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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Euroq2l-2 overview2004-02-16 07:41 | Foen
I already wrote an overview from clanbase, so i'm not going to do same kind of text again. As you can see we have now totally new kind of league, from claymores suggesion we didn't want to make another clanbase. I got this idea at school. And later i told it to Gravgon and he love it, after that frza and claymore didn't have much power to say anything against us :) Well i guess they liked it too, so here we are.

The hardest part was to create good and even groups. And there was xx polish clans which were totally unknown to us, so then comes guandi and kicia to help us. I'm sure when league is over we realise that few clans were better/worse than we expeted and we put them to wrong group. Specially in lower groups.

Group A: eA, lm, play, sYnth, 2.0, Wizards, 187, KTA

We had some problems to decide which clans are in group A. We easily collected 6 clans (eA, lm, play, sYnth, 2.0 and Wizards) but then we needed 2 clans. There are clans like 187 KTA OK HBQ and 3m which all could be in group A. After hours we decided that 187 and KTA are Group A material. So 4 best clans goes to medalgames, which clans they are?

[eA], they sure have very strong team to all maps and they practice pretty much. But they have two problems in practicing. 1. They play more CTF pracs than tdm . 2. they never have same team. They have like 20? players and all of them are active more or less. But i believe they will be in top4

[lm] , they are weaker than in first season, they lost Nassal and pmastah to eA. But lm won nq2l-2 (Nordic q2 league) with the same team than they have now. So donˇŚt underestimate them like i do now :) Honestly i don't think they gonna reach medal this season.

play> ,play got some rainforces from eG when frza joined. Purri didn't quit after all. And if i have understood rigth senti is coming back from army during this spring? Even if he doesn't play still have stronger team than ever. And they also have good pings all over the europe. I think play is very strong now and will go to top4, and they have very good chances to win whole league.

[sYnth] , now we have a problem, atleast to finnish clans, if chef is not free where they hell we are going to play? Well i guess euroq2l-2 games are more important than any other game? So chef will be free if we want it to be ;]]]]]]]]]]]]] Few words about sYnth, well they are polish and their lineup is full of polish nt players, so they must be good. Because of yesterday, server is the big question. Chef deffinatly is not equal vs polish guys anymore, since they got new better connection, and eG totally suck for finnish clans. Swedes don't have any problems to play because of better connection and eG. Well i hope there is not going to be too much whine about pings. But i don't think that sYnth is going to get any kind of medal...Maybe because i live in scandinavia ;]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

(2.0) , This moment whole 2.0 have been waiting whole last year. Deuce came back from army and xircuit can play when he wants because he have own car now. If Deuce still have intrest to play quake2, and he manage to play without problems (cpu, connection, mouseˇK.) first time in his life...atleast it looks like he always have problems with something :). 2.0 always second (once first) is strong this season too, and i belive they are going to top4.

[Wizard] , Once again my clanˇKread my comments from clanbase overview. Everything is just like it was back then. Ofcourse i hope we are going to the end and win this league, but it wonˇŚt be easy, but it is not impossible. If i looking weak points, maybe few maps are a bit weak not gonna say which maps :), Strongest parts in wizards are individual skills thaigo, provi, syanid all top duelers in finland...europe? And we also prac much with same lineups.

[KTA] and 187 do what they can but i don't think they have chances to reach medalgames, but all suprises are welcome.

Group B: HBQ, OK, Solaris, aK, q2e, 3m, eS, pm

Group C: vires, x-is10, bod, curse, gza, ttnm, m, agl

Group D: xtz, cut, prorailerz, ai, ra, 2a, cc, AF

Group E: lot, cod, ECF, Mortuus, TMC, rcd, tfb, Rw, IS, tn, tur

Here is other 4 groups. I'm just gonna say few words about those. First group B, they all are a good clans and imo every clan can win this group. HBQ is strong in all maps, OK and pm are very strong on dm1. And solaris is strong on other maps than dm1 and dm3, but they can surpise if their swederailers get enough railing space. q2e, 3m and aK are from poland, and 3m and aK already showed some skills on euroq2l, 3m maybe little more than aK. q2e is a new clan to me, and when i see their lineup only strikers skills rings bells, rest i have no idea what they can do. But i'm sure they are good, if get raped on group B, blame guandi! eS, nice to see a clan from germany. They had small break but now they are back with a new lineup. I'm looking their lineup and i see old demenz + breijker from poland, so i belive they will have very hard times on group B.

Group C: Vires have many estonian top players + some swedes "inactive" dudes. Their players seems to be railfreaks but it might be enough in this group. Curse is .be national team, but like Gravgon said "if i donˇ't play with them, curse is group B matrialˇ" :). ttnm always a very strong team on dm2, they won few top clans on it during the last autumn. X-is10 and bod again polish clans.I don't know anything about bod. I have played one pcw vs x-is10 and their dm3 seemed to be "ok". So maybe they will be top clan on this group. m dunno what their lineup is atm, but their playing style will be railbased. I still don't believe that they gonna beat best clans from this group. Agl unknown polish clan for me but gl to them and make me know you!

Then Group D and E, puuh...m looking clans and i know only few by name. Group D top clans migth be xtz cut and prorailerz but since i donˇ't know those polish clans everything is possible. In Group E we have a very intresting clan TuR!, pretty good ctf clan from sweden who decided to join euroq2l-2 and try tdm first time ever. On ctf they sure have nice rails, like many ctf players have. So i think they will own when they learn all maps. Note! "unbind <bind> grapple"

But good luck to all clans and make this league work!

2004-02-24 10:53 
I better find that grapple, must be hidden somewhere on the maps..
2004-02-18 09:48 
gl :}
2004-02-18 07:52 
gl all
2004-02-17 04:10 
baa, cod is from holland / europe and not from poland :>
2004-02-16 18:30 
Very nice foen!
2004-02-16 13:55 
" if chef is not free where they hell we are going to play? " that is ur problems ladies few days ago i talked with thaigo ... we can also oplay on be,nl servers like other euro countrys, and its fi problem that they ping only good on chief and at last few se servers besides their home :] anyway nice job hf gl all ppl ":]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]"
2004-02-16 13:06 
Nice one foen!
2004-02-16 12:58 
haha @ Foens polish imitations.

*hint* ;]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] equal

hahaha, lovely.
2004-02-16 12:47 
nice one. read gravgon's preview @
2004-02-16 12:01 
i'm going to own groupd D :} this is gonna be finest league ever , gg foen =D
2004-02-16 09:33 
"but like Gravgon said "if i donĄ't play with them, curse is group B matrialĄ" . "


good work Foen0 btw

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