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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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CB Cup Spring Q2CTF2004-02-11 11:40 | raV
ctf, ctf - the scene isn't dead - it's growing!

First of all : Q2ctf Cup Spring groups have been recently announced. This season we have 3 divisions.
Here they are :
Premier League (no groups division)

Zwirek i Muchomorek :
The strongest polish clan at the moment I think. Quite new one, but it's based on very good polish players from up^. Moreover szyna, blade (former RoA players) and Monument (member of Polish National Team in Q2DM) are playing there. I suspect that they won't win against such clans as tm but they can fight to get into top 3.

First Dream Team:
The best Latvian team. I don't know much about them but I had seen their demos (which I downloaded from our demosquad :) ) and I must say that they can own. Great teamplay allows them to rape such clans as finnish [flag="Finlandia] omen. I expect them to do quite big mess in Premier League.

Oldschool finnish clan. They're back and kickin' ( at least they should be :) ). Well known players : ele, nikodemus, PRAYER, zeDs ...etc. Will be one of the strongest team in 1st league if they are in shape. Are they?

I Don't Care:
Another powerhouse, intereuropean this time. Last PCW's showed that they can play. They have some great individuals like Mighty Mouse and sIa. Time will show how much they're really worth.

The Virial Theorem 1040:
Well what can I say. It's obvious that tm is again the main favourite for getting first place and another cup. I think that they will get through this cup wihout losing single match. I won't describe they cause all ctf fans know they well. If not please look for they demos at demosquad you must see it.

Veni Vidi Vici:
This Lithuanian team is pretty mysterious for me. I saw them playing only once and can't say much about them ;). I only guess that cup supervisors didn't put in Premier League clan that is too weak to play there so they should be good too.

eN Causa Morbi:
DM owners are playing ctf. Clan that is mainly favourite in CB Q2DM Cup Spring but I don't think they're playing ctf as good as dm. They have some experienced ctf owners like Snask, Stuff, Ronin, Faith but imo it's not enough to beat tm.

ewcia wymiata cyckami:
Ewc will be defending second place this season. It will be rahter hard mission for them and I don't expect them to do it. Even if they have recently got stronger by picking few players : VoGue, Oden from F1 and their old mate Dizzy had came back to ewc lineup too.

I expect such rank :

1. The Virial Theorem 1040
2. I Don't Care
3. Ballbraquers
4. Veni Vidi Vici
5. eN Causa Morbi
6. Zwirek i Muchomorek
7. ewcia wymiata cyckami
8. First Dream Team

Well don't blame me, I'm not sure about places from 2nd to 8th, I'm only sure about that tm will be the winners. :}

Second League

Group A

Elite Mates:
Rather average polish team. Lot of skilled players like sz4dy or conan. They can win with pretty strong opponents. Though they are in really difficult group I hope that they will go out of it to playoffs.

Bomb The Base:
Old, well known German clan. They placed third last season, but unfortunately they got weaker and landed here in second league. Although it's pretty sad BtB is surely going to 2nd league playoffs and who knows, maybe they'll win it.

Hmm, this dutch clan seems to be the weakest in group A. Their main weapon might be their really great experience in Clanbase CTF Cup. They've been playing in it from the beginning.

Nordic Quakers:
Interscandinavian clan with some european admixtures. Pretty strong one, but not as strong as BtB or Rs.

Rising Sun:
One year ago in Q2CTF Cup Spring 2003 they've won second league by defeating ewc in final. I think they're thinking only about repeating this success. Looking on their lineup we can see some magic in it. Why? Cause few owners from Wizards had joined them. Match Rs vs BtB is going to be really interesting.

I expect such rank :

1. Rising Sun
2. Bomb The Base
3. Nordic Quakers
4. Elite Mates
5. Gladiators

Group B

They're new in CB. I don't know much about them. I only can recognize some players from M - finnish DM clan which is quite average one, so I guess Ism is average too.

Belachelijke Hazelnoten:
Quite experienced clan that had placed 2nd in second league last season. They're pretty international, containing players from Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland, Lithuania and Sweden. It's a nice mix. Soon we'll see what it's worth.

Shabby Turncoast abandoned:
STa is the oldest polish q2 clan. Founded almost 6 years ago. Nowadays it has its bad times. Old lineup is rather inactive and it has to be replaced by new members which aren't too skilled or experienced players, though they're very tallented. I don't foretell any great success for them this season.

Hard to say anything about them. I din't see them playing any pcw, they didn't play in cb before. Wish them good luck :).

ewcia wymiata siusiakiem:
This clan is kinda ewc - second team. It's name means - Eva owns with dick - pretty nice, isn't it? Team ews is not as strong as ewc, they're average in Poland and also average in CB. Group B isn't that strong so they can win it and get to playoffs.

