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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Jump tournament soon!!!2014-05-02 15:42 | ceba
Hello fellow quakers,
KroPP has asked me to let you all know that there will be a Jump tournament soon. It will start around May 22nd.
Sign ups are open till 15th of May.
For more information go to and sign up or support players that will participate in 9th Jump Tournament.
Have fun jumping or spectating ;)
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Q2 Theory Guide By Myrmidon2014-01-12 13:30 | ceba
It is finally out - Quake 2 Theory Guide By Myrmidon
If you are interested in reading more about Quake 2 dueling this should be interesting for you.
You can find it here:
Thank Myrmidon for writing it.
Read and comment :)
Have fun.
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We need your opinion - EDGE2014-01-08 13:43 | ceba
Hello fellow quakers.
If you havent noticed EDL group stage is nearly ended and playoffs will start really soon. This means that this season of EDL will end soon and so we have a dilemma.
Do players want Edge #5?
Go to:
and write your opinion, it means a lot.
Have fun and good luck.
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Chilean Duel League #22013-11-08 18:42 | ceba
Short but good news.
CDL #2 is starting. So if you are from South America or anywhere else and want to have more Q2 fun then that's the league to sign up for.

Basic Information:
Rules (spanish)

Allowed Servers: Fragger.CL | OpenTDM

Sign Ups (deadline is November 15th, 00:00hrs):

Anyone is invited to play, but only Chilean Servers are accepted.

If you need any other information about it join their irc channel or or gett in touch with DUNKEll (via q2scene messenger).
Good luck and have fun
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EDL #12 Groups & Schedule2013-10-07 03:19 | kabysdoh
Groups and schedule of EDL #12 released on EDL page. There are 4 divisions with 2 groups in each.

So now all participants are to check their groups and opponents, to play games on time, not to whine on where was they seed and, the key thing, to have greate games and much fun. It's time to challenge!
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Qlive LAN with purri & mobius2013-09-18 09:49 | kabysdoh
Quakelive event called 'Prague LAN TDM 4v4' will be held this weekend. The notable things about it are that it is beeing run by wision, and also that purri and mobius will participate.
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EDL #12 Has Begun!2013-09-08 07:05 | ceba
Just a short message.
As summer is about to end new EDL season is starting!
Head to:
Check out the news. Sign up. Vote for the maps you would like to play and make sure your friends hear about new EDL season!!!
Have fun and good luck.
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TS Servers2013-06-03 16:16 | ceba
Thought I will just write a quick note about Tastysplean servers.
Most more less active players probably already noticed, but TS NL, UK and DE servers are not listed anywhere anymore.
This doesnt mean they are down for some time, they are OFF, and not coming back anytime soon.
These servers costs to run, and although they were probably most popular European q2 servers they didn't pay back.
Thats why they are off.
To run one server costs 10USD (8EUR) per month.
If you have any suggestions, this is a good place to write them down.
Good luck, have fun
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2013 Aficionado Assembly2013-04-03 18:49 | Welkin

Correctamundo! The news of the annual Q2 SPB LAN is upon us! And with its third edition it'll really come with a bang!

Confirmed attendants include Russian behemoths K1RU, optiMus, AiD, rpg, celer, stigmata, UMUSTDIE; Ukrainian legend Blaizz and rising star Sol, and possibly many other surprising names - foreign and not! List to be updated.

Where: St Petersburg, Russia (not Florida). Internet cafe "Cyberside" on Varshavskaja street, 29, 3.
When: May 10 (The majority of people will arrive in the city on May 9, and leave on May 11.)
Price: 700 rubles = ~ €18 (includes computer rental)

Kaby manages the 1v1 and 2v2 competitions. Live streams of games will be, so stay tuned if you can't make it there in person!

