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Pre-match iview with purri2009-03-24 11:04 | *rl*
Big match tonight, almost whole q2scene is waiting for it. In the meanwhile, you can read an interesting interview with PURRI. He talked about his opponent, and his chances in this match...

Enjoy reading (PS. thx G.)

question 1: Will you win tonight?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
Yes, I think so

question 2: Your prediction on the mapscore?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
It's really hard to say, Im not beeing overly confident if I say 3-1 to me, but does not matter. As long as Im happy with the game.

question 3: Your last edl-game vs damiah dates from 17 may 2007 ( You lost that one with 2 to 3 maps. What will make the difference this time? In other words: what will make you a better player then Damiah tonight?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
Its hard to explain, but even if I lost that last edl game I felt like I was better overall that day. But that does not change the fact that I lost and Damiah is a very good player. The difference this time is that it has been 2 years since we played last time in edl. Both can win, but I hope I have my groove on for real this time.

question 4: Can you describe your and Damiah's duel-playstyle , 1 sentence for each?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
I think we have 2 very different styles. Im more about speed, aim and agressiveness. While he is more about playing it safe, slow and patient but with some nasty aim at times.But this does not explain how we play all the time. This is just a generalisation but there are exeptions to both players. Thats why I think we both manage to come to the top all the time, we can adapt.

question 5: Fill in
Better chain aim: Damiah/Purri
Better RL aim: Damiah/Purri
Better rg aim: Damiah/Purri
Better movement: Damiah/Purri
Better stress-control: Damiah/Purri
Better map-knowledge (overall): Damiah/Purri
Smarter player: Damiah/Purri:
Most patient: Damiah/Purri
Most sex-appeal: Damiah/Purri

Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
I would say PURRI on all exept RL/most patient/smarter player but its VERY hard to define and in many cases its 55-45% etc

question 6: Which game did you enjoy most so far in this EDL season?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
The only game I was really looking forward to is Damiah game. I was hoping that Asassin put up more of a fight but did not happen. So Im hoping that Damiah brings his A game tonight

question 7: Who, other then Damiah, might be a candidate for the "grand final"? So far we have left: Aone, Jol, Provi, Ibogine, gerppa, turricane in the loser bracket. In other words: If you win tonight, who can beat Damiah in the loser bracket final?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
Usually the hardest one exepct Damiah would be Provi. This season he has struggled more than usual. But if he starts playing more he will be the hardest one. Any other making it top 3 would be a small surprice but it is not impossible of course!

question 8: next question: Do you/will you watch Damiah's edl demos to learn his tactics and be able to anticipate more in the game itself ?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
I wont have time to watch demos of Damiah since I will be home just before the game and I need to warmup a few maps which is more important that watching demos at this stage. I hope that it will be enough this time.

question 9: Which is your best and worst map this season?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
Im pretty all around I would like to think. It depends on my opponent. I always choose maps after my opponents most likely weak spots.
Ok, follwing to this statement: Whats Damiah's weak spot?
Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
You will have to see my map picks tonight

question 10: Last question, predict the loser bracket outcome:

Mikael 'PURRI' Tarvainen says:
1/4: aone vs jol= 3-2
1/4: ibogine vs provi= 1-3
1/2: aone vs provi = 1-3
1/2: gerppa vs turri = 2-3
1/1: provi vs turri = 3-1
1/1: damiah vs provi = 3-0

Im shitty at betting though!

2009-03-28 14:07 
gr8 job nice questions ! congratz!!!
2009-03-24 15:26 
forgot DM ? emo
2009-03-24 14:13 
GJ! I like interviews like these.
2009-03-24 12:14 
cool interview. not many questions but interesting ones.
2009-03-24 11:54 
n1 emo gl purri

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