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CB Cup Spring Q2Insta2004-02-13 07:21 | raV
bla bla, insta cup has started. More inside.

Premier League

Group A

Clan of Doom :
Top dutch q2insta clan. They're really skilled and they have nice connections with ping 20-30. Although they hadn't won anything in cb yet, they're always fighting with the best and sometimes they're winning. Who knows maybe this season will be decisive.

Nosferatu :
Pretty fresh clan in this cup. They've only been playing in fall 2003 season (last cup) and placed in the middle then. They have some skilled talents like moWm, prada, CastiC or Zyclop. No doubt they have skills, but in instagib to win you need also luck, low ping and good teamplay.

Clan FatZo :
Another Swedish clan. Seems to be a bit weaker than =[. Dunno much about them, but as I remember they were even pretty strong clan in the past. I wonder how they gonna play in this cup.

Invincible Creatures :
Their greatest success is 3rd place in second league in insta cup two seasons ago. They're pretty experienced railers but average as for premier league.

riotous Assassins :
Well it's first polish clan in instacup I guess. Moreover it's mine clan. I don't know why we're in first league as I told some admin that we want to play in 2nd but anyway it's ok. I'd rather loose all mathes in premier league than win all in second.

100% :
Noobs in cb insta but not noobs at all :). They have very strong lineup so I predict they're gonna do some mess in group A.

CyClones :
Well I write only about part of their squad : Damiah,Deuce,Digital,fr0zza,karpo,provi,sorax,thaigo,xircuit. And something about their achievements in instagib cup : 1st place spring 2001, 2nd place fall 2001, 3rd place spring 2003, 1st place fall 2003. Gl to rest of clans in their group when they face CyC.

I expect such rank :
1. CyClones
2. Clan of Doom
3. 100%
4. Nosferatu
5. Clan FatZo
6. Invincible Creatures
7. riotous Assassins

Group B

Very good tdm clan which contains almost whole Belgian National Team. A question is : how good they are playing instagib? The answer will be soon known.

.eXtreme Units. :
Very strong clan with really wide lineup. They've won second league last season. Scooby, Warrior, mkuh, Orion,ibogine and other skilled players will be able to even win 1st league this time.

eat Slugs :
eS is the strongest german clan at the moment. They have picked some good players recently and I'm sure that they won't be eating too many slugs in this cup,will they?

Ride My Rail :
Actually RmR is the only top clan from United Kingdom. They've placed third last season and they're very experienced raill killers. Also they have many individuals in their lineup. Surely they'll do nice mess in group B, maybe even they'll win it.

Zonked Overdosed Zombies :
zOz is new clan in cb. Although their lineup looks pretty nice, I don't think they'll able to get to playoffs.

Alpha Force :
A strong dutch clan. Strong in instagib :). Their lineup and past achievements are impressive but lately I've seen their key players with other clantags:{ so don't know who's gonna play for A.F. and according to this dunno how good they'll play.

Alien Throat CutterZ :
During the last season ATC had been showing that they're dangerous by winning with such clans as dp and eS and placing 3rd in group. That was nice achievement and I guess they're going to repeat it.

I expect such rank :
1. .eXtreme Units.
2. Ride My Rail
3. Alien Throat CutterZ
4. Alpha Force
6. eat Slugs
7. Zonked Overdosed Zombies

Second League

Group A

<Worship The Death> :
Pretty riddle to me. Very international squad and 1 well known player : SHOCK from Netherlands (ofcourse if it's this Shock from Dutch National Team)

Fraggende Manne :
Very experienced insta clan with VERY wide lineup ;-). They've placed 3rd in group last season and I think they're gonna do it once more as they're average second league clan.

Play like real Zero :
As I wrote in review about Q2CTF cup this clan is another riddle and I just hope that they won't play according to clan name.

sie jou dood. :
Although CyD is very experienced instagib clan they've always been in second league loosing with the strongest and owning lamaz :). This year will be the same. They can win group or even whole 2nd league.

The Metal Guerrilla's :
Well during last cup they haven't won a match. I wish they would win something this time..

-[eXiSTeNCe]- Clan :
n00b in cb. I know that portugal players aren't very skilled generally but maybe I will be surprised by them in incoming cup.

I expect such rank :
1. sie jou dood.
2. <Worship The Death>
3. Fraggende Manne
4. Play like real Zero
5. -[eXiSTeNCe]- Clan
6. The Metal Guerrilla's

Group B

lOw&reg;iDiNg GuNnE&reg;$ :
Not very good clan. Maybe in other games they can own but not in q2. They've played in insta cup 2 seasons ago and haven't won a match... :P Wish them gl.

The Totally Wasted Quake Clan :
This one seems to be a bit better. They did play last season, did win two matches and lost three. Their greatest achievement is that they had won third league in Fall 2001 season.

Men of Courage :
Hmm an American clan ! :) Another new in cb. Dunno absolutely nothing about them.

CyBeR :
Lithuanian clan. One of the best. Last season they did quite well but in TDM cup :). Dunno how good they're with railgun in their hands but I guess they're not weak at all.

