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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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2016-11-20 All-Stars TDM for Chr ...
2016-10-25 server change
2016-06-26 New episode
2015-12-05 Do we want a 2v2 league?
2015-10-16 JUMP #10 is starting ...
2015-09-06 EDL Season 14 is upon us!

All-Stars TDM for Christmass2016-11-20 07:08 | kabysdoh
The All-Stars Team Deathmatch game is very likely to happen in the first days of a New year:

myrmidon^ has annoucned the All-Stars games to go on 3th of January 2017. The best players of EDL #15 along with well-known TDM stars of the past are to clutch for nothing but the fun and glory in the most spectacular TDM games of the recent years.

Check out the announcement for more info. And remember to put your name in the comments to sign up if you're the Division 1 player of EDL or EuroQ2L and fancy playing the match!
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server change2016-10-25 05:02 | Claymore
Guys I had to transfer website to another server due to some hacking, let me know if you have any problems..

On another note, does anyone have old demos from Demosquad ??? If you do then send me email (see my profile )
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New episode2016-06-26 17:23 | *rl*
ID Software released another seminal first-person shooter, Quake, twenty years ago this week...

MachineGames gives Quake a new episode for its 20th birthday

For more insight into the impact Quake (and specifically, Quake multiplayer) had on the game industry, look back at this 1997 Game Developer Magazine feature from id alum Ned Purdom on how Quake came to one of the world's first online game services.


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Do we want a 2v2 league?2015-12-05 10:05 | ceba
I have this idea of reviving of 2v2 league.
Recently there is some activity. But still I am somewhat skeptical.
My thoughts are that:
It should be after end of EDL or when most of the EDL matches played.
2v2 would be in place of Edge (in case its not happening this time again).
It should be quit short (not that many teams, spring/summer coming soon)

So I need your opinion?
Will there be enough players/teams for 2v2?
Is it worth trying when players can't manage to play their EDL games?
Do you want it?

Thank you for your opinion.
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JUMP #10 is starting soon.2015-10-16 15:34 | ceba
Some more exciting news.
JUMP #10 is soon to start. Sing ups are closing on November 1st.
And like always there are money prizes.
Please visit JUMP league site, sign up and have fun jumping
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EDL Season 14 is upon us!2015-09-06 14:11 | ceba
//Reposting Claire's news from EDL site. :)

My Friends!

It's that time of year, and I'm happy to announce the start of the 14th annual Quake II European Duel League!

Signups are open now and will remain open for 3 weeks, until 23:59 on September 27. Please remember to send us an email at so we have your current email address when you sign up. Failure to make sure we have your email address will result in you not being seeded into a group.

There is a map vote here, please comment with your votes for the remaining maps in the pool. The map vote will close one week before signups close (23:59 on September 20) to give you a chance to decide if you want to play with the chosen maps.

So far, we plan on keeping the same format of divisions for the league. Depending on the number of signups group phase could last from the start of October until mid December and then playoffs in the beginning of the year Until March. Obviously this is highly dependent on how fast players play their games.

Time Zone
Remember the official time zone of EDL is Central European Time (GMT+1). Make sure you set your time zone on your Q2Scene profile to CET so times are shown correctly and you don’t miss scheduled matched.

As always please read and understand the rules. You will be expected to play your matches according to the rules and breaking them (whether you knew it or not) will result in warnings.

Please idle in our IRC channel #edl on, it really makes scheduling matches and finding people much easier. KVIrc is a great free IRC client.

Anyone who wants to play is welcome to join, no matter what nationality, location or skill level you are. As long as you agree to follow the rules and play your matches on time.

As always, good luck and most importantly have fun!
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David.Q2 movie trailer2015-04-30 12:07 | *rl*
Youtube stream (Chrome users can watch in 720p @ 60fps)
Full quality mp4 file (right-click > Save as)

"David.Q2" movie trailer for upcoming David.Q2 movie.
Featuring Quake 2 frags from v3.David, the reigning European Duel League champion, and arguably the current #1 Quake 2 dueler in the world!

Running time: ~ 2minutes
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 60fps 11421kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 256kbps

Underground Music - Grinder

Created using:
- Q2PRO r1488 (Nov 3 2013)
- textures/sounds etc from various paks around the globe
- Fraps 3.5.99
- Cool Edit Pro 2.1
- Sony Vegas Pro 13

Credits/Thanks go out to:
- v3.David for providing the demos and giving me the opportunity to make his movie
- Composers of the above music track. Copyrights under those artists.
- dimmo/wision (for Quake 2 bright skins)
- snobordking287 for countdown timer footage:
- craignex for voice countdown sound effects:
- RavenProDesign for their Sony Vegas tutorials and samples:
- ...and to all who helped make this game, paks and the frags in this movie.

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Russian Q2 LAN 20152015-04-14 03:23 | kabysdoh
The next LAN is to be held in St-Petersburg by russian community. Unlike to the last season, there aren't much prizes this time, which doesn't seem to really bother participants: there will be apparently a slightly better appearance comparing to 2013.

Allthough it's obvious that it's very unlikely any european players to come due to all the reasons that aren't related to the game, everyone are welcome to the stream which is scheduled to start at 09:00 (CET) on 2nd may 2015. You may also want to check out the sample from the last LAN. Have fun!

- Duel tourney page (RDL)
- Teamplay tourney page (RTDM)
- Broadcast recordings here.
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EDL #13 Final: David vs Numa2015-03-06 06:32 | *rl*
Only one game left in EDL #13 (div 1). Grand Final between David and NumaveZi will be played pretty soon, (check out schedule. Romanian player will have a chance to prove something to himself, since this will be a rematch of last EDL's final. David destroyed him pretty easily, winning all 4 maps.

David [3:0] NumaveZi

:: Time - TBA
:: Date - TBA
:: GTV - TBA

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The Quake 2 Jumpmode League 2014-11-18 11:31 | ceba
A member of q2 jump community, Ace aka Halcyon, is organizing a Quake 2 Jumpmode League and is inviting all the players as well as the map makers to join.
The league will start on Friday, December the 5th.
For all the details visit
Go check it out, sign up support your favorites and have fun.
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