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nickname: arch
country: The Netherlands
real name: Tim Meeuwissen
profession: student

What does the q2scene population think about the Dutch HBQ player Tim 'arch' Meeuwissen ?

Assasin^^: i think that arch has improved this year and played some quality games in playoffs, was good on next1 i think, considering those things u mentioned: skill - ok (ping helps most of the time), aim is same as skill, movement very good, teamplay very good

mg: hi, i mostly rememeber him from i guess semifinals dm1 map, where everything seemed soo easy for hbq. id say skill/aim is good enough for div one but not outstanding since he always plays with lower ping. movement is what i like about him, he's not into camping and does a lot of damage with unexpected forward moves. didnt notice anything in particular about tp, but hes good enough not to be kicked out hbq :)
hm i guess i watched dm1 not in semis, it was vs some polish clan and im not usre since q2scene lags

gerppa: skill: nub, aim: medium, movement: medium, teamplay: high ;]
so in 1 word: homo

NaSSaL: Rich kid fuck who sometimes talk to much. Underated skillwise and a good teamplayer. No ide on movement and aimwise i'd say hes good, not one of the best. Oh and i hate him.

xed: arch sucks :)))

rul_: well, arch is really good tp and tdm q2 player. He shows that he knows howto play in many official games. I think that evryone knows arch and hes skills:P. He is a good jumper as well, i luv hes movement @ dm1 ;). I can only add that i think hes a friendly person with good heart and FFS GAY RG :DD

edwin^: mmm, is not a player who has seen a lot, but I think it is very good with the rail gun.
I think it's a very good player teamplay.

tomi"": sorry mate but i never heard about him

nrk|: Mr. Irc, hes allways online, he allways talks, porn star name Big Mac and about q2 hes g00d, like how he plays, hes good at teamplay imo, aim could be better if he would play more..

nocri: i am not the very best persone to ask these kind of questions, coz i watch demos really seldom and i played vs hbq like 6 times so it is quite hard for me to tell anything

Dimmo: A good guy always when is is asleep or diving

ZeZar: find some one else

spil: well, i think he's good player. especially his teamplay is good. he manages to win the game, even if it looks like he was going to lost it. his movement is not impressive, neither it sucks. if it comes about aiming, he's doing it just fine. His overall skill i think is like 70-75/100

v00: hm well hbq speaks for itself :]
but in my opinion arch fits there perfectely
we played few times vs each other in teams and i must say that his skill is mad (rg,cg) and he has also got a great understanding of teamplay.

atu: Hello. I dont think about him ;) rly i dont have any ideas what can i say about him..

dam1ro: never heard of him

CAREEM: He is an old school player, he grew up with top players which are inactive now. Because of long years experience with good teammates I'd say that Arch's skill is at top level in Q2. Most people think that his aim is a ping only. I doubt that, arch's aim is pretty good. Movement? I was never really spectated him, but I think his movement should be ok after these years. And about his personallity.
I dont know him in a real live, but I do know him over internet. He can be okay if he wants to because sometimes he can be pretty annoying since he wants everything by his way.

__d34d: I will rate in scale of 10. And the moment I saw this player at his best. So skill 7, aim 8, movement 8, teamplay 6.
Only my opinion though. Havent seen him at TDM much. :P

frikaa: simply <3 arch :D

R1CH: i don't really know anyone.. i just code :P

Puma: i haven't seen him play enough to judge.

optimizer: What I first think about when I hear the name arch, might not be about his Q2-achivements, rather than his characteristic performance on IRC. Sometimes he’s spot on and sometimes he’s a little bit blinded by his own pride to see the whole picture, but that’s why I love him, there’s always something to talk and bitch about.
As a Q2-player, I think his strongest side is his teamplay, especially on Q2DM1, I enjoy playing 2on2 with him, as I know that I always can count on him to hold my back. He’s also a pretty good rail keeper on Q2DM3, which I think he shown in the semi-final versus Wizards, off course his location helps him shine as he often got the lowest ping on the server, yet his teamplay never fails where his aim might with higher ping.

mobius: hm sorry i haven't noticed him enough to have any specific opinion.. he's good i guess