Finally we are up to announce the prizes that our partners: ES-Gaming, FastVPS and Gametrix kindly provided to us:
1st place: 3 000 rubles + Jetseat Gametrix KW 901 JetSeat Sense Live
2nd place: 1 300 rubles + Jetseat Gametrix KW-905 JeatSet Live Sense
3rd place: 700 rubles + Headset A4Tech HS-2

We truly strive to make this an international event, and many non-Russians are seriously considering going. This could be the most exciting Q2 gathering in a very long time and for many years to come, so think twice before missing out on it!

Here's a wild calculation of the costs you would/might face:
- flight (return trip): Warsaw €260, Krakow €295, Gdansk €290, Vilnius €170, Helsinki €180, Stockholm €200, New York $770
- hostel (same place as the comrades): €15/night
- visa: €35
- travel insurance: €5/day
- food: €10-15/day ??

So just going for the LAN might cost you somewhere around €150-180 + price for the flight...

Remember that you do need to make up your mind fairly quickly, mainly because of the visa application.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, message K1RU here or on IRC.

Click "more & comments" to read K1RU's information message.

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Tourney of quad2013-02-02 10:58 | *rl*

Since not much is going on around, t0mmy came up with an idea of a new 4vs4 league, based on quad. League will start next sunday (10.02). If you want to sign up just contact t0mmy @ irc.

Games will be played on (every) sunday (10.02, 17.02, 24.02, 03.03). All you need to do is just join #q2pickup @ qnet on sunday (10.02), around 19cet.

Approximate program:
from 19:00 to 19:30 cet - the so-called CHECK-IN (must confirm their presence admins and be available on channel # q2pickup -
from 19:30 to 19:45 cet - Captains will be chosen, the order of priority selection in the draft, draft and draw groups and matches.
from 19:45 to 20:00 cet - Time for teams to organizations (teamspeak, ventrilo, Binds, etc.) and select the server and get on with your opponents.
from 20:05 to 21:00 cet - Playing group games - bo1
from 21:00 to 21:45 cet - Game for 3rd place - the second team in Group A with the second team in Group B
from 22:00 to 23:00 cet - Final

:: Rules ::

- Maps: q2dm2, q2dm3 , q2dm5, q2dm6, q2ht1, q2tw1, q2next1
- Timelimit = 16
- Powerups = 1
- BFG = 1
- TP = 2 (teamhurt ON)
- BO1 (finals BO3)

Bot will be choose (to be determined):
1. maps
2. captains draw (in the sense of the order of selection)
3. pick1
4. pick2
5. pick3

"We play system TL: 16 to 1 victory map in groups.Matches in Groups A and B are held at the same time.Group winners play each other in the finals bo3 system (the shape of the tournament can be changed depending on the number of willing players. Sth about 2-3 hours). Sign ups continues to 10.02.2013r till Sunday 19:00 cet. Signed players are required to be present on IRC (channel # q2pickup) on the day of the tournament at 19:00-19:30. Check in order to verify the presence of the players. Around 19:30 we check out,after this time all other register players being taken to reserve list. ?Of draw lots? players will create a team that will be deployed in two equal groups (for example, we have 24 players, created the six 4-person teams, 3 in group A and B). Forming teams is in the form of draft picks. The stored players, team captains choosing teams, who usually have to be strong players, quaddes. Selection of players for draft picks is in turn each of the captains, one player until a full, four players. Players placed on the so-called reserve list will be assigned numbers known only to admins tournament and the only way you will be able to complement the composition of absence at the time of the player's own team. The team captain is required to self-determination for the team name, or ask for help in this their team mate 's. Team name can not be vulgar or offensive by prevailing standards."

If you have any questions or want to sign up just pm t0mmy. You can use q2scene messenger, forum, irc or even leave a comment here.

EDIT by kolt:

From players participating in 4 sunday tournaments admin crew will draw 5 who will get ~25 EURO each. It doesn't matter how good or bad you played - the only condition is playing in every sunday tournament.

*** UPDATE ***

Tourney finished, here's the list of the winners:

- krzys
- quest
- real
- isbjorn
- veed

Prize pool: 125euro. So everyone will get 25euro.

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