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avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 3, 14.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 2, 8.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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FB, AprQ2, the Dredge & UniCTF2011-03-18 08:53 | SEBbull
What makes a game community great is not only the number of players and/or leagues running. It is the people who are passionate enough to invest their spare time into a project dedicated for other players' enjoyment. Luckily, our ever-shrinking community still have a few such people.

To take advantage of the growing community of Facebook, sofiene has decided to create a FB magazine dedicated solely for the the latest news from the world. If you are one of those FB freaks who spend all their free time there, rather than on quakenet, be sure to check it out and hit the LIKE button for your daily scene updates. BTW Facebook, if you haven't already, be sure to join the q2scene group, which has been around for quite some time now, and can be found here.

If you are one of those Linux or MacOS users, who love Quake2, but were discouraged by the lack of good client on those platforms, I have some good news. Jay Dolan, seeing the latest AprQ2 out-of-date and the project itself got abandoned by original creator, took over the existing code! He has since made some fixes, implemented the updated R1Q2 Protocol 35 and polished the code, so that Mac and Linux users can have a decent platform- a stable, feature-rich client to play on. If you are interestes, be sure to head to the project site to grab the files and learn more.

It's always good to see retired players coming back to the game. Be it to actively play, to simply observe, or to create something community has never seen before. Peter Lindström, alias Welkin comes back with his world's only quake2 blog - the Dredge. On the blog, Welkin, under the name of Judge Dredd, I mean, Judge Dredge is going to review and express his opinion on his favourite games, both the contemporary ones (the Game of the Week) and almost ancient now (Blast from the Past). Be sure to read what he has written by now, here.

Remember the UniCTF idea, Newash had not so long ago? The mod to combine what's best from both (T)DM and CTF? No? In short words, capturing the flags on doubled dm maps without the ever-hated-in-dm-scene grapple. For more information check the forums, or take a glance on the project's polish website (the Mapy section to get an idea about the maps and the downloads), or visit the #unictf channel on quakenet. Now that you are familiar with the concept, you might want to know that Harven incorporated the UniCTF into his TDM mod. AFAIK, the UniCTF itself is still in the beta phase, so in order to test it out in real game situations, urbasek set up two servers on his Germany-located planetquake platform with the UniCTF mod.

What's more, urbasek with the help of goat and stasiek decided to organize a UniCTF league for all the clans (not only the polish ones!) who are interested in playing the UniCTF beta for fun and in the meantime finding the bugs in a organized-games manner. The rules are yet to be written, but the most crucial information can be found on the end of the newsitem. The website is the part of the same database as plq2, and can be found here.

q2scene on Facebook:
:: q2scene group: CLICK
:: q2scene magazine: CLICK

Updated AprQ2, working on Linux and MacOS:
:: Author: Jay Dolan
:: URL:
:: Tastyspleen's thread: CLICK

The Dredge:
:: Author: Welkin
:: URL:

:: UniCTF idea: Newash
:: UniCTF website: CLICK
:: UniCTF forums thread: CLICK

UniCTF Cup:
:: Cup URL:
:: IRC: #unictf (@ quakenet)
:: Admins: urbasek, goat, stasiek
:: Signups deadline: 20th(?) March, CLICK
:: Rules: clans of minimum 5 players, maximum 10; tl 20, weapon stay 1, tp 4, powerups 1, bfg 1; 4v4; q2uctf1-q2uctf9 and lfctf10

2011-03-23 01:53 
wish I had time to play some ctf ;\ or anything at all :-D
2011-03-19 09:27 
thanks alot, foen! i sure appreciate that! i just love the "whatever his motives" part! emo
2011-03-18 16:16 
Sofiene, great idea and good job there. Just make sure I know all important games in running leagues. emo I might even spec one or two!

Also very nice to see Welkin back with q2. What ever his motives are, outcome so far is great! Keep up the good work!
2011-03-18 09:13 
Are you kidding? emo
this new apr has to be check out.

..and happy capturing!
2011-03-18 09:08 
Sorry for my lateness and being out of creative shape emo

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