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Columns: Things not to like about q2dm1

Q2DM1 is probably my favorite map of all time. I wont say why, because I fear it's only plain addiction, and trying to justify addiction isn't going anywhere.

Water: Yes, water is bad bad bad! I can jump around q2dm1 all day long without ever even considering going into the water, and you know why? It's no fun, there isn't anything to do there. It's slow, you're an easy frag and you'll more than likely drown if you decide to afk or alt-tab for any weird reasons. The water just slows down the game so much. I'll give it one thing, it's a good protection from railers if you're so lucky to play a lousy one. But I'll get back to the rail sooner or later. So, I rest my case, the water is bad bad bad.

Mega-room: wtf is that all about, putting the mega-health, the chaingun and the yellow armor all in one easily controlled space? It's a gift to campers and we all know camping is bad bad bad, and of course trying to justify the existence of the mega-room is the same as justifying campers. It's just too powerful. Of course I'm talking from a duellers point of view. At least it learns duellers that controlling the map equals no need to move around really. From a FFA'ers point of view q2dm1 should just be the railpool, so they shouldn't really whine too much about it other than the fact that it's a long way from chaingun-spawnpad to the water I guess. In teams it's not half bad, but I want to whine about the bad things really.

Stairs: I have a big love/hate relationship with stairs. The funny thing is I have no love/hate relationship whatsoever with slopes. BECAUSE I NEVER GET STUCK ON A SLOPE! You know exactly what I am talking about, and that's when you're running from the supershotgun towards mega in order to get there before the other guy (taking the lift) gets there. Of course you'll either get massive speed which you'll use to run into your own rockets, or you'll simply fall down because you get stuck on the stairs. Lesson learned is either to accept the defeat and never ever strafejump up stairs (ouch!), or just accept that you'll get extremely aggrivated without any warning at any given time for the entire time you'll play q2.

The fancy jumps: the fancy jumps on q2dm1 are so irritating. First off everyone has seen them (yes, someone showed that guy you played on a russian FFA server the other day that jump too), and for any jump you can do, 10 others can do it backwards with their eyes closed. But the worst part is that you'll spend ages trying to learn them or at least a handfull, then you'll actually try to nail them in a game. Then you'll realize it's time wasted because there are no jumps that can ever win you a game, and the more fancy jumps you'll perform the more jumps you'll miss and the more frustrated you'll get out of something that is completely useless in the end. Fun to some degree, sure. But in the end you realize any jump you can't do at first try will more likely lose you the game than win it. Stick with the jumps you can do without any risks, ignore the rest. And how often do you see a successfull megatakeover from someone jumping from grenadelauncher to mega-entrance? I rest my case.

Grenadelauncher at top of lift: that's just asking for spammage, and I really don't like spammage. Not with GL anyways.

Roof-glitch: everyone knows it and we all laugh at it once. But after that one time it's not funny at all anymore, it's a glitch, you're not supposed to be there and if you do get up it's pretty much already decided whether you'll win the game or lose the game . You'll lose because your opponent is so good you can't do anything else than to fool around on the map, ending up on the roof. Or you'll win because you're so good that you can actually fool around on the map, ending up on the roof. If it was such a clever little thing, we'd see Damiah up on the roof pretty much all the damn time wouldn't we?

Railgun: you'll be suprised when I say this, but there is a good reason the ID guys put the rail in a cave underneath the watersurface in the dark. They just were not very bright at the time when they made the map. The railgun on q2dm1 is so overpowered because 90% of the map is open space, the distances on the map are so huge you'll be able to snipe people who can't do anything back. Now isn't that the most unbalanced thing you'll ever come across? It not only slows down duels to zZZzzzZZz speeds, it also makes teamgames the most frustrating part of quake2, and I wont even mention FFA games.. Use rocketlauncher instead for christs sake, it's way more fancy and you'll have so much more fun with it.

Machine-gun spawn: Ok, tell me why would anyone want to spawn by machinegun in the sewers? It's just asking you to throw the game. It's a machinegun (a machinegun!) placed in the most isolated spot on the map, where the enemy regardless of positioning will be in a better position than you. Unless you just telefragged him off the spawnpad, but even then I bet he is happy for not ending up with the machinegun in the middle of nowhere. The only good reason to "bind key kill"

Lift: ok, I could just as easily picked say the rocketlauncher tunnel, but I'd be using half a page trying to tell anyone here who camps it in FFA that if you want frags, you're in the wrong spot. Also, if you sit there in teamgames you might as well go observer, and if you sit there in duels you'll might as well throw the game. If you want deaths, of course you're right were it's at. But that's another story. The lift. I mean, if you spend time on the lift out of free will, you should, and you should be very proud there of. But then you should also be playing q2dm2, not q2dm1. No, I don't like it one bit. It's funny when you squish someone in the lift, I'll give it that. And it's not a ladder.

Anyway, you'll get the point :D I'd easily make up a 100 more things to dislike about q2dm1, but I still love the map. And I thought I could write it because noone could ever be offended by someone dissing q2dm1, it's not about arguments it's about feelings or something like that. Jepp!

mad max
2006-11-04 08:11 
gj emo

i also hate waterside :/
2006-11-02 23:20 
I hate those SSG to mega stairs. Must be a crack in one of them.
2006-11-02 16:46 
2006-11-01 04:43 
And how often do you see a successfull megatakeover from someone jumping from grenadelauncher to mega-entrance?

Rarely, but sometimes.

Great article, keep 'm coming daelmun. emo
2006-10-28 15:18 
And how often do you see a successfull megatakeover from someone jumping from grenadelauncher to mega-entrance?

Very often.
2006-10-27 04:57 
hehe nice
2006-10-25 15:26 
uhu.. q2dm2 is da best emo
2006-10-24 02:38 
nice article!
2006-10-23 19:40 
good article, q2dm1 is a terrible 1v1 map, but a pretty good tdm map imo (on a fun level, not competitive).

ps. daelmun loves my railgun on edge :>
2006-10-23 16:23 
funny shit emo
well done
2006-10-23 15:38 
2006-10-23 15:26 
"Hate but love." Goes to all of those points.
2006-10-23 15:07 
another good article...gj

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