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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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2013 Aficionado Assembly2013-04-03 18:49 | Welkin

Correctamundo! The news of the annual Q2 SPB LAN is upon us! And with its third edition it'll really come with a bang!

Confirmed attendants include Russian behemoths K1RU, optiMus, AiD, rpg, celer, stigmata, UMUSTDIE; Ukrainian legend Blaizz and rising star Sol, and possibly many other surprising names - foreign and not! List to be updated.

Where: St Petersburg, Russia (not Florida). Internet cafe "Cyberside" on Varshavskaja street, 29, 3.
When: May 10 (The majority of people will arrive in the city on May 9, and leave on May 11.)
Price: 700 rubles = ~ €18 (includes computer rental)

Kaby manages the 1v1 and 2v2 competitions. Live streams of games will be, so stay tuned if you can't make it there in person!

Finally we are up to announce the prizes that our partners: ES-Gaming, FastVPS and Gametrix kindly provided to us:
1st place: 3 000 rubles + Jetseat Gametrix KW 901 JetSeat Sense Live
2nd place: 1 300 rubles + Jetseat Gametrix KW-905 JeatSet Live Sense
3rd place: 700 rubles + Headset A4Tech HS-2

We truly strive to make this an international event, and many non-Russians are seriously considering going. This could be the most exciting Q2 gathering in a very long time and for many years to come, so think twice before missing out on it!

Here's a wild calculation of the costs you would/might face:
- flight (return trip): Warsaw €260, Krakow €295, Gdansk €290, Vilnius €170, Helsinki €180, Stockholm €200, New York $770
- hostel (same place as the comrades): €15/night
- visa: €35
- travel insurance: €5/day
- food: €10-15/day ??

So just going for the LAN might cost you somewhere around €150-180 + price for the flight...

Remember that you do need to make up your mind fairly quickly, mainly because of the visa application.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, message K1RU here or on IRC.

Click "more & comments" to read K1RU's information message.

Q2 SPB LAN May v3 - live LAN QUAKE2 party.

When: 10 May 2013
Where: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Internet cafe "Cyberside"
Cyberside location: St.Pete, Varshavskaja street, 29, 3
Competitions: Quake 2 1v1, 2v2
Map list: q2dm1, q2dm3, ztn2dm2, ztn2dm3, ptrip, q2rdm1, q2rdm2, q2rdm7, q2duel1, q2duel5, koldduel1 (+q2dm2 in case of Welk's visit :p )

virtusPro.Kaby will be a head admin and manager of this competition. Also a live stream will be provided form the "Cyberside".
The short list of the players who will take part in this event for 100%:

A lot of other players have not decided yet to play or not to play, so probably we may see a lot of them.

All Russian q2 community are extremely waiting for Welkin, Isbjorn and other EU players. You are all welcome, don't be afraid of "wild" Russia, you will be surprised how friendly we are :)
If you need any assistance (like hotel booking and so on) you are free to contact me (K1RU).

So take you mouses, configs and go for the glory :)

2013-05-12 10:46 
demos (K1RU pov)
2013-05-12 10:27 
yea kinex is right. Make some informations about matches, results maybe some screens or demos emo emo
2013-05-12 09:10 
any demos, recorded material, vod etc? i missed it.
2013-05-10 06:25 
2013-05-10 01:40 

Edited: 2013-05-10 01:41
2013-05-04 00:54 
an introductory stream coming up this weekend at 18 cet (2 parts), so welcome yet you do speak russian emo

Edited: 2013-05-04 00:55
2013-04-25 13:11 
I checked if I could make it to this LAN, as it would have been nice to have experienced this emo. Unfortunately I can't make this trip with such short notice as I have other things planned.

Have fun! emo
2013-04-23 07:20 
wow. nice!
2013-04-21 13:26 
i corrected the news a little bit and added the prizes info. hope that welkin doesnt mind.

be nice to visit our partners websites and buy everything! emo

Edited: 2013-04-21 13:26
2013-04-18 22:08 
dav good idea emo
2013-04-13 10:55 
LAN in Poland? Why not, good idea emo
2013-04-13 04:15 
rl: instead of all these "joking?" posts, how about bringing some actual content to the table?

teioch: i agree, russia has an advantage that way, but germany would never be a good option. poland on the other hand, there you'd be a lot closer to what they're able to muster in russia.
2013-04-12 14:04 

u r joking, right?
2013-04-12 12:45 
This is why I think Russian Lans are a recurring, working concept!
It operates swiftly and they have these kinds of resources.
I doubt we can get anything like this to work in eu.
Really, it's v hard competing Russians in this matter. emo

Even if we would maybe manage a lan provided with enough resources in maybe Germany, I just feel we're talking other prices in total cost.
And how many would really come?
Somehow I think it's easier coming to a lan with already many attenders going 'by standard'.
2013-04-12 04:51 
we are going to record the stream, the interviews and share the photos for sure. i hope we will get the dedicated semi-pro photographer from team to do this job.

when working with him, we usually upload the stuff on-air, but it will take time to add the english subtitles. if anyone is up to do this job on-air aswell, that guy should msg me. it can be done really fast then.

