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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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RDL#5 Opening GRANDFINAL2009-10-13 09:07 | kabysdoh
    The final of RDL#5 Opening Invitational wil be played tonight at 20 cet. 12 players was invited to participate in this show cup, and now only two of them left to fight for 5l of Pauliner donated by k1ra as a prize. Here're the guys:

     Blaizz vs optiMus

    Again, tonight at 20 cet. gtv available at, channel pg#2.
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Euro Lan Cup2009-10-09 14:35 | kabysdoh
    There have been couple of attempts to organize some international q2 lan but most of them failed. Aone is coming up with another attempt (hopefully successful). The lan would take place in Estonia, most likely Narva in a computer club, so you don't have to bother with taking your own computer if you live far far away from Estonia. Current plan is to have the lan at the place where are 20 computers (with a possibility for couple of players to bring their own computer/laptop).

    However if more people would like to participate, then he will try to get another club with more computers. The date is not set yet, but it will be most likely April/May 2010. Share your thought please!
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EDL #8 and 'Edge' Sign-ups2009-10-01 17:50 | *rl*
This is the moment we've been waiting for (or not) - EDL #8 Signups. Rules are exactly the same like the previous season. But since people want more maps, there probably will be some change in the maplist, but it's all up to admin/s wision and Co.

27 players signed up already. If you want to join them, you can do it HERE.

"Signups will be opened until 11th of October".


Second duel league which actually started almost at the same is The Edge Duel League. The main goal of this league is to find of who is the best q2dm1 dueler. Sounds wierd, but this might be a good idea, since we all know q2dm1 so well.

Signups will be open untill Friday 9 oktober 24.00 CET. So all jednomapowcy (in polish, which actaully means more or less "I play dm1 ONLY"), don't waste your time, and signup now, HERE.

If you have any questions, you can ask Gerdt (head admin) via messenger or IRC/ #edge.q2 @ qnet.

gl&hf !!!!!
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PLQ2 #11, groups online2009-09-28 10:15 | *rl*
Right after the biggest European Quake 2 League started, now it's time for the biggest Polish Quake 2 League.

This year there're two divisions, nine teams each. Also, people will have opportunity to watch all games on GTV and listen to the q2-radio (mostly in polish), so basically nothing changed, comparing to last season. If you have any quastions you can ask danka or D4Ru$ (head admins).

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Souls of Frags2009-09-28 09:48 | *rl*
I have no idea when this fragmovie was made. I was just 'randomly' surfing the web, and I found this it on Polish Demosquad. You can only watch it on youtube (no download link). Of course if you really want to donload it, you can use Vdownloader.

"Souls of Frags is a Quake2 - frag movie It features some of my frags on 'the Edge' in 2006."

Souls of Frags

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Bye bye own-age.com2009-09-27 13:33 | *rl*
This is not directly connected with Quake 2, but some movies/demos were uploaded there so I thought it might be an important information for you. is scheduled to go offline on 08-Oct-2009.

" was a place that gathered thousands of movies from various games (including Quake 2) and it's forums contained helpful movie-making information."

However, Sean "own-age" Kuehnel (site owner) said, he may keep the site up in a different form...So we have to wait a bit for a good (or bad) news from him...
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5th Jump Tournament2009-09-26 08:58 | *rl*
Looks like Quake 2 is waking up after summer break. Sign-ups for 5th Jump Tournament are now open. So don't waste your time, and sign up now! You can do it HERE.

If you have any questions, you can ask APKIS or _SK3L3T0R_, head admins, via messenger or IRC, #q2.jump @ qnet. Also: "the moneyprizes will be given to 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th places".

Prize Pool: 125euros
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Wanna win 25euros?2009-09-17 15:10 | *rl*

Since not much is going on on Quake 2 servers, leagues haven't started yet, _SK3L3T0R_ (aka draxi) made something special for all jumpers:

"The first person to complete draxi6 will be awarded 25 euros"

"The map will be uploaded on sunday september 20th 2009 at 14:00 hours GMT. (Wireplay UK Q2Jump -
The maximum number of clients will be increased and the map will run untill we have a winner."

If you need more info, you can ask draxi @ #q2.jump/qnet or check wireplay's site.

Quake 2 will never die!


25euros goes to n00k!e. Congratz Stef.

Q2 Jump Tournament - n00k!e @ draxi6
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Euroq2l #12 signups opened!2009-08-31 13:31 | Foen
In a nut shell, summer is about gone and dark and cold is coming, at least here in north and that is the sign for quakers to gather their clans again and getting ready for 12th season of Euroq2l. You can find more info from euroq2l homepage.

Signups will be open till 20th of September!
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New hosting2009-05-16 02:58 | Claymore
This night I'm going to move site to the new hosting to solve problem with DS.
At night I will move domain to the new DNS and tomorrow morning I'm going to move database.
Expected problems:
- site may be down for a day
- encoding in data different then English can be messed up

DO NOT add any files on the server, I already moved all files, tomorrow I just move the database. If you find something broken tomorrow (excluding above) please send me e-mail at claypl account on

Serious people who want to improve this site (PHP&MySQL skills required) please contact on above mail.
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