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Qlive LAN with purri & mobius2013-09-18 09:49 | kabysdoh
Quakelive event called 'Prague LAN TDM 4v4' will be held this weekend. The notable things about it are that it is beeing run by wision, and also that purri and mobius will participate.

The system as follows: all the teams are placed into 3 tiers to play vs each other in the tier as a group round, and then there will be playoff stage accordinly the results.

The players and teams to take part are:

Hier tier:
deliberate murder (Cooller, Latrommi, pavel, 421)
Team CZE (flatecek, krysa, fragma, debtorr)
4 old men (fazz, fox, noctis, tybalt)
300! (purri, SPART1E, mobius, dem0n)
lemmings effect (lars, prodx, gwynplaine, kinko)

Mid tier:
Onfire (p1s, mdf, Kujiwa, Ulises31)
tdmpickup (krz, tyke, pecka, unnamedtony)
chubz' (chubz, draven, twister, noobakilla)
pigs (ani, kill, muzyk, stripy)

Low tier:
Vertigo (vespx, Premon, bestiooo, Lam)
drunken iDiots (Legie, rindo, nekvic, blackf1re)
Rebels (Karby, kozo, He4rt, dloob)
last (deotrip, Fargold, cityy, damned1)
mini (enJoY, Centinela, tina, bonfire)

Prize pool:

1st place - 600 euro & 4x ZOWIE EC2 EVO black mouse
2nd place - 400 euro & 4x ZOWIE G-CM (XL) mousepad
3rd place - 200 euro
4th-8th places - 50 euro

Even tho the prize pool is obviously not the biggest in the history of Quake, what doesn't wonder since it consists of the donations made by users, the event seem to be well organized, what doesn't wonder aswell since the person to care of it is wision. All the participants will be delivered from the airport with a special bus, and also Id Software will provide the special LAN servers for it that the games would be played on the lowest ping possible.

The official stream: link
The schedule: link
Announcement on ESR by wision: link

So let's everyone watch and cheer for Quake 2 players. Go, play> !

2013-09-26 02:08 
Putka was there as well.. just as a spectator tho.
2013-09-23 16:14 
yes tei, 102 is the winnter of the tournament, and let's remember that play> won the last ql TDM lan, they did great this time too !
2013-09-21 08:30 
I dont see any problem with this news post rl, Imo there should be more on this page. News from all quake competitions and not only and especialy when q2 players are prezent. This website would be more entertaining with more activity like news posts. Hope Purri team wins, wish them luck !
2013-09-19 12:09 
1. its, not
2. Premon was also a Q2 player.
2013-09-19 09:29 
Go Go > ! =) emo

I might watch a few games if streaming isn't too laggy..

Impressive prizes emo

I hope purri (and perhaps mobiuz too) will consider edl when returning home.

But now it's all quakelive understandably.

edit:: damn, purri team didn't make it all the way. 4th place :\
But i guess they played for fun and the prizes was more like bonus features.
Is Team "deliberate murder" the Winner 102 ?

Edited: 2013-09-23 13:49

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