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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Hammer Time Tournament2011-09-06 11:12 | Welkin
This Sunday, September 11th, 19.30 CET, norman and neon are bringing us a one-day tournament.

The competition is to be played out on one map only, namely Hammer Time - a new and yet untried TDM map, constructed by Shao. Download here, and loc here.

TDM 4v4 with mixed teams. Players will be distributed among the teams in the same manner as in the typical gibb/pickup events (Gibblördag example).

It's open for everyone, and you sign up either by making a comment on the ScenaQ2 page here, or by messaging norman or neon on IRC. Deadline: Sunday, Sep 11, 19.00.

Players limit will be set to either 24 or 32, depending on the interest, but if the limit is all ready hit when you wish to sign up, you will be listed as a substitute.

You verify your registration by joining the IRC channel - #q2ht.tour at Qnet - on Sunday, between 19.00 and 19.30. Those who fail to show up, will be replaced by substitutes.

The games will take place on Polish servers, and the grand final will be covered by GTV and a shoutcast.

Other details:
Timelimit 15
Groupstage, bo1
Final, bo3

2011-09-13 01:48 
avgp 12 vs avgp 44 :p
2011-09-12 14:43

Edit section quite fine translated.
Demos available and so emo
2011-09-11 02:39 ONLINE 19:00 Quake 2 Hammer Time Tour Event #1
2011-09-08 08:51 
I dont get what you mean, the "sides" you are talking about doesnt even exists. You cant really compare the whole world as one side and poland as the other. And even if its 20% non-pol-players, its still better to play at a equal server in .de/.nl where you ping 40-50 from pol instead of playing at a server where you ping 10 and the rest 60+ with a huge amount of pl.
2011-09-08 05:28 
Good initiative!

But if you want to make this a 'Euro' or 'Open' for all event. I'm sure it would be more neutral and fun for the vast majority to have it in .DE/.NL due to a bigger number of players being able to play.

Not sure about the map, haven't seen it, does not matter, I want new maps in all mods and wanted it since +5 years emo
2011-09-07 16:54 
Thanks for posting it Welkin.

2b precise: the map is on digital nl/de servers already.

The sum of polish players pain on euro servers is now bigger then sum of euro players pain on pl servers due to number of players on each side.
2011-09-07 13:33 
well,the idea is great,a new map (thx to shao) and a one-day tournament,but like Revo said,playing it in polish servers sux,i personally ping 120 in the polish TDM servers and its not fun to play 100 + ping vs 10...i suggest playing on an NL server,where polish and other euros ping good,also,hope that the shoutcast is on english too.......we must try to fusion the euro scene and polish scene to get the ultimate q2 community emo
2011-09-07 11:48 
That's an excellent point. Norman/Neon, what say you?
2011-09-06 17:04 
"The games will take place on Polish servers" - Then it will be pol-tourney-only since pol servers sucks for everyone except pol players, when shall you learn? Put the map on a good .de/.nl server instead and a lot of more players will sign. Playing with laggy 60+ ping vs 10pingers aren't that fun.

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