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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Happy New Year and GAME ON!2009-01-02 12:20 | Foen
First of all I want to welcome all quakers to the year 2009.

And what a promising start it has been for Quake2. Thuggee with some friends launched a channel for pickup games. Sure this is not a new thing but looks like it hit the right spot and games have been running pretty much all the time. Hopefully this will last longer than other similar efforts, and here are some facts about it.

Admins: Thuggee, wision, gerppa
Irc-channel: #quake2all
Rules you can find here
Server: Berling's OPENTDM #3 [Q2PRO] [#Quake2All Pickup server] -

If you feel like playing or have questions join #quake2all. Let’s keep this up and running like it has been during past few days!
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Jump Tournament by PLQ22008-12-29 16:26 | *rl*
Danka and D4ru$, admins of PLQ2 decided to run a one-day Jump Tournament.

Signups are already opened but...since this "tournament" was announced today, there's no 'sign up' button, and this tournament does not have a website but Danka and D4ru$ are working on it. So if you would like to join, just msg Danka @ #plq2 till 04.I.2009.

And what's the most important, this tournament is not only for poles so everyone can join!

More information later. Stay tuned.
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Q2pro configurator2008-12-29 05:55 | kabysdoh
Q2pro configurator was created few days ago. It contains the description of all commands for both client and server, and when you configure it right, you can save your settings to cfg by pressing the key.

The configurator can be found HERE.

Credits go to st!gmata (for the idea and support) and skuller (for the realisation).
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Muffzors waiting for opponent2008-12-27 14:30 | *rl*
In Div1 situation is clear after Grand Final, where (2.0) have won over HBQ. But in Div2 we still don't know who will be the champion.

Muffzors, who managed to eliminate both Lithuanian teams (O and IS) is now waiting for the second semifinal between Hunters and Solaris. Date of this match wasn't scheduled yet, but it should be played right after new year.
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Christmas Special by Gerdt2008-12-26 11:07 | Gravgon

We've had many different kind of content on this website over the years. We've had interviews, guides, columns, previews, reviews. But the one I'm introducing you to is something special. Maybe in another season, it wouldn't have made it to this website but it's Christmas so it's the perfect seaso to give Gerdt a chance.

Quite literally, this article is a collection of various honest opinions gathered by Gerdt about his fellow HBQ team mate arch. Maybe this can be seen as an homage or a tribute to his favourite bullying prey. After all it's Christmas and who knows what might be going through people's head and heart.

>> Read this interesting concept HERE
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Merry X-Mas!2008-12-24 08:47 | kabysdoh
May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.

Q2scene wish you lots of frags, joy and happiness.

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PLD Signups 2008-12-18 14:58 | *rl*
After a half-year break, Polska Liga Duelowa is back. Last season was dominated by players from tOk, in the Grand Final goat was just destroyed by Jol, who managed to win all six maps. So if you're polish, and you would like to join, you can do it here.

GL and HF
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Sounds on playground2008-12-18 04:55 | kabysdoh
As many players noticed, sounds on the server was bugged. SkulleR has found and resolved the problem when he got an access to the server. It was r1q2 server cmd sv_nc_visibilitycheck 2.

We asked SkulleR to explain the trouble:
This cmd reduces the area of PVS (potencially visible set) on the stage of a decision which entities updates to send to each the client.
The idea of sv_nc_visibilitycheck could be not so bad if not accociated sounds bug of q2, which excist since the born of q2.
The thing is that q2 network protocol provides sound optimiziation, e.g. co-ordinates of sound aren't sent, if the playes-source should be visible for player-reciever (in server opinion).
But in this case server uses original (unmodified) PVS, while when it actually sends co-ordinates - it uses reduced PVS by sv_nc_visibilitycheck.
So, server actually doesn't send new co-ordinates at all (neither in sound packet itself, nor as part of entity update), provided the player entity in question is still in PVS but not directly visible - and so, you hear the sound from that spot, where you saw the player last time.

This far all server admins, who use r1q2 server, should make sure, that they have sv_nc_visibilitycheck set to 0.

We have also added 3 ports on opentdm:, -5, -6.
Hopefully these changes will make playground a proper server for offical games.
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Euroq2l #10 (2.0) WINS2008-12-16 17:37 | *rl*
Tonight (16.XII.2008) we were witnesses of a really tight Euroq2l Grand Final between (2.0) and HBQ. Finnish team proved that they're the best this season.

(q2dm6/q2dm1/q2dm2) (2.0) [3:0] HBQ

Final Standing

1. (2.0)
2. HBQ
3. play> / Wizards

Demos are available here.
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2x2? WB and LB Finals2008-12-16 16:16 | *rl*
Finally, after quite a loong time, teams manage to play their matches. In the WB Final 2ez was defeated by 3M, and in the LB Final also 4fun was too strong for 2ez.

Grand Final

3M vs 4fun

Date of the Grand Final wasn't scheduled yet.

WB Final

(q2rdm1/q2dm3)3M [2:0] 2ez

LB Final

(q2dm1/q2rdm1)4fun [2:1] 2ez (ztn2dm3)
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