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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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TURNIEJOS ONE DEJOS !2012-03-12 09:51 | `norman
In 2 days - on wednesday 14th of march DoDDy and PLQ2 Crew want to present you a one day multi-mod tournament called "TURNIEJOS ONE DEJOS".

It will be based on 3 not regulary played mods, but really fun to play sometime. It's gonna be a CTC, RA2 and KICK event.

If you're not familiar with the shortnames CTC is the Catch The Chicken mod in which the goal is to simply catch the chicken and hold it as long as you can!

RA2 is the famous Rocket Arena 2 - the mod which have been played massively on early days of Quake 2 and this is like back to the roots. It can be compared to Rocket Arena 3 in Quake 3 and Clan Arena in Quakelive.

KICK is basically a football game put into the Quake 2 engine. You wanna feel like a Messi among Grunts? You should try it.

The planned start is about 19:00 CET but you should tell a word to the admins a bit earlier about your participation. They also ask you to download the mods before the tournament start and check if everything is ok after joining the servers. (download links and ip's below)

If you got any question go to #turniejos @

Anyone is free to sign up. The games will probably be played on these 3 PLANETQUAKE servers hosted by urbasek:


Link for mods: (UPDATED)

RA2 - - now it's the correct ra2 mod package


2012-04-29 13:25 
cunts stole my idea lol even the mods I planned exactly same emo

Nevermind, still be running my events soon emo

I'll post on here when I have more info on the HoQ Q2 Fun Nights (servers will be UK, unless any1 can help with an NL/DE server. /msg me on Qnet - #HoQ
2012-04-20 05:17 
i wonder who deleted my post and more,why ?....
2012-03-22 05:03 
i guess MCS_FaderJok0's post summs up this not so interesting discussion.
2012-03-16 13:48 
Who the hell cares if they only want Polish people in THEIR tournament? Let them do what they want.

Sofiene: African Quake 2 scene doesn't exist. In my eyes, there's only people who do, and people who do not play Quake 2.
2012-03-15 11:49 
there is alot of polish players but that the same time,there is alot of euro players,Poland is a part of europe so why not making these tournaments/leagues on euro servers,not only in poland cause some players ping so high in poland and the ping is kinda equal in DE/NL but Revo is right,plq2 dont care much about euro ppl.

about the community,it is divided into euros,polish,usa,brazil,chili,africa and the aq2 guys (who are all together i think),the q2 scene is not that small but it is divided into countrys who dont want to bother with others and the fact of making polish only servers (in this case) show that some countrys dont bother with others (in q2).

about this tournament,it is already played,2 euros and 1 african played on it with some polish ppl ofc (APKIS,mg` and me),i played with 200-300 ping,was fun playing new mods,could have been better with lower ping.

let's hope we see more of these tournaments.
2012-03-14 16:29 
APKIS pm me @quakenet ;-)
2012-03-14 14:53 
It's comments or thoughts like these that take away the little hope we have left to have somewhat unified on line based community left in q2 if you ask me:

"There are some issues with that point tho,

- its organised by plq2 crew and as anyone knows they just dont bother with euro ppl"

I'm not saying that you are not allowed to have Polish only tournaments.

But in this case it seems that you want to attract more players to this tournament, as it mainly seems to be about having fun. If the only thing needed to accomplish this would be to switch a 'IP address' to automatically able a higher number of players no matter what flag the server has, then it would be a wiser move for the majority. Only of course if the number of players would turn up to be big from outside of Polish boarders.
2012-03-14 07:57 
What is your problem?
The tournament is aimed for polish people. Since it is an Open tournament, everybody can join. You decide yourself to join or not.
If you don't like it but you want participate, create/make your own tournament.
I fully support polish side.
2012-03-13 17:44 
plq2 crew never care for euros,its same thing like plq2,why not accepting euro teams ? (non polish)

but that is not the problem atm,if you want euro servers just ask island55 (or maybe mg can host some servers for the night)

and Revo got a point again,why dont the plq2 crew stop the non-care for non-polish ppl.(but the post must be done here,some ppl like playing leagues even with high-ping)
2012-03-13 16:46 
"its organised by plq2 crew and as anyone knows they just dont bother with euro ppl" finally someone admit it!

Imho i think this kind of news should be at the q2pl sites only then, or if they just skip the "everyone can join" and just tells that some polish players will play a tournament.. because this kind of "mother russia" wannabe style is kinda.. pathetic
2012-03-13 14:22 
There are some issues with that point tho,

- its organised by plq2 crew and as anyone knows they just dont bother with euro ppl

- there arent any euro servers with those mods - however its possible probably by talking to island55
2012-03-13 12:30 
thx for updating the mods emo

Revo got a point in here,better play in NL/DE servers (polish and euros will get equal pings,and USA players will not have very high ping...african will be the high pingers as usual emo )

but i dont think they will change it.....
2012-03-13 12:09 
Nice to see some RA2 action again. Though it sucks for the non-pol players to play RA2 and kick with 3x higher ping. Once again, why not play on .nl/.de servers?
2012-03-13 06:02 
I like ra2.
2012-03-13 06:02 

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2012-03-12 14:14 
never tryed RA2 (only CA in ql) must be so fun

looking forward for some nice games emo

EDIT: downloaded the RA2 file but i get a quake4 file ( with .pk4 files etc..) emo

Edited: 2012-03-12 19:38
2012-03-12 10:08 

I for sure miss these servers (populated) that is emo

GL to all.
2012-03-12 10:07 
Sign up will be available with bot in about one hour before tournament start. Bot will create a teams and choose three random players which get a small present.

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