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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Quake II: Physics by n00k!e2011-07-22 15:06 | SEBbull
Quake 2 - the game we all love was released over 12 years ago, can you imagine? One could say that after all those years, we (the players) have learned the game to the bits, that we know every single secret, every single line of its source code. How wrong would that be, huh?

Yes, even though the game was released over a decade ago, we still haven't got full understanding of our beloved platform. There are still many mysteries around the game that baffle us on daily basis. One of those unexplained mysteries are the jumps of all sorts and movement physics in general.

There is probably not a single player who hasn't tried to get his/her head around the jumps, the proper values of maxfps commands and relation of those two. The most of us have settled for a single, comfortable setting to play on, leaving the issue unresolved (as it seems that different CPU configurations lead to different settings, best fit for an individual player on an individual computer). There are, however, players who took more serious approach. The jumpmod players have researched the issue more extensively, as they have to know how to utilize the best setting to perform a specific jump, in order to complete the maps. Among them is a Pole - n00k!e, champion of the last JUMP tournament and arguably one of the best jumpmod players ever.

Turns out that the jump-fps issue has haunted n00k!e in his sleep for so long, that he decided to resolve the issue once and for all, taking a role of an an experimental physicist of the Quake 2 in the Strogg facility. After years of extensive research and countless experiments, he is finally proud to announce that his work has paid off. He's just turned all the data he's gathered into a fine piece of writing, Quake II: Physics, explaining how certain aspects of Quake 2 physics work. If you want to understand the game you love a bit more, or you just enjoy looking at the plots and graphs, be sure to check the paper, here.

Quake II: Physics
:: Author: n00k!e
:: URL: click!

2012-01-04 15:09 
Wow, really interesting read. This is why is jumping so funny - great job emo
2011-10-28 19:04 
Interesting read, I think the same thing is in DooM. If you strafe against a wall facing north you'll get high amounts of speed.

I think its caused how their in-house map editor is coded, maybe doom's and maybe even quake 1's map editor is coded on the same concept.

Hovewer, this does not exist as far as i know in quake 3, maybe they realized the flaws?
2011-07-27 10:05 
2011-07-26 07:52 
Lots of nerdy stuff but it was definetly interesting to read emo
2011-07-24 07:08 
emo emo
2011-07-23 20:55 
Awesume stuff for Quake nerds. emo

Thanks n00k1e (and draxi) for making this. emo

JMPS roxx!! emo
2011-07-22 19:40 
awesume,very very good job in here nook,now i understand why sometimes it fell like you fly in dm8 emo

well done nook,really well done ! emo
2011-07-22 18:51 
wow very well done! I must say I had absolutely no clue about all this earlier. I just have always had trouble strafejumping on dm8, now I kinda understand why.

Too bad you couldn't really explain the whole FPS thing but I suppose it's a 3D coding issue.

I wonder if the guys at id software knew about it when they made the game emo

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