World Organization of Quakers:
This team has one of widest lineups in CB. Their main achievements are 2nd league 1st places in last season and Fall 2001. I think they're one of most serious claimants to win it this season too. All dutch are counting on them.

I expect such rank :

1. World Organization of Quakers
2. ewcia wymiata siusiakiem
3. Belachelijke Hazelnoten
4. Shabby Turncoast abandoned
6. Ism

Group C

Dutch Tactical Fighters:
Their main success was 1st place in Spring 2000 Cup but that was long, long ago...Last season they had been one of the weakest teams in first league, so now they're in second. Also here they won't be among the strongest though they can get to playoffs.

Latvian United Quakers:
Another Latvian clan. A bit weaker than 1dt but one of the strongest in 2nd league. They're able to win it if they'll have some luck and motivation.

Psycho Killers Squad:
Quite average polish clan. They can fight with RoA or LUQ but with small chances to achevie success. Just like STa I don't foretell any great victories.

Riders of Apocalypse:
RoA used to be the best polish clan but recently they have got weaker and weaker. They've lost szyna and blade - their key players. Now they're average. Moreless they're on PKS level.

To itself clan:
One of two Russian teams in this Cup. They've played in second league last season but haven't won much. I think this time it will be similarly.

I expect such rank :

1. Latvian United Quakers
2. Dutch Tactical Fighters
3. Riders of Apocalypse
4. Psycho Killers Squad
5. To itself clan

Group C

Fear Factory:
Nice surprise. A Q2CTF division of multigaming clan Fear Factory is alive again. As I can see their squad contains most of old FF players and one new little shining star guarding their base. It's member of Polish Q2DM National Team Warrior. With this kind of lineup they're pretty strong. I can't wait to see them fighting with TuR and omen, it should be really nice spectacles.

Savage Hardcore:
The only GBR clan in ctf cup. I really don't know why organisers put it into second league. sH seems to be rather 3rd league team. They've played in last Mini cup and have lost all their matches. I expect them to do the same in incoming cup.

Swedish team which has always been in the middle. Now they're too. Their greatest success was winning 2nd league in Fall 2002 season. TUR is pretty strong but there are strongest so I don't expect them to repeat their 2002 achievement.

Play like real zero:
Another riddle for me :). Dunno nothing about them. I just hope that they won't playing like real zeros. GL

Nomen est omen:
They are going to win this group surely. Maybe even whole 2nd league. Nicks like : cms, CarloZ, jent, xircuit, Damiah, Dimmu and others are speaking for themselves.

I expect such rank :

1. Nomen est omen
2. Fear Factory
3. TUR!
4. Play like real zero
5. Savage Hardcore

Third League (no groups division)

The Brotherhood:
Very experienced dutch clan. They've been playing in CB since the very first CTF Cup. They've always been average and haven't won any awards. Maybe this time? 3rd league Cup sounds nice, go get it [BRO].

uberl33t d4kj3:
Less experienced than they pals from Netherlands but they have some successes on account. d4kj3 had placed third in second league two seasons ago. I think that they can do it better in third league.

Death Hunters:
An average polish clan. They're noobs in clanbase. I would be glad if they will at least finish this cup.

Invincible Creatures:
Clan with some achievements : 3rd place in second league Q2Instagib TDM Spring 2003 :). Hmm, I wonder how they'll be playing ctf.

extreme ManiaX:
Polish clan. Kinda dH level but a bit more stable. Wish them gl.

Made in Russia:
Hmm Russian clan which has been playing in some cups in cb in the past. But it wasn't ctf cups :D. Anyway they had lost most of their games. Maybe after getting defeated in instagib and tdm they're tryging to play ctf for change.

Night Warriors:
Estonian clan. Estonians are good in TDM, but noobs in cb ctf. :} nothing else about them.

Dutch-Net Familiars:
I also don't know nothing about this clan.

I expect such rank :

1. The Brotherhood
2. uberl33t d4kj3
3. Death Hunters
4. extreme ManiaX
5. Invincible Creatures
6. Made in Russia
7. Night Warriors
8. Dutch-Net Familiars


Cup is going to be one of the best ones. 37 clans signed up. I belive that at least 30 will be playing to the end. 1st league is really tight,2nd boring and 3rd mysterious. :)

2004-02-25 09:19 
Well I think it was nice, but here is some other opinions

Anyway, gj!
2004-02-14 06:36 
this is better :
2004-02-13 19:05 
well i had written this review and this is my opinion (if you have yours that is opposite to mine write it in comment, i'll be glad) so stfu szefie.
2004-02-13 15:51
by jore (or other finnish q2ctf player)
2004-02-13 15:51 
now in english
sorry mate, but tbh u don't know shit about ctf
2004-02-13 00:36 
ewc rlz
2004-02-12 05:15 
Gosh, good G00D!
2004-02-12 04:33 
nice overview
2004-02-12 01:59 
good job rav ;o

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