Edited: 2013-04-12 04:52
2013-04-09 12:01 
I think it would be a good idea to record this event, obviously I do not mean to record demos, I say something like The QuakeCon, including interview with players. emo
2013-04-06 13:17 
yeah, some guys was gonna make an event in cologne.
2013-04-06 10:55 
kaby: you have a good point, but there's always places like that in big cities, so it shouldn't be impossible. also, i hope you don't think we're trying to draw any attention away from this lan event, or compete with it in any way. we're only saying that we might need to arrange something for all the europeans that won't be showing up for events in st pete, if there is an interest at all. that would be at another time of the year than when the SPB event is taking place. best thing would be to be able to attract players to both events, if it happens.

i have never heard of any plans for an anniversay party.. when was that? 2007?
2013-04-06 06:56 
i guess it's much more harder to launch anything of this kind in europe because you don't seem to have any computer clubs, so you need to rent the place with proper internet connected and also computers, and tables for them and network hardware.

not like anything is impossible, you just should keep in mind that every of these things have their cost.

the big advantage of russian lan is that we have a huge experience of organization and a premade place that is 100% working as it should.

however, i hope you go further than with anniversary party, when nothing was done after all discussions.
2013-04-05 14:42 
I think it should be possible if enough people are interested.
Poland makes sense, cause there are plenty of players there, so there are people that could help with finding place for LAN.
Personally Sweden is best for me emo I can drive there.
NL is good cause I havent been there yet, would be interesting. But noone lives there.
2013-04-05 13:23 
Because he lives there i think emo

I said fi or se just because there is still lots of ppl playng q2, even if they not active but i`m sure they would participate at q2 lan party emo

I can find a place in UK (london) if u want emo

Edited: 2013-04-05 13:34
2013-04-05 09:35 
what what
2013-04-05 08:10 
imo, what makes poland a good option is that 1) it holds a lot(!) of current and former players, 2) it's in the center of all big q2 nations, 3) polish people may have less funds for traveling far away to a lan (my apologies if this is a prejudice!) than people in western europe (and i suppose a lan like this would mainly be for those who feel st pete is too difficult or too far away = non-russians).

though there's several more variables to consider for a project like this, in order to make it as successful as possible.

are you thinking of amsterdam because it's a big air travel hub, or what?
2013-04-05 07:36 
.fi or .se ? joking, right? imo .nl is the best option if you ask me.
2013-04-05 06:54 
yea welk thats what im tryng to say! Need more of these lan partys and more time to book tickets etc etc..

Poland is a good choice as well, but what about nl, se, fi or uk?
2013-04-05 02:50 
nrk: congrats! hope you'll be able to make it anyway!

rl: much like ceba already said, this is a russian lan hosted and initiated by russians, but open to everybody. i'm not sure i agree that it's such a terrible place (not ideal, but absolutely not terrible) considering how big portion of today's active q2 community is based in russia, and st petersburg is almost as far west as you can get there. yes, the visa situation is troublesome, but not impossible to deal with for people from the EU.

perhaps we should start talking about when and where to host another annual lan event? a big polish city with good travel communications, sometime in the late summer, early fall (before the leagues start up)?
2013-04-04 14:27 
rl - its russian LAN. emo So its up to other Europeans whether to come or not.
I am just glad that its not restricted and not only russians are invited and welcome.
Like I said they are showing a nice example that even in this old game a LAN is possible. And as I can see it will have quite a decent amount of attendees.
2013-04-04 13:20 
"...and rising star Sol" lold.

couple things: pretty bad place for such lan (vis problems for some ppl), it's pretty far for...everybody and it's pretty damn cold out there. i totally agree with playOK's, .nl would be a perfect place!
2013-04-04 11:57 
A bit bad timing, because its only one month left :/ But i`m still thinking about it, but really doubt it, one month after lan party i`m getting married and i`m on saving mode now emo

Too bad that it`s not on autumn or august right before edl and other leagues. And WE ALL rly need to think about it, i mean more often do these lan party`s. I dont think its a big issue, since we all grow up with this game and we not 14-17yrs kids asking parents for money or what so ever, if u know what i mean emo
2013-04-04 11:29 
So next LAN is at your place playOK?
2013-04-04 11:05 
ceba, i think Netherlands are the best spot emo
2013-04-04 10:57 
Great news emo
Other European countries should think of something like that too emo

Edited: 2013-04-04 10:58
2013-04-04 08:23 
Also we are looking for a sponsors for any prize money. But you should keep in mind that quake2 is not the MOST popular game in the world, so... But we will try to do our best!

Edited: 2013-04-04 08:29
2013-04-04 08:20 
Hey everybody!

I have unconfirmed information about prizes.
Kaby told (top secret) me that will provide a gaming devices as prizes (mouses, keyboards and so on). I will have confirmation to the end of this week (and the list of these devices too). So stay tuned!
2013-04-04 07:35 
well, i'm happy any which way you'd be able to make it!
2013-04-04 07:16 
Welkin : bigger prize pool means more chance for me to attend, i don't think my team/sponsors will send me there if the prizes are not "interesting" emo , don't get me wrong

also, why not, if i will attend, i will be sure to practice well for it and why not compete with such high-level players, you guys know me well emo
2013-04-04 05:31 
gonna be interesting ! emo
2013-04-04 03:02 
sofiene: you would only attend if there would be big prizes for you to win in the tournaments versus optimus, kiru, aid, blaizz, etc? emo

just adding that i think it'd be great if you came.

Edited: 2013-04-04 04:00
2013-04-03 19:54 
I don't see any mention of prize money whatsoever, at least not according to the news.

Really nice there's a rental computer included in the price of the lan. so u could only go with the mouse, possibly keyboard, drivers, paks and configs. And other necessities. emo

""(+q2dm2 in case of Welk's visit :p )"" emo

Sound a bit tempting tbh. But I won't go. Hope to see other non-russians attending.

great news. emo
2013-04-03 19:05 
If you can get a higher prize-money ( try talking to some sponsors, make it big, im sure it is doable !!!! ) i may then attend, if not, really Nice stuff from you guys to keep q2 and q2 lans alive, really nice !!!!!

P.S : Africans not accepted ? emo

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