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eA-BBQ(monday 21cet) preview2004-02-29 05:27 | Jore
After really nice and even games there is still one of the best games in q2ctf CB cup week2 to come. So I got hold of [eA]faith&[BBQ]karpo and had little chat about game and cup generally.

This should be very interesting game. There is two really good and even teams facing each other in q2ctf2&q2ctf05b. I think both teams have a lot of skills and the main factor will be which team will play better as team. BBQ won their first match and eA drawed a map against tm(top favourites in the cup). Here is what [eA]faith wanted to say about cup and this game:

1.Seeing you did draw map against tm, what do you think of that game?
<[eA]faith> Well actually, in my opinion, suma was our map. Too bad that we didn't realize it was only 16s left of the game, when we lost the flag, resulting in a draw (4-4). Lucky tm :)

2.Which are eA's goals in this cup?
<[eA]faith> To win the cup of course :]

3.What are you thinking of rest of the teams?
<[eA]faith> There are many other good teams (and players). It will be a difficult task just to head to the finals.

4.Then coming to this game, what you think about BBQ?
<[eA]faith> Well, they did a very reliable impression in the first game. I think it will be a hard time facing the BBQ team.

5.Something what you would like to add?
<[eA]faith> I think this years cup will be one of the most exciting. A bunch of very good players, who this year are well spread over the teams (except tm :D), will result in many great battles.
<[eA]faith> Even if we won't manage to the final it will be very fun to watch the other teams.

Okis, nice, gl against BBQ(but not too much:)) And thanks for interview :)
<[eA]faith> ok =)
<[eA]faith> thx

Again big thanks for faith over the interview, it was really smooth. Now here is what [BBQ]karpo wanted to say:

1.You did start with win over vVv, what do you think of that game?
<karpo> It was tough especially suma6. Though I expected ctf1 to be a little more even.

2.Which are BBQ's goals this cup?
<karpo> Get to the playoffs and have fun

3.Now you are facing eA, what do you think about this game?
<karpo> It's not going to be an easy game for sure. They have a couple of very good players. Hopefully we can improve our teamplay and I hope we won't be totally raped by their unbelievable teamplay and skills.

4.Anything what you would like to add?
<karpo> CMX is all alone!

Ok, good luck for you against eA and thanks for interview!
<karpo> thanks and np

First seeing q2ctf2 starting map I have to say that BBQ are favourites in this map. Used to be BBQ's homemap and in my eyes much stronger map for them than the second map. I would think here small win for BBQ, but eA will have their chances surely in here too.

Second map is much trickier, q2ctf05 should be much more harder for BBQ and better for eA. I think this will be really close. Might be 3rd map after this one or maybe not, hard to say.

Lineups might be something like this:
eA:stuff, ronin, snask, faith & nazzal
BBQ:Nikodemus, malle, karpo and some 2 others I guess

This will be really close and equal game. So I hope everyone of you q2ctf'ers and who wants to see good q2ctf will be in irc checking scorebots and demos after game. It's on at 21cet monday evening, great time to check q2ctf top game!

2004-02-29 18:19 
im not ctf player but i watch ctf demos and read cb stuff and started 2 read ur stuff also, u do a great job!
2004-02-29 09:40 
nice :}

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