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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Euroq2l #11: play> wins!2009-05-11 09:15 | *rl*
Last night 3M and play> met in the Grand Final of the European Quake 2 League.

Game was very tight but play> won three maps (q2dm2, q2dm1, q2dm3) in a row and Euroq2l has a new Champions!

3M [0:3] play>

:: Demos ::

POV: purri

Congratz play>!
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Tver LAN 2009: results2009-05-04 13:46 | kabysdoh
Another LAN tourney was played on the last weekend. As ussual, it has gathered all strongest players from Russia. They was challenging in duels and 2v2 to determine the best of the bests.

And so here are the results.

DUELS: This player was lifting up his results amazingly fast last season, and now he was good enough to do the flawess victory. He won the tourney without losing a single map.
1. K1RU (St.Petersburg)
2. pups (Smolensk)
3. aid (St.Petersburg)

2v2: These guys don't practice 2on2 too hard, but their aim was over any team co-ordination. So far the medals for 2v2 go to Moscow.
1. optiMus & ceLer (Moscow)
2. aid & slonik (St.Petersburg)
3. pups & Bas'ik (Smolensk)

The superfinal demo can be found at demosquad. If you wanna see the rest of demos, they can be found here: duel, teamplay.
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Euroq2l #11 FINAL: 3M vs play>2009-04-27 18:02 | *rl*
Finally, we reached to the Grand Final (Div1) of the European Q2 League. After two great semi finals, where v3 wasn't able beat play> (1:3), and 3M was too strong for Wizards (3:2).

Grand Final wasn't scheduled yet, but stay tuned.

3M vs play>

I think we can expect a great final this season!

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EDL #7: PURRI WINS!2009-04-26 15:36 | *rl*
Over 220 spectors on two gtvs, two shoutcasters (peewee_rota, dahang), scorebot and PURRI vs Damiah in the Grand Final of the 7th edition of European Duel League!

As we all expected, it was a great 5-mapper (purri picked aeroq2 & q2dm3, damiah picked q2rdm2 & ztn2dm3, last decided map was q2dm1).

PURRI [3:2] Damiah

:: Demos MVD ::

Final standing:

2. Damiah
3. Ibogine

Congratulations to PURRI! WD!

Iview with PURRI soon...
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GRAND FINAL: PURRI vs Damiah2009-04-22 05:42 | *rl*
PURRI and Damiah in the Grand Final, what a "surprise". However, in the LB Final last night Ibogine gave Damiah a hard time. After four maps, the score was tight (2-2), last map was ztn2dm3 but polish jumper wasn't able to win it.

Grand Final was already scheduled on 26.04.2009, 19:30cet.

PURRI [3:2] Damiah

GTV/RADIO/SCOREBOT should be also available!

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PLD Final: FIZ vs ASSASIN2009-03-24 12:54 | *rl*
Tonight we'll find out, who is the best dueller in Poland. In the Grand Final of Polska Liga Duelowa we will see FIZ, who defeated maq in WB Final (2:3). maq still had a chance in the LB Final but...Assasin was also too strong for him (1:3).

PLD Grand Final:

FIZ vs Assasin

Date: 24.03.2009
Time: 22.00cet

------ EDIT ------

Assasin had to win two bo5. First goes to Assasin, 3-2. Second, is an easy 3-0 for FIZ.

Final score: [5-3] for FIZ.

:: DEMOS ::


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Pre-match iview with purri2009-03-24 11:04 | *rl*
Big match tonight, almost whole q2scene is waiting for it. In the meanwhile, you can read an interesting interview with PURRI. He talked about his opponent, and his chances in this match...

Enjoy reading (PS. thx G.)

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EDL 7 WB Final Damiah vs purri2009-03-24 03:43 | *rl*
As you all probably know (or not), tonight we should see a great match between two q2 legends. Damiah and purri will meet in EDL #7 WB Final.

Date :: 24.03.2009
Time :: 22.00cet

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Polish demosquad2009-03-08 07:32 | *rl*
I've got some good information for you. 2 days ago, urbasek run a new service/website with demos ONLY. New Polish Demosquad will have quite the same layout, like our old, good demosquad.

But...every demo will be adding automatically. Most of them from PLQ2, but generally, all demos from can be found there. (PLQ2, PLQ2 Insta, PLD, Puchar

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RDL#4 finnished2009-03-07 15:39 | kabysdoh
RDL#4 finnished few days ago. It was long for 5 mounths, and the essentially new system was used for the qualificacion group stage. Players was challenging in 4 divisions to determine the place of every single participant of a league.

The top standings are as follows:

1. Damiah
3. aid

The full results can be found at the RDL PAGE.
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