logo to get to the site and check out groups, playoff tree, results, etc.

How do I use MVD GTV

GTV is planned to start working at 12 cet and go on showing matches untill the superfinal, and then it will show exhibition matches 4v4.

So everyone are welcome to gtv and our job is to show you awesome games!
hf //ru admin crew.
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