DM": arch has a lot of experience in teamplay, i remember him since he was playing with tforce ;) it was long time ago... since then he improved alot, he is very skilled tdm player, he knows how to control his position, how to overtake it... and never forgets that he isint playing alone :) I have played with him several time in one team, i can say when arch is in the team you can enjoy the game
my opinion: arch is one of the best tdm players at the moment for sure... He has it all what a good tdm players need (maybe not movement, because noone can be more perfect in movement than APKIS)

cure: echt zo'n kankernerd heh

neveride: the only thing i can say is that arch is of course high skilled, ols-school player

eon: not a bad player, but an arrogant asshole as well ;), oh hes better then chuck norris

kaby: he is a funny guy from a country who likes other ppl to notice how good is he, actually he is quite ok in tdm, he moves smart and shoots smart, and the main thing that doesn't let me to call him a top player is that he tryes to shows he is a top player too much :) otherwise he is skilled, funny and ACTIVE :)
oh ye, i also heard he sux in insta :(

febl: i don't know arch that much as some ppl from european q2scene, but from my observations, in terms of personality, it is noticeable he is a cool and relaxed guy with specific sense of humour. moreover he seems to be quite wise and reasonable, never had any quarrels with him despite some contacts
speaking of gameplay, currently the best NL player, and top NL player ever :) i really like his style of playing, quite aggresive and smooth movement additionally. a very strong point of hbq, no doubt. i like the way he handles rg :)

Gusius: gerdt, bad inglish speak, sry :(

wision: I spent talking to arch lot of time, so i think i know him pretty well :). Maybe he doesn't seem like that on public, but he's cool. When he's annoying it's just beacuse somebody (usually gerdt/necro/me) annoyed him :).
Otherwise I think that his opinion is usually ok, but sometiems he's just blind :). His skill, aim, movement in general is quite good hence he's HBQ member ;). As for the teamplay i'm not really sure. In my opinion it depends on a map. On q2dm1 he usually does great job in mega or on q2next1 rapes the enemy with quad. But on q2dm3 he's waiting for mega when it's quad in 5 :). But that doesn't happen too often.

Gravgon: arch is way better than what most people think, yet he is less good than what HE thinks. He's become an important player in HBQ over the years. He's very valuable for the control of the map in a game because, just like when you argue with him, he never gives up. He will always keep on trying to get his position back by all the ways he can find and that's usefull for his team because it keeps one of the position always either in control or busy enough to prevent the opponent to be really at ease and use the position at its full extent (example: rail on dm3, even if he doesn't control it, he's putting so much pressure by attacking like a madman that the opponent can't really be a threat to the quadders) the downside of it is that he dies a lot and he sometimes gets very bad net scores. His skills and movements are top in most cases, only his aim is dodgy: it can be really on fire or totally off. about his personality: MJEH he can be very annoying sometimes especially when you try to discuss about q2, he has his own singular vision of the q2 scene but deep down he's probably one of the nicest guy to talk to when it comes to other topics

2008-12-28 14:36 
Gerdt awesome work, was fun to read emo.

The winner of best comment about arch: Gusius with no threat

Edited: 2008-12-28 15:06
2008-12-28 11:59 
I know arch for a long time. I think he's playing q2 for 9 years now.

His previous nickname in q2 used to be Shame^. He played on a 56k6 modem.
He played in dutch q2 clans for clanbase q2 league lqc and exos.

Arch in lqc (CB CUP 2001):

Arch in exos (2003):

Then he was asked for dutch clan tmp.
Arch became good in teamplay, when he joined clan tempus-fugit.
We had a lot of good teamplayers at that time.
On dm3 he kept railgun pretty well.

After tmp stopped playing q2, arch played a while for

Since 2003/2004 Arch is also member of the Netherlands q2 national team:

Currently like feeble said, best NL-player, but best-ever NL player used to be shock^.

I know arch since he was an ubern00b untill now. Some people always have a gradual increase of their skill, so after some years he outperformed me and become much better.
Arch told me his aim didn't increase after his tmp-period. So it must be his teamplay that increased a lot.
Furthermore he's in a clan with oldies like [FOs]nassal, [iQ]Gerdt that are extremely experienced so losing is hard with this teammates.
2008-12-28 07:41 
cure \o/
2008-12-28 04:34 
i can move the spoon with my mind! emo
2008-12-27 14:10 
nickname: arch
country: The Netherlands
real name: Tim Meeuwissen
profession: student

favorite weapon: spoon emo
2008-12-27 04:27 
i know him since the glory days of clan 187^. i never had any problems with him. personally i think arch is one of the most underrated players around the scene.

btw: greetz to dino and massie!
2008-12-26 21:06 
LOL @ Michael Jackson nose emo emo
2008-12-26 15:24 
yea i'm THE BEST!!! emo
2008-12-26 12:57 
Gusius is the best emo
2008-12-26 12:52 
apart from gusius, edwin and tomi owned emo
2008-12-26 12:29 
michael jackson nose
2008-12-26 12:14 
more "don't know how to call it, let's say" interviews like this emo
2008-12-26 12:04 
Gusius thoughts are the best
2008-12-26 11:39 
damn hes ugly emo
now i know why hes 24/7 online emo
joke ;p
2008-12-26 11:26 
there is no spoon!

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