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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Demosquad fixed2009-03-02 03:56 | *rl*
After some problems with adding demos ("some database error"), Claymore finally manged to fix it, and demos can be approved now. So you can't say there's nothing to watch now.

Have fun watching them! Enjoy.
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New duel league launched!2009-02-18 22:02 | Foen
After BDL was canceled, because of lack of Balkan players, Careem launched another league under the BDL page. This one will be played every Sunday and sign ups are open during the weekdays and it is open for everybody.

It is at the moment in testing phase, so allowing the league develop to the right directions you can already join for the first edition. After the games, it will be appreciated for you to share your opinions with Careem, in order to make this league even better.

Signups are open and you only need to leave some sort of joining comment to the latest news on BDL site to earn your playing spot for the first round.

Info for the 1st round:
Player limit: 8
Map list: Q2dm1, Match1, Q2duel5, Ptrip, Q2rdm2
Signups: Open NOW!
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2x2? VII Signups2009-02-15 10:39 | *rl*
After really short break, another, 7th edition of 2x2? has began today. And one, very happy information for all 'demos-lovers'. In this edition, every demo from every match will be available.

Also, it won't be invitational, so every team can signup.

GL and HF
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2x2? 3M wins2009-02-01 18:10 | *rl*
After god knows how many weeks, these two teams finally managed to play Grand Final. As many of you predicted, this season of 2x2? was just dominated by 3M. They've won almost every game, losing only one map (vs CCCP) during whole season. I think it was well-deserved victory for polish team.

(match1/q2rdm1) 3M [2:0] 4fun

Demos :: Pov: Cleaner - match1 ; q2rdm1

Final Standing:

1. 3M
2. 4fun
3. 2ez
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Balkan Duel League #32009-01-29 02:04 | Foen
Balkan Duel League #3 signups have already been open for over a week and will be open few more days. But there are still plenty of room for people who are seeking to play official duels, if you are one of them don’t waste more time and press “sign up” button on BDL signup page. League is set to start on 1st February and the man behind all this is still careem.

P.S. few news down you can see updated info about 2x2?. Read it and you won't miss the Grand Final!
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Euroq2l-XI Started!2009-01-29 01:51 | Foen
Euroq2l was launched this Monday and few games have already been played. However those who missed the start can find groups from the front page and upcoming schedule is here. As you can see there is only one group in Div1 since few top teams couldn’t field a team for Euroq2l-XI. Also in Div2 there are two groups instead of previous four, though groups are now bigger and you only play once against each team in your group.

Euroq2l have also got some new blood, when they introduced Assasin, Myriato (a.k.a. Jou) and Berling as admins. Welcome!

I should also mention about the conversation to force more strict anti-cheat policy on q2servers. It will be seen what is going to happen with this matter, but you can read more and take part to the conversation on q2scene forum and on euroq2l news.
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2x2? Grand Final2009-01-14 09:46 | *rl*


Surprisingly quick teams scheduled the last match of the 6th edition of 2x2?.

3M vs 4fun

Date :: 1-2-2009
Time :: 20.00 CET
GTV ::;
IRC :: #2x2? @ qnet

GL and HF
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Interview with n00k!e2009-01-13 17:29 | *rl*
We haven't seen any iview here for a quite long time so here you go...

I tried to find some interesting person and I found one. It's a well known jumper n00k!e. Some people probably do not even know what jumpmod is. So here they have a chance to read an iview with real legend of this mod...

Interview with n00k!e

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Euroq2l XI signups open!2009-01-12 20:01 | Foen
The 10th edition of Euroq2l is one game away to be finished. Polish Hunters and Estonian muffzors are fighting for Div2 crown. The game is not yet scheduled, but hopefully they play it soon, because the new season is already knocking on your door.

Signups for Euroq2l XI are now open till 23rd January and the season is scheduled to begin 26th January. If you feel like your clan is active enough to join, read the instructions to join from Euroq2l news and enjoy the new season.

Admins also want to inform those who are willing to help Euroq2l crew, now it is your time to step up. Contact wision on #euroq2l or through q2scene messenger to discuse more about the subject.
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NDML #9 Signups2009-01-06 09:33 | *rl*
Over 8 months after previous season and here it is, 9th edition of Nations Deatmatch League.

In 8th edition 'golden trio' (SWE,POL,FIN) took 3 first places. Will Estonia, Lithuania or any other team manage to thwart their plans this season? We will find out soon...
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