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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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TDM quo vadis?2010-03-17 15:48 | SEBbull
If you don't follow the comments on almost all q2scene, you might miss some crucial discussions about the scene and its leagues. So here are two most recent ones, if you haven't heard yet:

NDML9: Invitational
There hasn't been any official nations game in ages. Why's that? Oh, right, the last NDML season was canceled after only 8 teams signed up... We've spent a year (sobbing and) waiting for the NDML9 to come. And here it is! A few days ago, Gravgon announced he is looking for active teams to compete in a new season of the league! The number of teams, which was not enough for the league to be run last year (8), was said to be enough this year. But as it turns out, it's not that easy to gather 8 nations to play. This spawned a discussion what to do so the league starts and, as Gravgon put it, doesn't feel "forced" with half-active teams and imaginary countries. That's when the NDML9: Invitational idea emerges, but that leaves a bunch of questions: who to invite, on what conditions, what would be the league layout, considering the small number of teams. How would you like the league to look like? How do you see it? Post your ideas HERE!

EUROQ2L 14: new quality
If we are redesigning NDML to fit the situation the scene is in (activity?), why not to tweak EUROQ2L a bit? If you are not fully satisfied with the running season of the league, or you have some ideas, which could possibly lead to more interesting EUROQ2L 14, you might want to q2scene forums and read duco's 'ideas and changes' thread. The current topic of the discussion is the mappool, so if you have any ideas regarding adding and/or removing any maps or you know a level, which you think would make a great tdm map, go ahead and leave your post there! Of course, the discussion is not limited to the mappool, so if you have any other ideas, which would make the league a better one, feel free to share them HERE!

Remember, the scene needs your opinion! :)

2010-03-21 09:19 
hahah =)
2010-03-21 06:34 
cheimera: yes, i just recommend.. and covell i allready told you and you didnt get it. Shame on you! You have too big mouth in little head emo
2010-03-20 10:57 
nah chm, ignore that hibru, he has brain damage emo
2010-03-18 08:43 
hibru dident you quit q2? So why do you even care?
2010-03-18 07:22 
Lets change the admin crew.
2010-03-18 06:08 
As usually, if someone needs something to be hosted I'll try to be as helpfull as always with that.

You know where to reach me!
2010-03-18 04:57 
GJ sebull, I have forward these news to ESR:

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