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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Euroq2l Grand Final2008-12-16 09:42 | *rl*
After an exciting matches in the semfinals where play> was defeated by (2.0) and HBQ who manage to comeback after losing two first maps over Wizards, we now know whos gonna play in the Grand Final. Game is already scheduled for today, that is 16.XII.2008 at 22:15 CET

(2.0) vs HBQ

GTV ::
IRC :: #Euroq2l @ qnet
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NGL: PURRI WINS2008-12-14 15:04 | *rl*
One day, 16 players and only one winner, PURRI. That's a short description of this one-day tournament called National Gaming League. In the final, wision wasn't able to beat PURRI.

Final standing

2. wision
3. Sonic / ef aka fiz

:: Bracket
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Balkan 2vs2 League2008-12-13 04:02 | *rl*
A brand new Balkan 2vs2 League has just began. Who can join? As you can surmise, only people from Balkans. All questions you can refer to admins, Careem and Sasa. Signups suppose to start very soon so stay tuned.

IRC :: #balkan.q2 @ qnet
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Mirror's Edge released2008-12-10 18:16 | *rl*
Some weeks ago, a very interesting game called Mirror's edge was released. It's quite similar to jumpmod but it has much better quality and capabilities.

New baby of EA Sports is all about immersion and takes it to another level altogether. More than just "head cam" and certainly more than scripted user point-of-view cinematics, Mirror's Edge revolutionises the sense of movement and momentum in a character. With a perspective that incorporates peripheral vision and that never exits the body to facilitate a gameplay mechanic like using cover or to allow for complex movements like commando rolls and flying karate kicks, Mirror's Edge is the real deal when it comes to the immersive experience.

:: Mirror's Edge rewiev

:: Mirror's Edge rewiev

:: Screens/Videos
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EDL #7 Groups Announced2008-12-09 17:34 | *rl*
After a looong eliminations, we finally reached to group stage. There're four groups, 8 players each and half of them will advance to the double elimination playoff.

A: Damiah | ibogine | careem | pepek | jeo | cold[atc] | vint | MeP3aBeu

B: provi | Aone | patter | Jol | gerppa | Gip5y | rul | MoBy

C: zorre | CoVell | goat | vibez | turricane | | k1ra | DM

D: Assasin | raskal | optiMus | UMD | ivers | Foen | Vaselisa | piecia
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Eq2l quarter and semi finals2008-12-09 08:28 | *rl*
After yesterday's matches we almost know who's gonna play in the semifinals of Eq2l Div1.

(q2dm1/q2dm7/q2dm6) (2.0) [3:1] tOk (q2dm3)
(wo/wo/wo) Wizards [3:0] os
(q2dm1/q2dm5/q2dm3) HBQ [3:0] aK
(q2dm3/q2dm2/q2dm1) play> [3:0] cccp


(q2next1/q2dm2/q2dm6)HBQ [3:2] Wizards (q2dm1/q2dm3)
(q2dm1/q2dm2/q2dm1) (2.0) [3:1] play> (q2dm3)

In Div2 teams are fighting in 1/8 finals, but only one match left there.

(q2dm2)O [1:3] m. (q2dm3/q2dm7/q2dm2)
(q2next1/q2dm2/q2dm2) Rage [3:1] [IS] (q2dm1)
(wo/wo/wo) Solaris [3:0] cccp-2 <-- Read more
M-c [0:3] [H] (q2dm2/q2dm3/q2dm6)
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Jump #4 is over2008-11-17 06:18 | kabysdoh
On the 4th try, after 3 seasons when he failed, Zuen has got his 1st Gold in Quake2 JUMP. He managed to win just few points of the followers.

Here are the final TOP 3 standings:


You are welcome to find more info on the site of JUMP league. Stay tuned play jump.
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Interviews by Cheimera2008-11-15 13:58 | kabysdoh
What person would you like to know about? Chemeira, new EDL admin, decided, that the most interesting is to make interview with strong and smart players, which might be called 'new' for EDL.

They are Cleaner and optimizer. Why did they decide to take a part in a duel league while they are well known as tdm-only players? How do the tdm skills help them in duels? He asked them about that.

The last person in the interview is CoVell. He is not a newbie in duels, but he obviously is in his best shape this season. How did he managed to do that?

Are you interested? Then go and find the answers RIGHT HERE.
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OpenTDM News2008-11-14 14:43 | Gravgon
To make it easier for you when you want to make sure your server settings are set correctly, the dev team of OpenTDM have added configs specifically written for every major Q2 leagues:

You can use the command
vote webconfig <name of the config>

The available configs are:
- 2x2

This is one more useful feature added to this mod!
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EDL #7: Groups online2008-11-02 06:29 | *rl*
This season, from 107 singed players, admins of EDL decided to pick 8 of them directly into the group stage. Here they are:


Rest of the players have to fight in elimination groups.

Very short maplist, looks very interesting: q2dm1, q2dm3, ptrip, q2rdm2, q2duel5, ztn2dm3, aeroq2.

GL and HF

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