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Clanbase Spring 2004 Overview2004-02-05 15:05 | Foen
Clanbase 2004 Spring is here, and here is my small overview. But first some general stuff about Clanbase. 2.0 won last season before lm, which is not participate this season, sad... But all other top clans are in, so we can expect a very good season. Clanbase finally got a new supervisors. Supervisor is Apunts from Portugal and Co-Supervisor is Gravgon from Belgium. Apunts was Co-Supervisor in last season, and i belive that i don't need to introduce Gravgon. So we can expect a very smooth and fair league from clanbase. Here is small overview from Division 1. Reason why i don't write anything about Div2/3 is because i don't know all clan.

Division 1: Poule A:
In Poule A have 3 very good clans and then 4 good clans. eA, sYnth and Wizards will go to playoffs if anything radical won't happend. Intresting part is which clan will win this poule. And maybe OK, aK, Solaris or vires alit will surpise top clans winning map(s). Imo this poule is much better than poule B. And i'm sure we will see many good fights.

Armia Krajowa:
The weakest polish clan in division 1. They got some good players, but i don't think they have a chance to go playoffs.

OK have some very good idividuals like Degen, Eternal and Lauri, but for some reason they have some problems in leagues. They really have potential to win map against top clans if everything goes right with a right team. Don't underestimate them.

en Causa Morbi:
Good old eA, they had 6 months break, but now they are back with the same team, well not exactly. They also got Sorax to their strong squad. They can put 4 .se nationalteam players in line-up so their only goal is to win this league!

What can i say, clanbase veterans. They have been average skilled clan many years and they still are, they might win some maps but playoffs place might be too hard to reach.

If eA had .se nationalteam, sYnth have .pl nationalteam. We all know what happend in ndml final. But we also know that polish players skills have gone better pretty fast. sYnths strongest weapon is their teamplay, because they have played with the same team many years(?)

Estonian clan with some swedish rainforces. They will have good games vs aK, solaris and OK, but i don't think they have much to say vs eA, sYnth or Wizards.

Well pretty hard to say anything about my own clan :). But let's say some facts. Wizards were 3rd in Euroq2l, and they have 3 .fi 1st line up players (depends on maps ofcourse). Rest you can figure out your self.

Division 1: Poule B
play and 2.0 will go to playoffs for sure. And i think that 3rd clan will be KTA or 3m. Ofcourse is hope it is KTA but 3m have very good chances too. 187 and HBQ are jokers to me, specially 187. We'll see what will happend with moriquendi, but i don't think they have much chances.

187 took a little break just like eA, I don't know much about them, but i have heard that they are good maybe very good. But this info came from central europe :). I can only wait and see, maybe next season i can say more about them :)

Elite Mates:
Last polish clan, they are pretty unknown to me, i know they are good and in this group they have a good chance to go playoffs. But we'll see

HBQ lost their eA rainforces, now their skills went back to "normal". They are might have a chance to go playoffs, if everything goes right. But if they do that, they can be more than happy about it.

Goddamn army! They must think like that, if they thinking about q2 career :) KTA got some players back from army and lost one. Dimmu and Saddler came back, but Jent went to amry and blacker still is in army. KTA is fighting for last playoffs place, i assume playoffs system is the same than last season (3 best from both Groups).

One question to admins. Why Moriquendi is division 1?! They don't stand a chance here, maybe 1 map win if they are lucky. GL to them!

Imo the best clan atm (PING!). frza in room/quad and purri in rail and then 2 other very good players. I'm not sure do i wanna play vs them. Tho i'm not sure about purri, did he quit 4on4 game or not? :) Probably not.

They won clanbase last season, the first league ever! They also got Deuce back, so i'm sure that they will go to playoffs. But they deffinatly are the one of the best clans in this group.

This is what i think is going to happend in Clanbase 2004 spring:
1st: play
2nd: sYnth
3rd: 2.0
4th: Wizards

2004-02-08 06:38 
2004-02-08 04:21 
hehe , good job Foen :>
2004-02-07 17:13 
The jokers
2004-02-07 12:48 
nice1 foen even that i do not agree with everyting =) as usual
2004-02-06 20:00 
Still missing eG if there was any... :/
2004-02-06 07:27 
Good read, gj Foen
2004-02-06 03:27 
Nice review Foen.

My top-4:
1st: (2.0)
2nd: [Wizard]
3rd: [eA]
4th: play>

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