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Q2 season 2010/20112010-09-21 03:51 | SEBbull
We are well into September now. To all QII players, it only means one thing. A brand new Q2 season!

At the end of last season, the future of q2scene sure looked bleak at best and it could make you wonder if there will be a new season. Fortunately, there are still some guys around who care about q2 community and don't want to let it die. Seeing that no one suitable is willing to run the leagues, wision decided to step in once again, despite him saying he quit adminning. So be sure to send him a thank you via scene messenger or IRC query!

With everyone craving some competition, wision had no choice, but to open signups for both EDL and EUROQ2L as soon as he took over. So if you are willing to play, be sure to sign up quick, as the time is running out with deadlines being respectively 30th and 25th September! Make sure to visit league sites for more information and remember to check them frequently for any announcements, as the rules for both leagues are not final yet!

Also I'm sure you've already noticed, but I've got to mention for those few who didn't. There's a new article available at the top! It's a small prelude to the new season, written by Delita. Be sure to check that out (CLICK) and expect more from him to come!

A quick roundup:
EDL #9:
Signups deadline: 30th September, CLICK
Admins: wision (head), Litrium and Careem
IRC: #edl

EUROQ2L #14:
Signups deadline: 25th September, CLICK
Admins: wision (head), biah
IRC: #euroq2l

Let's hope 2x2, NiDML, Edge and finally NDML(!) will follow :)! GL and HF!

2010-09-21 15:00 
mmm ... and RDL too emo

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