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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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PLQ2 V Summary2004-01-13 10:55 | GuanDi
A few days ago the oldest and the most prestigous Polish Q2 League come to the end. This year very controversial rules, divided interested clans into two leagues.

In the 1st league were eight best Polish clans ( synth,ak,3m,Di,agl,xf,M-c). Second league consisted of the rest clans. Both leagues were divided into two groups. In 1st league, group A playd synth, agl, M-c and ak, in B: ra, di, 3m and xf. In the begining, after 1st game, Synth, main favourite to win, was kicked from the PLQ2, becouse they used fake player in match aginst AGL. That made the league more interesting, becouse 3 clans had equal chances to win this competition.
Divisions games, expect for the synth incident which wasn't taken into consideration, were continued without any problems. 3m, M-c, Di, Ak, Ra and agl (they made use of the fact that Synth was kicked) were promoted to the play-offs. In 1st round Elite Mates won 3-1 over M-c, and AGL beat RA( RA give them w/o). In 2nd round best clans in each groups entered the game. The pairs were as following: ak-3m and Di-agl. This round was most interesting, thanks to the game ak-3m ("small final"). But ak couldn't stop 3m, and they lost 3-1. In the second semi-final Di easily beat Always Good Luck (they used up luck limit in the league:) ). In the Grand Fianl Di meet with 3m. Di after run of defeats in important games (cb,euro) wans't the favourite in this game. Both clans made very nice show, with lot of interesting actions, and unexpected comebacks. All map were entertaining but all of them won by 3m (final score was 4-0 for them). Third place was taken by ak after onesided game against agl.First league was on a high level of organization and games. Headadmins (hamster and mik) did a very good job.
Games on 2nd league were more interesting then 1st. In both groups there were clans, which had the first league aspirations. Group A was totaly dominated by BOD. They went through group games without any loss. In second place was 2a, they colected strong team before league started. The last team who get promotion to 2ns League play-offs game was Rebels.It was a big succes, beacouse they had a lot of problems with players and connections. 7th place in league was for bnC-clan directed by well knows q2 girl- Kicia. She was the 1st woman who played in PLQ2. Group B was owned by BDJ, like BOD, they won evry game. Second place surprisingly went to Lot, clan with CTF players. Last place guaranteed promotion to play-offs was taken by MPS( the only clan who went for fight with bdj). 100% favourites to promotion to 1st league were BDJ and BOD. They easily won play-offs game. In the final BDJ's didn't give any chance to BOD and won 3-1. In a last chance game BOD beats Xf( the weakest team in 1st league) and in coming seson they will play in 1st league too.

Here is a very small interview with mik, headadmin of PLQ2:

What do u think about the league ?

Nice and smooth... Almost.
Synth thing wasn't nice, but well, it was our fault (eventhough i didn't knew about that faking idea thing - if i knew i would never let this happen, same with some other synth players - we couldve postpone that game).On the other hand because of us being one of the best polish clans, it all looked like we were made an example of - and that imo sucked.There were other incidents imo the same weight as the one which involved synth, and were not punished that harsh.But forgetting about all these bad things. PLQ2, this season lacked good coverage a bit. Next season we're much better prepared for all these matters and I hope it will be better.

What can u tell us about matches in lower division ? How did it happen that clans such as bdj and bod were in 2nd leugue and xf were in 1st

2nd league was a very good idea. There were some mistakes made, like choosing proper teams (I have to say that I didn't really follow choosing clans for 2nd league :( , but there're always mistakes when you try something for the first time. I can imagine that the reason xf was in 1st league was their win in Q2L - other quake2 league for more novice clans.Why Bod and bdj in 2nd then ? Because of their little activity at the time teams were chosen.Now we have all these things sorted out so there shouldn't be any injustice for any of the teams.

Some links:
demos, website (polish only)

2004-01-26 12:41 
ag :3
2004-01-16 05:37 
Kicia pamietasz mnie to ja C
2004-01-13 19:06 
Aye, I do!
2004-01-13 18:58 
kicia owns!
2004-01-13 18:14 
zloy what is so funny ?
2004-01-13 15:59 
"7th place in league was for bnC-clan directed by well knows q2 girl- Kicia", Guandi, ROFL
2004-01-13 11:52 
2004-01-13 11:31 
GW! ***

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