Isolate :
Another average team. They've noobs in cb cup too, though they've played some mathes in instagib ladders.

-Mattie Clan- :
Another dutch clan. :) They're also average and they did play in some insta ladders.

Vadrigar E-Sports :
Well known portugal team. They've done well in last TDM cup. They're pretty experienced and instagib isn't nothing new for them as they had played some ladder matches in the past. I guess they can even win whole group or 2nd league.

I expect such rank :
1. Vadrigar E-Sports
2. CyBeR
3. The Totally Wasted Quake Clan
4. Men of Courage
5. Isolate
6. -Mattie Clan-
7. lOw&reg;iDiNg GuNnE&reg;$


2004-02-16 03:21 
yes nocri there were thousands of ppl willing to do it but i killed them all to get all honours :S
2004-02-15 17:19 
u'r quarreling like from types on site depended the real order
and raV if u dont know the sceene to well maybe let someone else to write the news ?
2004-02-14 18:14 
heh l0l =]
2004-02-14 09:18 
I rated some clans higher cause I think they're just better and I think this wasy cause I say them playing f.e 3m vs hbq or vT vs aK.
2004-02-14 03:28 
well it's just a matter of facts..
Look at my rankings and yours now..

My "sucky" predictions are almost the same as yours except the fact you rate polish clans higher (ah and you also underestimate GZA a lot which now looks very much like Lithuanian national team..)

Also I was hoping you would post that in the comments of CB because it has nothing to do with your predictions of Insta.
2004-02-13 19:29 
omg +]]]]] quake2 winners cup !
2004-02-13 18:02 
well my predictions to cb are leaning ONLY about played matches (last season league games and recent pcw's - tdm cup ones) here they are : 1. eA
2. Wizards
3. sYnth
4. OK
5. vT
6. aK
7. [*]

Yours :
1. eA
2. Wizards
3. sYnth
4. OK
5. aK
6. vT
7. [*]
gr b 1st. :
1. play
2. 2.0
3. KTA
4. 3m
5. 187
6. HBQ
7. [m]
I don't really like most of 3m guys (same as eU ) so try to understand that not every one is a good patriot and must elevate his country mates to the top every time. I'm not that kind and i'm really trying to be objective.
1. 2.0
2. play
3. HBQ
4. KTA
5. 187
6. 3M
7. [m]
your predicitons are shitty cause 3m have won easily with hbq and 187 recently, morevoer they'll be playing vs KTA on thair really strong maps so they can draw (if jent was playing i think they would loose but dunno if he is going to)
yours : 1. 2.0
2. play
3. HBQ
4. KTA
5. 187
6. 3M
7. [m]

second league group B
your predicion was :
1. eS
2. Q2E
3. GZA
4. BoD
5. Ra
6. 2a
7. pR
I don't know how good eS is playing but I guess they'll own all teams in this group. afther them every clan can plave 2nd. Recentl pcw's showed that my clan can win with q2e, pr and lose with BoD. Some details like actual day shape or lack of 1 key player can decide who's gonna win. according to this my rank is :
1. eS
2. Q2E
3. bod
4. ra
5. gza
6. pr
7. 2a
btw. you did write a funny think about my clan "but they have pretty good players like Cs3."
this guy is in our reserve squad for most maps ;]

btw. I thinkk curse should play in 1st league instead of M or *.
2004-02-13 13:06 
ho now that I look, i bet my predictions on CB are utterly wrong because I haven't rated 3M (polish clan) very good in div1 group B and the same for your own clan in second div..

Get real and objective tbh
2004-02-13 13:04 
I play for RmR in insta so your reaction is a bit dumb..

What you forgot:

- fatzo: they have very skilled insta players and one of their powerhouse seems to be back (rale)

- CURSE: they have Gerdt who was playing for MFS last season (if you click on one link on ClanBase you can see they ended second last season).
They also have Snoop who was in VTX, a very strong UK insta clan. The other players are from SoD which has been in premier league for several seasons. ->> no need to check their insta experience.

- eU: ha they are almost only polish so you rate them at best ... sure. Winning second div doesn't mean you can win first div that easily.

- LoW: this clan is more known as eXe and they seem to be strenghten by a mysterious belgian player (*cough* Jighead *couch*). Ain't no newbies...

- MtC: they are candidates to win the second div. They played PCW's with top clans and resisted very well.

I don't want to discredit your job but I just said your predictions were very inacurate especially because you don't seem to know that scene very well.

About my predictions on CB, if you have something to say about them, feel free to share your big knowledge of Q2 with us in the comments.
2004-02-13 11:03 
ah I know why Gravgon got indigant :} "5. CURSE "
2004-02-13 11:01 
I meant this ones about q2 tdm cup.
2004-02-13 11:00 
well at least the cod predictions are nearly true :-)
2004-02-13 10:59 
same as you did in your review at cb www :} . I'm not very interested with instagib scene and I don't really have a good notion about it. Speaking of predictions I would be surpised too if some of yours were right especially about group B in 1st div ang group B in 2nd
2004-02-13 08:14 
hmm you miss a lot of informations about some clans, especially in the lower divisions...
I'd be very surprised if any of your predictions were right

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