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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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NoFake2010-07-09 09:19 | Gravgon
NoFake is a new tool that was developped by a group of Polish players to help fighting against nick faking on servers.

It currently runs only on TDM mod servers and it's already been implemented (and enforced) on a couple of them.

You can read more about NoFake in biah's news

wision considers adding NoFake to opentdm servers but before he does so, he would like to know your opinion about it.

Please post what you think about that in the comments !

2010-07-20 11:09 
i think i will never go to Liverpool again emo
2010-07-19 15:48 
Quiet Bobek! Or you can find your own restaurants next time. emo
2010-07-19 10:27 
thats what famous faker says emo)
2010-07-19 08:59 
I suggest having nofake on all common servers at all times. Even without league matches. Kinda getting sick of whiney one letter players turning up or people with stupid names trying to hide the fact that they are ether hacking or attempting to beat me under a fake name because they are scared in case they lose. emo:
2010-07-18 10:28 
It can be good if "Nofake" will works when:

1) Teamplay MOD must have some new internal game mode , for example "League game". Nofake must works only with this new game mode.

2) Before start the League games teams must vote for this new game mode (it must be written in rules)

3) If no active players on the server, new game mode must be replaced with some default game mode (so nofake will not-active too)


Such algorithm will good for practice and free-games.
Because nofake is needed only in league games...

4) Teamplay mod must have exception for GTV servers connection.

2010-07-14 16:12 
There will be fakes on no matter what. emo
2010-07-14 08:31 
I like it! Not that I will even be around long enough to see the effects. emo

However, it's good because like Jakkari said, Razor is lurking around servers using peoples names, including mine and using his hacks along with it. Now I go on servers and people call me cheat before I even get a word in edge ways!

Not just that but also I am sick of people trying to slide onto a server under a fake nick trying to beat me in 1v1... which quite frankly never happens, but it's annoying anyhow.

I suppose the down point is that everyone would have to pick a specific name and stick with it. I personally have 4 names and like them all. emo

Edited: 2010-07-15 12:08
2010-07-14 07:11 
Razor!! emo
2010-07-10 09:30 
I got sick of playing with "a", "player" "player-drunk" etc. guys with that nicks almost all time disconnect, wrote shit etc. and even cheat whith nicks like Jakkari[Wizzard] hi razor. ban cheaters with dynamic ip, playing with real nicks, of course that NF rox.
2010-07-09 09:27 
I'll start: I'm not against its use in league matches but that's my "admin" point of view.

If I were still playing actively, I'd view this as a restriction to one of the basic freedom of the game and of video games in general: using a nickname.

I would want to be able to use any nick I want, be it Gr4vg0n or Gravsticles or gravity-gone or grv or grav or le Gravgon or Soulwax.

If there's a poll, I'd vote "for" because I'm only involved in adminning these days but I still wanted to give my point of view as a player emo

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