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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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PLQ2 #6 news2004-02-13 20:11 | raV
Although this very bad situation with polish servers (recapitulating we have no good server to play 4v4 match, maybe 2-3 but pretty unstable) the groups had been set up. There are 2 leagues.

huh another review :}

1st league (no groups division):

3M :
Last edition winners. 4 members of polish National Team, moreover only 3 of them are in their first lineup for most maps. Since last season they have got stronger by picking some players : Thorn from rA, Kazmi from DI and Monument from sYnth. This five with MORPH-x and Ibogine are 3m keyplayers. I think it's gold era for them and they're gonna be unbeatable for most clans. Only sYnth is on their level now and who knows maybe they're not gonna beat'em up :}.

aK :
aK has always been very strong clan since it had been founded in september 2000. Last PLQ2 season was quite good for them as they placed third after 3m and DI, by winning in mini-final with AGL. Unfortunately they had lost their main key player - riven. Thad made them a bit weaker but thay have lots of skilled players like 0N1 and KK. They also can rule with their great teamplay, which allows them to beat such clans as sYnth on maps like dm3. I think this season they're going to repeat last year's success.

This clan has been lately showing some nice teamplay on such maps like dm6,dm3,dm7. They're pretty good but I think the weakest in premier league. Though in last season they were theoretically the weakest too, but they had won with M-C which is pretty strong clan. Unfortunately they had lost some skilled players last month but they already found some substitution so they're still playing and I hope they'll do some surprises and win against theoretically stronger teams.

BoD :
Quite old clan. I know them pretty well and I know that they can own. Their main weakness is that they're not liking to play on any maps exept q2dm1 :}.Though last pcws showed that they can own on other maps, dm2 especially. They have quite good harmonious squad with no big mess within their lineup. Moreover they got stronger : their old mate had got his new connection and he's albe to play again and also Rookie - very good railer eneter their lineup.

M-C :
Clan which members are from one city : Miedzyrzec Podlaski. They're playing from 1 cafe so they don't need binds to communicate - they just scream to each other :}. Their key players are error, Spitfire - very well known polish players and good duellers and Pigmej and Goofy - rising stars of polish q2 scene. M-c have one main weakness - just like BoD they like q2dm1 too much.

rA :
Last season was very shitty for rA. We didn't finish any league at all and clan got frozen also. Now it's reactivated again. Unfortunately we had lost very big part of our team : Thorn went to 3m, hitman to q2e, qw and Jelcyn to 2a. We had to pick some new faces to even play in some leagues and we did. New players are quite skilled but lineup isn't as good as it was. According to this I don't expect us to place high in this edition but we're gonna fight to the end.

sYnth :
sYnthesis have been the very best polish clan for since it has risen. Now their hegemony is upset by 3m. Matches of these two clans will be really exciting and nice too watch. sYnth are good on every map especially dm2. Their key players are members of polish national team : Scooby, Warrior, mkuh and Assasin. Also they have some oldschool owners like MSX and Mik or MeVVasH. Soon ( I hope ) we will see who's the best in Poland now.

q2e :
A new clan on the scene but it was made mainly of former bdj players with some additions :marcinek from 3m, Broom from agl, sasha from 3m,hitman from BoD, striker from 3m and Killer - famous polish q2dm1 duel owner. Surely they have got very good skilled individuals, but most of them are pretty nervous too and that can ruin pretty much. I think they can fight for 3rd place in plq2. 3m and sYnth are out of reach for them.

I expect such rank :
1. sYnth/3m :}
2. sYnth/3m :}
3. q2e
4. aK
5. m-c
6. BoD
7. rA
8. agl

Many matches results depends on it which maps will be played.

2nd league

Group A
CC, LoT, oK, [r], RCD, TPM, uPx, X-is-10, XA

Group B
2a, 7M, FF, nB, NBC, PFH, SNG, TaC, TFB

Well I really don't know nothing about most of teams in 2nd league as most of the clans which are playing in it are rather weak or unknown. I only predict that in group A :
1. x-is-10 (this clan could surely play in first league)
2. [r]
3. LoT

And group B :
1. 2a
2. FF
3. nB or sng

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