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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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2x2? has began !2008-10-28 03:21 | *rl*
After short preparation and choosing maplist, the most exciting league has began! We have eight, probably the best current pairs. You can see the pairs for the first round below.

Round 1:

[2ez] vs [CBR]
4fun vs tOk
3M vs CCCP
play> vs [*]

After some discussions, admins decided which maps are going to be played, and they have chosen: q2dm1 q2dm3, q2rdm1, ztn2dm3, match1.

Each the team eliminates 1 map before the match, and them picks 1 map from the rest. Hometeam starts elimination and pickes 1st. The deadline is: sunday, 2nd of november, 21 cet. Date and time of these matches: TBA so stay tuned.
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Bets on q2scene ?2008-10-24 18:07 | *rl*

Some people probably don't know about it, but there's a website called 'Typer PLQ2' in PLQ2, and I must say it's quite popular. It's not any new idea, but I miss it on q2scene, so maybe it would be cool to run it in Euroq2l or in EDL? What do you think about it?
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Instagib... Do you speak it?2008-10-22 15:41 | Gravgon
After positive opinions were received, NiDML Reloaded has been launched. This 4vs4 Insta league will be exactly like the old ClanBase iTDM cups.

Find out more about it on the NiDML website

:: Sign up here!
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2x2? Comes back2008-10-22 05:16 | kabysdoh
Hi and welcome to TDM!

After one year of inactivity, 2x2? league is coming back now. A new season will be invitational for 8 teams in double-eliminations brackets.

The new mappool, which supposed to be a new breath in 2x2, invited teams, which we found the best on moment, and, of course, results and other info are ever available on 2x2? homepage.

The challenge will start on 27th of october.
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Duels!2008-10-19 06:08 | kabysdoh
Yesterday, 18th of october, became a big day for all duelers from whole the Europe.

While RDL#4 signups was closed with 58 players in, we got another great league coming. Of course it's EDL#7!

Signups to EDL are opened from now untill 31st of october. Let's hope that this season will gather as much q2 players again, as there were 114 participants in the previous season.

Every player is welcome to take a part. You can also vote for the new map koldduel1 at the main EDL page.
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Interview with Damiah2008-10-15 09:00 | kabysdoh
CAREEM has made the interview with Damiah.

The interview was also posted on the world gaming page ESReality, so you can check it out here.

Read it to know what champion tells about himself, his most memorable matches, hobbies and much of other stuff that you would probably like to know.
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BDL Started!2008-10-09 04:39 | kabysdoh
The intrest for the 2nd season of BDL has been a bit low. There are only 18 Balkan participates and 6 participates from the other countries. Now signups are closed, and the groups / rounds are online. The admins, CAREEM and 5a5a have spent some hours trying to get rounds and 8 fairly equal groups.

Find the groups on the right side. First two from each group will advance. The league kicks off tomorrow (Friday 10th of October).
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RDL#4: signups!2008-10-08 02:42 | kabysdoh
October has come, and so came the time to start Russian Duel League #4!

All players who speak russian are welcome. We will also have 2 intives: Damiah and CAREEM.

No regular qualification groups will be used in favour of 'russian bear-powered system', which is 'lite' version of swiss chess system. Another new is that each player will get twice more points for any win vs Damiah!
After qualification there will be full-single playoffs different divisions.

Maplist is the same as EDL, but with koldduel1 instead match1. This way we hope that kold will make a final realise untill 20 october, when the league will start. The only note is that player can pick the same map just twice during qualification.

So if you speak russian and want to take a part in RDL, then just press SIGN UP and get your best shape in these 2 weeks left till the start. And of cause everyone are welcome to check out for games and results. hf.
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OKTOBERFEST 2008 - Damiah wins2008-10-06 09:36 | *rl*
Last sunday (0.5.X.2008) we could watch player's stuggle in BERNARD - Oktoberfest 2008 in following games: QuakeWorld, Quake 2, Quake 3, Quake 4 and Quake Live.

It was one-day tournament powered by Bernard, winner of each competition will receive a KEG OF BEER.

In the final of Quake 2, Damiah managed to beat PURRI.

Final Standing

1. Damiah
3. provi


Demos are available here.
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Jump Tournament #4 Signups2008-09-29 09:24 | *rl*
After previous edition of this tourney which was owned by nasty, I think this time it won't be that easy for him to win it. We have some new great jumpmod players. Even tho, I still miss some old masters like n00k!e or wootwoot but still, it's gonna be a very nice tournament. So if you would like to join, you can signup here. For more information, visit JUMP website or join #q2.jump @

:: Important Edit ::

Please people comment the newspost ONLY, if you have some problem or sugestion - just send me a priv. msg. THANK YOU!
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