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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
2017-10-06 Summer Of Q2 Cup Finale
2017-09-10 Pepek passed away
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2016-10-25 server change
TDM v0.62004-02-16 04:17 | raV
New version of this mod is almost final one. In the next versions only errors found by players will be fixed, cosmetic changes and english readme added. Some polish servers has been already stocked with new TDM version. Full list of ver. 0.6 changes inside.

Changes List :

New scoreboard ( optimized in support of BattleGround and Tourney ). It fits in 512x384 resolution.

Items command - shows taken items.

At the end of the match communicate about scores is shownm. After 2 seconds info about taken items and after another 2 seconds - accuracy info.

As an argument for "id" command it's possible to pass positon x and y in relation to screen center.

Scores in right low corner had became enriched about frags difference between teams.

Order of showing oldscore had been changed : old after actual.

If match will become broken then during warmup and pregame oldscore from last finished match won't be shew.

During player connecting to server last part of his ip adress isn't shew (example : name connected from 213.23.76.x)

Annoucements "name entered the game (players = x, spectators = x)." and "name disconnected (clients = x, spectators = x).".

Vote code optimalization.

New command "dmf" it shows available dmflags with description and value.

It's possible to vote for dmflags ( vote dmf ).

Dmflags added to voting menu.

"dmf" command can be used by an admin with suitable authorizations to change dmflags.

"time 0" command. Admin can pause game for undetermined time ( hold from battleground ).

Annoucement added, when player stops the game : "Time out called by name.".

As an argument for "time" command admin with with suitable authorizations can type time on what match does match have to be stopped.

Admin with suitable authorizations can resume match independently who has stopped it.

Console announcemend on 3,2,1 seconds before match resuming.

Files ban.lst and admin.lst have in the name number of port on which server is standing, fe : ban27910.lst, admin27910.lst.

Fixed bugs :

ID fixed. If a player has got Power shield turned off, then on screen it displays "PS OFF".
Players from opposite teams can talk. Spectacors can't talk with players during the match and vice versa.

Flag DF_FORCE_RESPAWN (1024) defautlly turned on.

Flag DF_SAME_LEVEL (32) defautlly turned on.


Source : Q2tv

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